Stitia - Chapter Two: Eternal Night (Now Closed For New Characters Except to Returning Players)



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    Ivan was unsure about his current situation. Despite of the threat of the armed barkeep and his thugs, he tried his best to act calm by raising his hands. He knew that such thing would happen anyway, sooner or later. 

    "Oh please, somebody call the gravedigger too." The displaced jester said it calmly with a smirk. He didn't know why he acted like that because of his memory loss. But deep inside he knew that it wasn't his first time being threatened at gunpoint like that.

    "Shut it, you filthy cheater. You're de-" Barked the armed barkeep.

    Then a glint of something caught the jester's eyes.

    "Oh look, a gold coin." Ivan quickly ducked to pick the said object that was lying beneath him.

    And in that exact moment, a trail of condensed fireball blew through the tavern's window, hitting the face of the barkeep squarely, causing the gun in his hand to be triggered. But the bullet hit one of the two workers who stood beside the jester instead of its intended target. 

    And then the whole tavern panicked.

    "What the-" Shouted the other worker. Still shell-shocked due to the sudden accidents, Ivan didn't waste any time by reflexively grasping the face of the shocked worker with his right hand, that was glowing with his newfound pyromantic magic, causing the person to be writhing on the ground while screaming in pain.

    "Well, the gravedigger is definitely not for me."

    Ivan was definitely not a master of pyromancy, but living in the streets for a long time made him a quick learner. Plus the strange encounter with a particular devil warlock and the boon of hellfire sorcery from her master, who was supposed to be his patron, gave the jester an edge in such sticky situation.

    Despite of that, he knew something was amiss from the whole devilish pact (that he unknowingly signed) but he couldn't just run away from the said 'Lord of the Pit', so he could only play it along and wasting his time by gambling instead of getting depressed and all. After all, he had nothing to lose due to his memory loss. Even he couldn't even remember who were his family or his home before.

    In that chaotic moment, the door blew open and the devilish servant of the jester's patron slowly walked in, leaving burnt marks on the wooden floor in her footsteps despite of her metallic footwear. 

    "Come now, jester. Stop dawdling around in this drab place. We have work to do." Her voice was smooth despite of the devilish appearance.

    "I'm just a human, you know. So, give me a moment." Remarked Ivan as he vigorously put out the flame from his burning hand, while also pocketing all the coins from the table.

    The night was turned out to be great despite of a burning tavern and three burnt corpses of some nobodies. And the news of a murderous jester and his devilish lady companion also spread like a wildfire in that particular region.
  • @EpicBoss99 As you look, you notice that you're being followed by people in uniforms similar to the police you met when you met Harry. They have weapons but make no attempt to use them, rather just following you. They'll follow you for quite a while, then after a bit, that one turns to stop pursuing and another picks up. Eventually, when night turns to day, you have to land, and you end up getting in trouble. Turns out you were breaking the law, but this time you're given a much more fair and reasonable punishment; a fine. What's not so fun, however, is that you apparently aren't allowed to fly in city areas, which will make your travel far, far more tedious...

    Will you risk flying anyways or take a one week delay in travel?
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    Part One

    After having Pierre invite them into the Blood Moon Guard, Akira was in confusion over what to do. She wanted to join, yes, but Pierre was a vampire. Akira had no quarrel with vampires, but some of her followers did not feel the same. To be specific, a devilborn named Ariana, who took some of Akira's teachings a bit too far.
    Ariana the Fanatic
    Anything unnatural she and her followers happened upon was killed, and although Akira wished to remove them from her following, she could find no way of doing so that wouldn't result in an all out brawl between her followers. As she thought this over with a drink at a slightly dingy tavern in the city, she heard footsteps walk up, and take the seat in front of her. 

    "Ariana. How lovely to see you," Akira said, without looking up. Her blessings has already told her of Ariana's arrival into the tavern, so she was not surprised. Clad in leather armor, a sword at her side, and the glint of both light and dark blessings around her, Ariana made an imposing figure.

    "Akira," was her only response. A lengthy silence followed, as neither wished to bring up the topic on their minds. Ariana was the first to crack.

