Oath of MTG Cardsmith

Good morning, good afternoon and good night.
This is the first challenge I am creating and I will try to make it as plausible as possible. Without a lot of performances (drumming - but you should have seen it in the title * laughs *)
This challenge will focus on planeswalkers and oaths (forget the sentry lore and make your own. :) ).

Make 1 planeswalker card and 1 Oath card for this planeswalker (this set will count as an entry)
• Maximum of 2 entries per participant
• Old cards valid only for planeswalkers. Oaths must be cards after 06/17
Edited: The cards need the link of the creation made in MTGCardsmith

Only if you have more than seven participants. Below that all participants will have three favorite cards to choose from.
1st - Seven favorite cards and a follow (if I already follow you will have +2 favorite cards)
2nd - Five favorite cards
3rd - Three favorite cards
(May increase according to the number of participants)

10 points each card:
2p - my opinion for judgment
3p - quality
3p - balancing
2p - grammar
1extra point - Illustration of the oath is similar to the current one (it replaces a possible loss of points. the limit score is 10)

I will try to make challenges faster, because I don't know how the first challenges will behave. Limit until 06/21 or until the seventh different participants.
Good luck to everyone and be creative :)

My Examples: (I don’t think they’re good, but it’s worth it :) )


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