Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? (Contest!)

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is not about spongebob squarepants, but about the sheer lack of sponges in magic.)

Hello everyone, and welcome to my 5th contest!

Today we are looking at sponges in magic. Awhile ago I was spamming the random card button on the gatherer when I came across this card:
Walking Sponge
It was definitely a very random card that has some interesting applications, and what was even more interesting was that the  creature subtype hadn't been errated, so I did a quick search and found there was only one other sponge in magic (being this next one.)

Thought Sponge

I found it odd that they made a special creature type for just two cards, so I thought "Let's make a contest for this."

THE CHALLENGE:  Create sponge creatures, (or if you can't find any inspiring sponge artwork, a problem that apparently never occurred to me.), you can make cards of sea creatures (or anything else) that references sponges in it's rules text.

PRIZING AND CONTEST END DATE: 1st Place: 4 favourites of their choice
                                                        2nd Place: 3 favourites of their choice
                                                        3rd Place: 2 favourites of their choice

This contest will end on the last day of November, giving you almost a whole month to get entries in.

Other Rules:     

 New cards only, maximum 5 entries (maximum # of entries may be subject to change.)

  Hopefully everyone has fun with this contest! So let's get smithing!


  • I looked at the name and instantly knew this was the sponge contest. I'm in
  • Let's bump this up and see if we can get some other people interested.
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    @Abu_Jafar Just pointing this out, I think that a certain aspect of lacking entries so far might be the incredible difficulty of finding artwork for it. I considered doing an entry, but after a fair bit of searching I only had a few bits of good artwork that resembled a sponge, and neither of them where notably inspiring towards anything.

    Obviously there's the option of going for something more abstract (like something that creates Sponge tokens or whatever, and so perhaps doesn't need sponges in the artwork) but the go-to idea of "I create a sponge for the sponge contest" has still got that issue.
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    @MemoryHead , clearly you have brought up some very  valid points that I clearly overlooked while making the contest, so let's change it up a bit then. If you can find an artwork of a sponge that you want to make a sponge creature with, great. Otherwise, you can create a card that references sponges, but doesn't necessarily have any in the artwork. It could be something like a sea creature that makes sponges, or maybe some artifact that gives bonuses to sea creatures you control (like the party mechanic.) Basically just anything that says sponge in rules text. 
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