    "I have come to talk about this...Pierre." She said his name with a barely concealed sneer. "That bloodsucker has no right to call himself the leader of the Blood Moon Guard."

    "And what would you have me do about that?" Akira tried to keep the animosity from her voice, but failed. Ariana frowned, sensing the unrest in Akira.

    "He challenged you. So, you can easily kill him in the challenge as an "accident", and take control of the Blood Moon Guard." Ariana smirked, as if mentally congratulating herself on the plan. The idea had occurred to Akira, and this plan would give her both power to help other, while keeping her followers intact.

    "I..." Words failed her for a moment as she imagined what Pierre's life was like. He probably had a family, and if he didn't, the Blood Moon Guard must be like a home to him. His life had probably been hard as a vampire. He had most likely faced discrimination and prejudice because of him being a vampire, and was made captain of the Blood Moon Guard to help destroy others who would turn helpless people into vampires. But on the other hand, killing him was a small evil compared to the good done if she was captain of the Blood Moon Guard. She took her head in her hands, her mind at war with itself.

    "Is that a yes, Akira?" Ariana looked hopeful. 

    "Yes," Akira said. Sighing, she got up and left the table, sickened by the actions she would take tomorrow, but remembering it was but a small evil for the greater good.


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    “Oh, she makes it sound a lot more heroic than it was. Beat up is definitely an exaggeration, I got in one good punch which surprised it enough to give me an opportunity to use one of these.” Vin takes out one of his smoke bombs, and shows it to the guard. “This is a smoke grenade. When activated, it spews out a bunch of obscuring smoke, which made it hard for the thing to see us. Using the cover it provided, I got her out of there as fast as I could and came straight here.”
  • @Aggroman15 "I didn't see one of those," Rebecca pleads. "He punched him and poof! He disappeared."
    The guard seems alarmed. "Is this true?"
    "Hmm... even if you ran like a coward, this is far more significant than you could possibly imagine... were they a werehyena?"
    You confirm.
    "Dear goodness!" Every guard in the place seems shocked. "Come now... we must speak immediately!"

    Will you accept the invitation?
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    Well, this was quite the setback for Verth. Unlike his home, where creatures of flight were scarce and few and the skies were a free means of travel, here in the world of the future the skies are ruled and governed over. Thankfully, the officers were kind enough to leave Verth with a warning rather than deeming him a law-breaker for flying through restricted space. To prove that he was a law-abiding individual, Verth decided to travel by foot the rest of the way. As tedious and as slow as this may be, Verth figured that this way could rely on law enforcement for assistance should Timothy somehow appear in this world Verth transported himself to. 
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    "This is troublesome, perhaps I can find a way to make them forget me. We aren't a threat to their livelihoods, they could live in peace."

    (Hidden flavor text: "Please do not harm anyone, we all deserve to live in peace."
    —Pherasa Ravenelle

    (So that didn't work out as planned lol, I struggled a lot with figuring out which option to make, as i couldn't figure out what fit best with what pherasa would do, so I thought this would be interesting.) 
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    Part Two - Next Day

    After a night of restless sleep, Akira got up, committed to killing Pierre in the battle. Waving goodbye to the tavern keeper, who was busy cleaning up the tavern from last night, she walked out, heading in the direction of the Blood Moon Guard's headquarters. 

    Waved in by the guards at the gate, she felt a touch at her shoulder. Turning around, she saw Ariana, a smile on her face, coming up behind her.

    "Ready?" Ariana said.

    "Yes," Akira said, a false sense of truth invading her voice.

    "Great! I'll be there if he manages to survive," Ariana said, smirking, before walking off.

    Akira, frowned, before going inside, mentally preparing herself for what was to come.

    A few hours later:

    Akira stretched on the sandy dueling ground, seeing Pierre do the same on the other side of the ring. 

    Ready to battle?" Pierre smiled.

    "Of course," Akira smiled, but the unrest within her roiled, forcing her to think of his life again. No, no! Akira chided herself. No remorse or regrets. It's just a small evil for a greater good. But still, Akira felt like she was lying to herself.

