Is it possible to write de cards in French?

Hi, I am a teacher in a French school in Canada. I want to gamify my classroom next year. To be able to do so, I need to create cards that the kids can earn, trade and play with during the normal course of the classroom. However, I have a problem.

When you write in French, you need to be able to put special characters (Ex: é, è, ê, ï, â, ô, ç and the like). If I design a card and put one of those caracter on the card itself, it is replace by a couple of giberish symbols when you preview the final product. 

Is there a way to write those characters so they can stay as is on the final card?

Thank you in advance!


  • Bonjour ;)

    Unfortunately, the card maker of MTGCardsmith doesn't allow for french accents :/ In addition, it only allows the card types to be selected from a list of English game terms. So, it's going to be complicated to do this directly online.

    However, there are other ways of making MTG cards that are more flexible, though admittedly a little less user-friendly. I would advise using the excellent Magic Set Editor, which is compatible with french accents:

    Here's a link to download Magic Set Editor if you are interested (the basic package shoudl be more than enough for your needs):

    Bonne chance pour votre cours :) Amitiés (de France) !
  • What kind of teacher are you? (Sorry for if this sounds rude, but I've always loved history magic cards, and would like to know what kind of cards you like)
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  • @LordTachanka123, perhaps a more tact way to ask would've been to ask what subject they teach.
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