Welcome to the Tavern(Challenge)

"H'llo!" An older man approaches you as you walk into the bar. He seems to be ready for what you have come for. 
"Wh't goodies hav'a you brought wi'h you?" He asks you. You figure he's the one asking for you applications. You really need this job, as there are no other open jobs here in Vhale. Or, at least not for immigrants like you.
 The application said that to bring some sort of food, something unique to your people's culture. Apparently all kinds of thing are welcome at the Angel's Sin. 
You have prepared your dish, prepared yourself, and dressed with the best clothes out of the few that you have. You know that there will be others, but that did not stop you from trying. To get into the tavern, well, it would get you enough money to survive the war without any other work. After all, a good drink can take your mind off of the horrors happening.
"M'a name's Gear, and I'm the owner of this place." The man tells you.
"Now, what did your bring?"


So, here's what I'm asking of you. You must make a character, of some culture, describe that culture, and then make a food item unique to that culture. It must be a food, and it must have the basic food rules. I will then choose the top 3 winners, and they will make it into somewhere. I'll also make some trophy cards. And other prizes. Anyways, this is kind of a worldbuilding exercise for us all!


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