Photoshop is fun



  • I tried doing it myself but I couldn't figure it out. @Tomigon, do you think you could recolor the cape of my dude to be the bisexual pride flag?

  • Never mind! I got it!
  • Could you turn Omnath kind of purplish gray and make his hands dark red?

  • Holy frick, I didn't know @Tomigon was a master editor. The more you know I guess. Good stuff.
  • After 1000 years... @Tomigon I have another edit request. And probably more in the near future. While I have tried out some editing in GIMP I found this one... quite a bit challenging. 

    (Image originally by Alexis Pflaum)
    Can you give this Axolotl girl Tika's color scheme and give her a fitting background, like a desert pool or something (which I can find if needed)? I think this art fits a sort of hybrid form surprisingly well but it's hard to remove the background around her because of how dark it is.

    Here's tika/tiktaalik's original reference for coloring the "hair"/gills 

    And her original 'human'(elf) form art. 
    Mojave Desert And here's some art for the background, though if you can find something better lemme know.
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