So You Think You Can Planeswalk?

Howdy folks, it's your friendly neighborhood East2West! Been a while since I've posted a contest so I though it was time to put out something new.

As Magic players we all have that one deck in our collection. The one that fits you like a glove. It might be a foiled out commander deck or a water damaged standard deck from ages ago. Whatever deck that is, keep it in mind for this challenge.

Your prompt is to create a fanwalker based on that deck! It should synergize with the chosen deck while still being within a reasonable power scale. Bonus points if you include lore and a decklist or summary.

One entry per person.
New cards only

1st - 6 likes of my choice and a follow.
2nd - 4 likes of my choice and a follow
3rd  - 3 likes of my choice.

Deadline is the end of August, so the 31st.

Have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. <3


  • I'll definitely enter this soon! When's the deadline?
  • I can't believe I forgot the deadline X_X

    Let's say end of August. I'll edit the announcement.
  • Oh dear... I have multiple of those decks... Which to pick!?
  • Are we only entering one card?
  • @spookoops Yes, only 1 entry per person. I'll add that to the post
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    This guys fits beautifully into my Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord EDH build. Jarad is all about graveyard access and creature power. This expands both, giving me access to my opponents graveyards as well.

  • I really enjoy playing a lot of decks, but I feel most confident and powerful while playing angels. Dimatria really plays into the 2 main features of Angels, Life Buff and Flying. I feel that if I got this in my angel deck I would probably destroy with it.
  • @spookoops ;

    My bad for not specifying. It need to be new card. Plus it must be a planeswalker. You can resubmit if you'd like
  • I think I have decided what deck of mine to make a planeswalker for! I recently fell back in love with cycling with my Jeskai cycling standard deck: Raugrin Rage. 

    If anybody has anybody has any art that they'd suggest for a Jeskai cycling planeswalker, let me know! (An Ikorian aesthetic would be preferable but isn't required.)
  • @East2West, the design I'm brewing up won't be able to be made on our current Planeswalker maker. Is it ok if I use MSE?
    Meant for my completely broken deck. I'm pretty sure all I have to say is in the deck is Fastbond.
  • @Ranshi That's totally fine!
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  • LMAO! Something like that is exactly why I didn't pick one of my EDH decks.
  • @Ranshi
    Yeah, sorry!  I love going wide with a ton of goblins, and Krenko Mob Boss is my favorite card ever, so I don't care if this card is broken or anything.  I <3 it and I want it to be real.  Haha!
  • Hm
    I might enter...
    Lemme think
  • Bump again
  • Darn I completely missed a lot over the past month.
  • Will try to make a Planeswalker soon.
  • I haven’t forgotten this! I’m still thinking of a few ideas!

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    Edit: Removed comment for a redesign!
  • Haven't slotted her into Alaine Vot's deck yet.
  • Wow that's dark but I like it! 
  • Yeah, it has some subtle themes that I can't say here for means of being appropriate.
  • Alas, I do always like the dark and grim story.
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    My Entry:

    This is a deck I made called "The Adventurous Knights"! It's focused on making creature "trades" then returning your own knights to the battlefield. Finally, using Lucky Clover + Smitten Swordmaster's adventure to end the game. Tristan helps this deck in a few ways-
    • The adventure allows me to return things from my graveyard to my hand. Note that it's a sorcery, so it isn't strictly better than grapple with the past.
    • The +1 ability allows you to gain life, as there are a lot of things that cause you to lose life in this deck, and it helps fill your graveyard a little bit.
    • The final ability returns creatures right to the battlefield. It's a perfect way to suddenly end the game with Smitten Swordmaster.

    Creature (26)
    2x Murderous Rider
    4x Order of Midnight
    4x Foulmire Knight
    2x Midnight Reaper
    4x Smitten Swordmaster
    4x Edgewall Innkeeper
    4x Blacklance Paragon
    Artifact (4)
    4x Lucky Clover
    Instant/Sorcery (12)
    4x Bond of Flourishing
    4x Find//Finality
    2x Status//Statue
    2x Assassins Trophy
    Lands (22)
    13x Swamp
    9x Forest

    Since this is from throne of eldraine, I had to base it of some character from a fairytale or legend. I used Sir Tristan from the Arthurian Legend.

    Now, I'll dive into this planeswalker's lore:
    Tristan is a young knight who originated from an area close to Castle Locthwain. He quickly rose in the ranks of the knights under the rule of Araya, First of Locthwain despite the fact that he fought using swords and dabbled a little into magic.. During a short journey to castle garenbrig, he fell in love with a princess from there. Both of them started to see each other secretly, without telling their parents/masters. When the tension between the kingdoms started to grow, they realized that they couldn't ever continue their romance like this. Both Tristan and the princess quickly made arrangements to run away together. In the matter of a week, both Tristan and the princess were declared missing. Search parties from both kingdoms were sent out to search for them. Tristan realized that they needed to find a place to hide. He cast a protective spell around a small, hidden home they had built together. One day, a group of travelers found them. In an effort to escape, Tristan killed two of the travelers. He was wounded badly, and the travelers took the princess away. Out of all his grief, his planeswalker spark sparked and he discovered a world where both Thistan and the love of his life could hide. Now, he searches for a way to bring the princess with him to another plane across the Multiverse.

    I hope this entry will suffice! If you want, @East2West , I'll create an mtgcardsmith version as well.
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