Opposites Attract.

Hello!! I'm not very good at intros, so let's get to the point:
For this challenge, I want you to pick one of the following:
• pick a card you already made and make a card that's an opposite of it, post both here.
• create 2 cards that are opposites of each other, post them both here.

1st - 7 Favorites
2nd - 5 favorites
3rd - 3 favorites
If more then 20 cards are posted, then 4th and 5th place will get 1 favorite.

Good Luck!! 


  • @jaceberlin I think you need to elaborate on what exactly you mean by "opposite," I feel like most people, including myself, won't understand with that short of a description.
  • @SteampunkDragon hmmmm... Think Duel decks.

    (That's probably not enough, 2 cards that counter each other.)
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    Like this?


    If the Ooze is out first, the Arbiter-Errant can Flash in and lock him up.
    But if the Arbiter-Errant is already out, the Mimetic Ooze can keep attacking and if the knight blocks, neither kills the other, and the Ooze gets a copy of itself each time.

  • @TerryTags that's just one way of doing it, nice example though, here are some others:
    • an angel and a demon with similar abilities.
    • 2 Planswalkers that are based off similar things (such as deathtouch/lifelink)
    • and more. 
  • Their abilities and stuff aren't opposite but how about these?

    Ixtos God of Justice Caxnir God of Vengeance

    Ixtos and his brother, Caxnir, are both gods but their ideologies and governances (what they control/represent) are opposites. Ixtos governs justice and law while Caxnir governs vengeance and lawlessness.
  • @Daedalus_The_All_Father Peter Mohrbacher's art is awesome!
  • @shadow123 I know, I love his artwork.
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    I feel like these are opposite, and they work REALLY well together. A little op with the last abilities though...
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