    "And...start!" A beautiful woman clad in form-fitting silver armor dropped a hand, and Akira was distracted for a moment with her beauty. Before she knew it, Pierre was already across the ring, swinging his sword in a great arc towards her. Akira defensively lifted up an arm, as if to ward off a blow, and called a blessing to her. The blessing manifested as a glowing shield, dropping into place in front of the sword. A loud clang announced the end of the swing, as Pierre's sword rebounded from the phantasmal aegis.

    Frowning, Pierre stepped back, his greatsword somehow held in a defensive position, showing off his great strength. Akira took this as a cue to go on offense, cutting off the shield blessing and summoning a speed blessing, moving faster than the eye could see forward. Launching a series of slashes at a blinding speed, Pierre managed to avoid or block each one. Akira stepped back, contemplating how to get Pierre in a position in which she could kill him. A passage from the Book of Ancients she remembered now, describing how to temporarily turn a person into a blessing, an incredibly hard technique  used to incapacitate.

    Darting forward, she began the incantation, engaging with Pierre to distract him from her ultimate goal. Summoning one of her blessings, a flowing figure peeled off of Akira, engaging Pierre in battle as well. As he deftly fought two opponents, she finished the incantation, flourishing her blade. Pierre's figure grew light and more see-through. He frowned in confusion, and Akira smiled. 
    She manipulated Pierre in his blessing form, laying him out on the ground, her sword at his neck. Dropping him from his blessing form, he lay on the ground, looking up at her, admiration in his eyes.

    "Well then. You are very good at this." Pierre smirked. 

    Looking at him laying on the ground, complementing her, she kept trying to move her hand to bring the sword across his neck, but she could not. The expectant gaze of Ariana landed on her, and as she looked down upon Pierre, she had a realization. A small evil for a greater good is still an evil, no matter what I say to contradict. Laying her sword off of his neck, she smiled and gave a hand to help him up. As she bent down, she saw a look of pure betrayal on Ariana's face, an expression morphing into hate. Raising her hand, Ariana murmured a few words, and an explosion of dark energy shot from her hand to Pierre. Pierre attempted to move his sword, and other attempted to block the energy, however none were fast enough. But Akira was. 

    Raising her hand from its position near Pierre, she called upon a new blessing, something that had just manifested. A rune, something ancient no one in this world has seen for decades, blazed across her hand, and a gold wall of energy shot out, blocking the dark energy.
    Aegis Blessing

    The wall of gold morphed into a golden human figure, brandishing a curved sword. It moved across the distance between her and Ariana, cutting off her head with a stroke of its sword.

    Raising her clenched fist, Akira yelled, "She is not worthy. Pierre is worthy. I AM WORTHY."
  • @EpicBoss99 (I apologize in advance if the next few bits are slow. Working on art for Taylor)

    The enforcement agency appreciates your cooperation, and wishes you a safe journey...

    Day 2

    The weather is beautiful as you make your way through the city and to the outskirts. It'd be such a great day for flying, but you know that drill. You're able to forage once you reach the outskirts, and you fare quite well.

    Day 3

    Today is a miserable day for walking, especially with where you're headed; through the wood. Its below 50 and raining hard, and you have to take cover from occasional bouts of wind gusts and hail.

    Day 4

    As you're walking through the woods, you end up getting a tad lost. This miscalculation leads you into a very dark and dreary section of woods, where the light from the overcast sky is barely able to creep down to the forest floor. As you each the end of this segment, you realize where your mistake was, and where you are; there's a cliff in your way, so you'll take a moment to decide whether or not-


    (Fate does not shine upon you today. May the powers that be have mercy...)
    [Due to private information being involved, this will be conducted though DMs once the necessary steps have been taken.]
  • @Abu_Jafar As you continue, the winds whip up, and you do what you can to keep the ship on course. The hail is quite intense, unusually so, and the deck is very slippery, making it hard to keep your footing. Eventually, you do manage to get within sight of land. A small, marshy beach lies before you, a ransacked hut there around where the beach transitions into swampland. Captain Sperling drops anchor and puts down the ramp, and it's time. Not much is known about the island of O; it was time to investigate.

