June 2020 - Looking Forward

Check out this month's blog and our two new Featured Cardsmiths - @LyndonF and @MemoryHead


We've decided not to post a theme this month so anyone who wants to spend time on their artwork for the upcoming challenge will be able to do so... plus it's just nice to have a break once in a while.


  • Do collaboration pieces count towards next month’s art?
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    Thanks @Corwinnn & @Tomigon for the feature!
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    Wait, so do we just submit cards with our art? Because:

  • Yes, that is the idea, but I think the newletter thingy said it was for August, and that there are no big themes for june or july so that people can prepare for August. I could be wrong though...

  • It should be fine

  • We are supposed to prepare for August.

    @Corwinnn, how about my question, though? (Did that sound rude?)
  • So... do we know what the actual challenge will be or is it just make *any card with custom art you made*?
  • can someone link the custom art contest?
  • @Usaername, it doesn't exist yet. The whole point is that this an annual August occurrence. This month is simply without a theme to give people time to prepare.
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    @Ranshi oh. huh, that's strange, I could've sword I saw a thread for it a while back(a month). maybe it was last year's? so two months with no theme?
  • Not sure about July, but what Corwinnn said is that this month has no theme so that people can prep. I imagine one of our resident really good artists like Faith, Pewnd, Ningyounk, or Tomigon will win again.
  • @Alextorrez6 In August, the challenge is to make a card with any art you made.
  • This is a tad off-topic, but what exactly does being a 'Featured Cardsmith' mean? I have had one of my cards featured one time.
  • Yeah, what does it mean? I've never truly understood.
  • It means that you're guaranteed at least 2 features in the month, and also have a little blurb written about you.
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    Sorry I'm using the Images, I've switched to a new computer and don't have quick access to the HTML links any more.
  • @Ranshi - As long as credit is given

    No theme this month, and no artwork will be accepted until August, at which time only one per cardsmith
  • Luckily I already have an original handmade artwork ready. Hope you guys will like it :)
  • @LyndonF - We're happy you approve!
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    Good, over a months head start. I'll get to work.

    Quick question, when you say digital artwork, would a graphic coded with JavaScript count?
    It's fine if it doesn't since I am also very good with a pencil.
  • @Fantastickill7 - As long as it can present on a card and you credit your sources, I don't see why not...
  • Good thing we were given all this time! I just needed to scrap my first draft...
  • @Corwinnn
    Alrighty, I'll do that then. It's just easier to edit the colors and position of stuff. 
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    I just found out that the art I made for the contest has poor quality when put on the card maker, and It's extremely frustrating since I don't know how do I fix it. Can someone give me some advice? Maybe it's the image type, or is the picture itself too big? Sorry if it's not really a post I should put here, but I don't know where else I should ask.
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