Murk and E2W's - Custom deck builder Contest (Ongoing for many months)

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How to enter:
1) Create a Commander/EDH deck, that features at least the commander being a custom card.
1B) You can have any number of custom cards in the deck.
2) Post your custom commander as an image and the decklist here in the same comment. (Link each custom card.)

1) You are limited to 5 decks entered for each cardsmith. (This makes it easier to look through for us.)
2) Each Cardsmith can only win once in this contest. Hence make your entries what you'd like to play.

Follow MTGCardsmith rules and guidelines.

Each of the following months of this and the upcoming year will have that month's winner get a custom printed commander deck from myself @murkletins aka Mercy.
Months ---> For next year January 2021, February 2021, March 2021. (Future dates after this are subject to change.)

How to Play Commander/EDH! (Click below)

Thank you for reading!


Mercy & East2West

Questions and Answers...

Required Power Level: "Any power level from playable upwards."

Will Deck Tiers Matter: "No, it's based on the quality of the deck in relation to the commander, rather than power level."

Submit in the following format: "Text names of individual cards due to custom cards being present likely. Label the quantity of each card as well. Custom cards must be linked."

What Cards Will Be Printed: "For every single copy of cards in the deck, that is correct. Even basic lands."

Quality and Balance concerns of decks: "Of course, if it is Leovold busted. It won't be accepted for example."

Do the other Custom cards get considered: "Yes, we strive for balanced, but effective decks."

Would a full custom deck affect the judging: "Not much, so long as the cards are balanced."

May we use other card editors: "Of course, myself use MSE after all."

How long will this continue for: "You have until the beginning of January to complete your deck for the January prize. Whereas you have until the beginning of each other month to apply for those. Once you enter a deck, it's entered for the whole thing unless you'd like to remove it from the entry pool."

Do we need to resubmit the decks for other months: "No need to resubmit, they are recurring entries that stay in the entry pool. Unless you'd like to remove it from the entry pool."

Can we edit, switch or remove our decks: "You can edit, switch out, or remove your entries as you please."


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