    "Alright, youngbloods!" Timothy yells out. "Looks like it's time for me to go!" "Thanks for helpin' with the ship," Sperling says gratefully to him. "No problem. Glad we could come to an agreement. Toodles!"

    Just as suddenly as he arrived, Timothy leaves you two alone to face whatever lies ahead...

    4 Hours Later

    "Daggon it... I don't think this is O..."

    Yeah... he's probably right. You've explored thoroughly, and your exploration leads you to a clearing, and within it stands a marsh, dark, thick, and almost entirely abandoned. As you pause, a whisper touches your ears.

    "Who are you?"
    A chill runs from your ear, around and down your entire body.
    "Where are you from?"
    The chill travels back up, as though through your insides...
    "Why are you here?"
    It leaves your mouth, and travels into your eyes.
    "What could you possibly seek to gain?"
    Through your eyes, into your mind, going into your brain...
    "And when will you learn to leave my marsh alone?"

    You watch the Captain fall unconscious, and soon, you suffer the same fate, falling face down into the mud...

    2 Hours Later...

    You awaken on board the ship. Your mind was haunted by constant nightmares, your mind attacked ruthlessly by horror after horror, your thoughts unable to escape them. In your dreams, you died at least 15 separate times in a plethora of grotesque, horrifying ways. As you go to stand, you find yourself unable to move, paralyzed, and sleep is trying to lure you back in as a shade finds its way into your mouth...

    Create a card that can destroy or exile an enchantment at instant speed. The target is 8. We have a new scoring system this chapter, so let's give it a good once over together, shall we?

    You will be scored based on the following criteria, but with the new voting system this chapter, rather than picking a score in a category for a card, we start at 10 points on a card, plus any applicable bonuses, then start subtracting... here's how your cards will be judged.
    • Does the card feel realistic?
    • Does the card follow established MTG grammar and syntax?
    • Is the card balanced?
    • Does the card have the proper rarity?
    • Does the card work?
    • Do the card and flavor blend together well enough? (Flavor text not required; a lot can be implied based on name, colors, art, and effect)
    • Does the card feel do enough?
    • Does the card avoid trying to do too much?
    • Does the card fit in its colors?
    • Is the card original to this contest?
    • If an exception isn't provided, does the card fit in the character's color identity?
    If the answer is not, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a yes or N/A for all of these, the card will be thoroughly inspected, and if any significant problems are found, the card will receive penalties. The penalties that may be inflicted are shown below with a few examples of why one might receive it:
    • -0.5: Minor grammar/syntax problem, minor flavor problem, minor rarity problem.
    • -1: A few minor grammar/syntax problems, minor flavor conflict, minor color pie break, minor balance problem
    • -2: Moderate problem, such as major grammar/syntax problems, major rarity problems, major flavor problem, moderate balance problem, moderate pie break
    • -5: Card isn't new to the contest, card doesn't function, card doesn't fulfill a challenge's mandatory criteria (ex. Color identity restrictions), card is unplayably broken.
    These are some examples; infractions will always be adjusted according to severity, and infractions of different values may be issued as deemed necessary. Anyways... good luck!
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  • @Tommia (Just reminding you that I had done my card.)
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    Alright everyone. I've been keeping people updated via DMs and Discord, but I haven't had a chance to save my prompt until now so I could message you guys. I've been working on this at every opportunity; no. I have not forgotten about this. I have severe overtime at Amazon. I've been going crazy with family issues, financial problems, and the added stress of anxiety and being closeted from my homophobic parents. Sorry I'm late for the deadline; Tuesday is my Friday, so I'm working on this. Everyone's cards have been judged; I'm held up on the challenges, is all. I'll be with everyone ASAP. Just know it may not be as soon as expected, and it may not be convenient, but I'm doing my best.


  • Another update: I lost a day of progess!
  • While some foolish souls might loathe Florence for his action to upend the Six, it can't be denied that there are adept folk who wish to see the gods fall as well. And as any good "diplomat," Florence knows this, and used this knowledge to seek allies since the beginning. That little stunt against the Massacre Broker wasn't just out of good will, after all. Florence may not be able to defend himself against 2 measly assassins, but that's what friends are for! Or, well, allies in this case (although he is intending to fix that in the future).

