July Com-MOVIE-ander decks (Massive Like Rewards.)

In my newest of Contests, you have ALL JULY to create a commander deck with the following criteria:

-1 custom commander from a movie (e.g. Harry Potter) or partner commanders from a movie. (e.g. batman and robin)

- at least 20 custom cards relating to your commander (e.g. Harry's Wand, Expelliarmus, maybe He-Who-Must Not-Named)

-80 or fewer actual cards to put into your deck

-A paragraph or two explaning the deck. This means explain why you put some cards in, why you made the cards you made, see if you can pretend any card that you didn't make is something relating to your commander, (e.g. Walking Ballista is the Hulkbuster if you are doing Iron Man as your commander) and if you don't think the movie is popular, maybe type in a short description of it.

-The first place winner will get 30 likes of their choice and a V.I.P. Judge Statement in my next contest.  (V.I.P. Judge Statments override all other judges.)

-The second place winner will get 20 likes of their choice and a Normal Judge Statment in my next contest. (Normal Judge Votes will be averaged in with other votes, but can be overrided by V.I.P. Judge Votes.)

-The third place winner will get 10 likes of their choice.

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Additional Rules||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
-Only one entry allowed

-You have the entire month

-Please check before posting that your entry has all of the requirements.

-Decks will be judged on a "up-to-8-points" grade with 2 points for the paragraph and commander each, 3 points for the custom cards relating to your commander, and 1 point for all of the cards you didn't make

Good Luck.


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