  • My card will be up soon. It's done, I just gotta submit it
  • Challenge Two

    A howl can be heard in the distance... a cold chill runs down your spine... this is it. For many of you, you have already had a scrape with death, but all of you are about to get closer than ever... and some of you might not wake up to see another day.

    Each of you will receive a follow up to your last challenge, one that, depending on your result, will either mark the start or end of your adventure...

    Anyways... good luck! The deadline is Wednesday the 30th; this is the last deadline! Once all cards are judged (which will probably be a few days after), anyone who doesn't have all of their challenges completed will be penalized and given five more days, after which they will be instantly eliminated. If there's a reason you're running behind, let me know so you aren't penalized!

    Wave 1 of Challenges

    @ChoyBoi (Akira):

    Pierre thanks you for saving his life. However, the death of Ariana doesn't go unnoticed... only one kind of cleric would go to such extremes to eliminate such a good hearted citizen; a cleric of the Six... with rumors of the death echoing through southern Ystheria, a mark is put on your head, meaning that while you've secured an alliance with the Blood Moon Guard, you've made enemies of the gods themselves. Left will little time to prepare and clerics swarming, you'll have to rely on an artifact to deal with your enemies...

    Create an artifact card that can neutralize the threat posed by two attacking Disciples of the Toll.

    @IronCrusher (Pherasa):

    Most excellent work dispatching the rumormongers. With them gone, you can focus on your more dire tasks... in this case, it's feeding your phylactery. Due to the extreme threat to your existence as of late, you haven't been able to feed, and if you don't, it could spell disaster for your body...

    Create an enchantment that flavorfully represents gaining power from death.

    @KorandAngels (Aerus):

    Timothy is a tad confused by your plea, but after a moment, he chuckles, then cackles.

    "Ohohohohohoh! You're quite an interesting one! So kind, yet so bold... generous enough to back down from a duel for the fear that you might kill me, yet brazing enough to assume you can!"

    Timothy paces back and forth for a moment, thinking, before finally speaking.

    "Hmph. Normally I would take this as an act of cowardice, but clearly you aren't a coward. So... I'll change the offer. See, there's a group of werebeast hunters down South who are harassing us. They should be a pretty good test of your forces. If you can rout them without significant loses on your end, then I'll consider you a worthy ally."

    Will you accept the partnership under these conditions? If you do, create a creature that can deal with two 2/2 green Elf Archer creature tokens with reach a defending player controls (you must have a way to force them to block if you're going to kill by power). If you decline the partnership for any reason, DM me for a new challenge.

    @IzItTru (Warren):

    With the spirits of the dead researchers laid to rest, you can return home to rest. However, your dreams are haunted by a mysterious voice from the lantern...

    Your choices threefold.
    Is it knowledge? Power? Peace?
    Which do you desire?

    Three faces flash in your dreams. A demon, a nomad, and a warrior, corresponding with the three options.

    Carve the 'morrow now
    And when you rise in morning
    Seize your destiny

    Then, you'll be presented by three doors. One leads to Knowledge, one leads to Power, and one leads to Peace. Which will you open?

    Depending on your choice, complete the challenge:
    Knowledge: Create a card that grants at least two cards worth of "card advantage".
    Power: Create a permanent card of mythic rarity representing a great feat you can perform.
    Peace: Create a card with the phrase "can't attack or block" in its text.

    @SpellPiper2213 (Krakua)

    As you pilfer through the demon's stash, you come across a few items of interest. One of them is a strange sword stuck in a demon skull, seemingly made of... blood? As you approach it, it whispers to you.

    I am myth and legend
    A story left untold
    A book without its ink
    And no pages to unfold.
    Firmly grasp the handle
    If your will is truly great.
    Pull it from this prison
    And grab the reins of fate.

    As you grasp the handle, however, you feel it pulling away your very being, and realize it may take everything you've got to pull it from the skull...

    Create an enchantment card that could either prevent the loss of life from The Blade of Nzylnon or make it negligible.

    To others:

    Screw the character limit, getting to you soon:

    @MonkeyPirate2002 (Florence) @spookoops (Carisle)
    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos (Ivan)

    Waiting for Challenge 1 Cards:

    @fire12 (Eclipsa), @CassZero (Patinix), @FourEyesIsAFish (Cythylla), @HeroKP (Vemmby)

    Waiting for Preliminary and Challenge 1 Cards:

    @SarkhanVig (Etanki): (If I don't receive any response [ex: a status update, no cards required] within 7 days, you will be assumed to have dropped out, and will be eliminated for the sake of other contestants.)
  • @Tommia, wait, what, there's a character limit?
  • @spookoops There's like a 3000 word char limit or something like that, which normally doesn't get in the way of normal commenters, but if you're hosting a story heavy contest (or just are using zalgo) it's very noticeable... and frustrating as heck.
  • @spookoops What MP said. Since I haven't had time to do these in advance, the character limit means I have to get to you guys separately.
  • Screw the character limit, getting to you soon:

    @MonkeyPirate2002 (Florence)

    Your ally is proud to return with the heads of the assassins responsible for the assassination attempt against you. With them taken care of, you can finally focus on what matters; settling in here. You manage to start building a reasonably decent reputation around Nutheport, and as such you manage to pick up on more of what's going on around here... this leads to you discovering a resistance group supposedly stationed in the recently rebuilt tavern of a demon named Wosy Crot.

    Of course, discovering this info puts an even bigger bounty on your head, and you feel like you're being followed wherever you go... eventually you find them, and despite you not knowing them, a tinge of familiarity strikes you as you're bore down upon.

    Create an instant card that can deal with an attacking Yr Dra and their 1/1 token without targeting them. No, they're not indestructible this time.

    @spookoops (Carisle)

    It was a difficult battle, but with Aunis's mind shattered, you can finally continue to your standard affairs without concern... at least, that's what you hope. The harsh reality of the situation is, as more and more people track you down, the more you have to deal with, and as you deter more and more "do-gooders", you leave a greater trail, which is slowly shattering your anonymity and creating a witch hunt in Padetra... as with all witch hunts, chaos has erupted, mobs have formed, and the region is going a tad off their rocker...

    You're a tad parched for blood, but the hunts are making it quite difficult for you. Any and all creatures are being accused. Farm get an extra sheep overnight? It could be the count. Bird flying without a flock? It could be the count. Noble from another land come in without notice? It could be the count. You're desperate, finding it difficult to escape society without question... and the best you can settle for is anyone that straggles far from the pack. In this case, an outcast... a werebeast...

    The werebeast is difficult to deal with, having experience with temporal magic. Create a permanent card that can deal with Sage of No Tomorrow's upkeep skip ability.

    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos (Ivan)

    Oh, yes... you assumed quite right that word would spread of the incident at the bar. In fact... um... who's not gonna to notice a fire suddenly erupting in a plume of flame? Like, seriously? As you go out the door, you're met by onlookers. There's no real hiding this one; they're going to know who's responsible for this... and some of them will seek retribution...

    Create a permanent card that has a boardwipe attached to it. It could be an ETB, death effect, activated ability, etc.
  • Florence silently trudged through the dusk lit streets of Nutheport, the smell of brine and sewage wafting in the air. An atrocious mix of mud and grime flew in the air as he stepped right in the puddles, splattering it across the ground. Sailors both human and demon hauled their cargo to and fro, some being filled with mundane items and others carrying the likes of slaves and exotic animals. Florence grimaced as he saw the hapless folk stare solemnly in his direction, their expressions a mix of bitter determination and sorrowful defeat. To see such vile and inhumane crimes committed in the open tore his heart open. Etsane could be a beautiful city filled with trade and commerce, yet here it was, more ugly than even the most accursed rumors that flew through the city walls. There had to be change, an overturning of the norm. But that would take plenty of time and effort to just begin the project, let alone finish successfully, and Florence knew that time was not on his side. 

    “The Six today, Etsane tomorrow.” Florence chuckled under his breath. He couldn’t get too carried away fantasizing about how to deal with the city’s corruption. He had a role to play. Left, right, right, left, straight. Those were the directions given to him by a stranger, pointing towards the location of a well-renowned tavern. Some said it was a base of operations for the resistance, others a safe haven for those cast out by the divine. Either way one rumor that stood strong was that it was owned by a devil aligned against the Six, and a likely ally for Florence. He traversed the streets post-haste, gliding through the winding alleyways and cramped corridors. It reminded him of the slums of Falun, its labyrinthine design confusing those who did not live on the streets to no end. In fact, Florence could almost call Etsane his new home, until he remembered those pained faces. While Falun was not unfamiliar to crime, there was barely any trafficking, with even the most hidden trade routes quickly discovered and rooted out. Florence had made sure of that. He was unwilling to let his beloved country fall to such low levels, even when the situations were most dire.

    Left, left, right, left. Florence felt a chill run up his spine. The air suddenly grew colder around him, and the occasional passerby seemed to avoid him to the best of their ability. Florence did not understand why, but he could tell he was being followed. Right, left, right, left. The air was now freezing, the tension suffocating. Florence kept a cool face but inside he was panicking. Was he going the right direction? Was going to the tavern the right decision? Did he even have a chance to survive? The questions dug deep in his head, but he pushed forward, unwilling to give up on his best hope for a powerful ally. Eventually the twists and turns ended, and Florence came upon a straight road. Yet as he continued on his path, a thick fog enveloped the street, growing thicker and thicker as he walked down it for what felt like minutes on end. The time passed, and the dark stone glowed faintly, pulsating with ominous energies. Yet as soon as Florence could no longer see his hands, the fog vanished, leaving him on a barren road. It felt like he had not made any progress at all, yet the sky was much darker, indicating the coming of nightfall. He tried to take another step, but found he couldn’t. His heart began to race as two shadows slowly emerged from the dark, but a different feeling washed over him as well. That of a strange sense of familiarity. He never saw her in his entire life, yet it was as though Florence knew exactly who this approaching menace was.

    “Your journey ends here, trespasser,” one of the shadows said, her voice terrifyingly calm. “The Decider wishes for your head as a message to your master, and your head I shall take.”

    Florence quickly pulled out his rapier, pointing it threateningly towards the figure, and held the stone close to his heart. What was once a faint glow now shined a violent glimmer. “I’m not going down without a fight!” He declared confidently. Yet the quivering in his blade showed otherwise. The shadows took another step forward, revealing their true nature. One was of pale skin and lithe form, with a stern frown resting on her face; the other a copy of the first except enveloped entirely in shadow. Together they readied to lunge, and a subtle smile formed on the stoic woman’s face. Whereas her previous foe was a weakened god, here she now faced a mere mortal, only barely touched by said god’s influence. And with a single step they leaped towards their prey, effortlessly dodging Florence’s single attack and aiming straight for the heart. In one fell swoop it would all be over, just like masters wanted it to be. 

    “NO!!!” Florence cried in desperation. He had already failed in his first life, and he knew he wouldn’t have another chance if he lost it all now. Fear coursed through his veins, freezing up his entire body, while his sharp mind was reduced to repeating the same thought over and over again.

    I don’t want to die.

    I don’t want to die.

    I don’t want to die.

    And in a single moment the glowing stone flared, consuming the world in a brilliant blue.

    Memories are what give us direction.
    Direction is what guides us to our purpose.
    Purpose is what gives us meaning in our lives.
    So then what use are our lives if there are no memories to recall?

  • @Tommia (Murderhobo yay lmao! Aight gonna post my card soon.)
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 As the stone glows, you feel like youve been sliced in two. Is it all over? Are you dead? Yet as the light fades away, you notice... you're entirely unscathed...

    "K'Trinop! K'Trinop!" You hear a voice yell as a warrior turns the corner. His clothes are foreign, but again, a sense of familiarity.

    "Wait... you aren't K'Trinop... then... how?"

    "We can deal with that later," another voice speaks up. "For now, this looks like our guy..."

    You made it to the Saga! I'll give you your challenge scores next time I get the chance. For now just hold tight!
  • (Also, there's no day night cycle. Just night XD)
  • @Tommia Sorry, but I think I have to drop out.
  • @fire12 That's absolutely understandable. I'll give you until the 24th to determine if this decision is final.
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