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  • I know it's slightly well defined that the Lunespawn are Insects (Even if they aren't insects in the art) but souldn't they be BLINKMOTHs?
  • Kekw.  I was actually thinking of them as a cross between horrors and jellyfish.
  • nightmares or horrors would work too
    or maybe they should have their own creature type?
  • I think the point of the Lunespawn is that they come in all shapes and sizes. There'd be insectoid versions of Lunespawn, but also floating jellyfish, and etc.
  • In other news,

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  • I got the cards done!  Getting to writing work now!  I stayed up late and did an all nighter, so the quality will be less than perfect QwQ
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    I mean, I won't tell you how to live your life, but... Are you sure you should be pulling all-nighters for this? If you ever need more time, just tell, we're reasonably reasonable people.
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    It was for a late school essay XD.  Not to do with mtg at all
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    Ah, the most time-tested scourge of sleep. Hope you got the essay done.
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    It seems that the lunar body was rather an egg.  Since it’s shattering, we have had quite a few problems.  Not only did it throw off quite a few of our nodes, some of those affected are simply insane, while others are gifted with knowledge.  This makes the process of trying to learn much less speedy, and means our defenses are on the low.  After a good deal of calculations, I concluded that neither Eulogea or I were going to be able to deal with this on our own.  Instead, I would have to recall Sentra from her playtime.

    A small note here.  I decided to use these new thaumaturgical powers to do this rather than waiting for her to come back by foot.  I will send a replacement commander to them instead; presumably the fleshlings won’t even notice the difference.  I have not bothered to inform Eulogea of this; certainly she has come to the same conclusion as I have from her own observations.  Civil unrest is still rampant throughout the streets, although it is mostly minor in stature.

    Once Sentra is here she will assist me in drawing up plans to defend against these… creatures.  There is no name for them as of yet in our database; I shall get on it promptly.

    ~~Scriba, Recorder of the Core

     Wired Transport

     Archives Files 17.2361.2147


    I must admit, I was quite surprised when Scriba recalled me to our main hub of operations.  However, a lot has developed since I was last here, and I suppose it was essential I return for this.  Scriba has access to what she calls “Thaumaturgical Energies”, and Eulogea declared war.  There is relative chaos in the streets and our skies are being filled with apparently harmless but new and rule-defying creatures.

    Scriba is actually for purging them, but I would not be so hasty.  While Eulogea did make war on the Guardianfolk, it is possible that these are not from them and are just wildlife that are not intrinsically harmful.  It is better to not waste time on wildlife if there are actual threats.  If this risk fails to pay off, then we are no worse off than before.

    ~~Sentra, Protector of the Core

    Surveillance Station

  • Currently, we do not anger the Lunespawn.  Opinions are divided on the subject, but it is safer to watch than to waste energy attacking

  • It might be a bit late for this, but can I help with the lore given that i'm dead?
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    I kinda enslaved like... all of yours and am slowly killing them off in the most efficient fashion?  Like, there's no way your guys could even resist this far after we started.  Most of them are dead actually.  If it was like... one or two after you fell, I'd be willing to talk in dms, but...
  • No I mean, help Hero with the Lunespawn plot and so forth.
  • Oh!  OH, yeah, that's up to him.  Never got to do that myself, but if that is an option, I wanna do that if I dont get in next season  :)
  • The moon had hatched, and Jael was angry at the universe. All he wanted was to find a home for his people, and this world kept throwing curveballs at him. First it was Nemain itself going to war with him, and now whatever this new development was. At the moment, the Lunespawn didn't seem overly hostile, but he had seen how quickly hostility could grow in this world. As such, his current plan was to observe them, and if they attacked, be prepared with countermeasures to drive them away. They were already fighting one aspect of the environment, no need to seek out war with another.

    The Autumnal scouts and trackers were sent out soon after the Lunespawn appeared to keep tabs on them. This was done in hopes of learning more about these strange creatures and what could be done against them if and when the time comes.

    Shattermoon Tracker (Entry)

    Meanwhile on the Arcane Isle, Garthan and his team were rushing to decipher the writings in the cave and discover more about the Lune's shattering/hatching. They also pored over findings about the Lunespawn sent from the mainland, hoping to find out more about the strange creatures. They had seen very few on the isle, almost as if the strong magic was driving them away. Before long, they began to make some serious headway.

    Research the Lune (Lore)
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    when will judging commence?
  • Oh, it has... Going on as we speak...
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    Alright! The map will finally be redrawn... right after this challenge, because of reasons that will now be clear.



    Fantasy Art Engine  A Beast in the Storm by Juan Pablo Roldan

    With advances in navigational technology and further attunement with Nemain's dark and unpredictable elemental forces, it is now possible to CIRCUMNAVIGATE THE PLANE! The storms separating the poles from each other are now possible to withstand, and so you may now colonises places even far out of your reach.

    That is by far not to say the sea is without its dangers. The star spawn have not left the sea alone, and have delved into it with perhaps even more hunger than into land. 

    Pin di lorenzo su a  Illustrazioni Mostri

    Combined with the fact that Nemain's wildlife is already far from harmless, and we have a sea begging to be explored, yet littered with peril. So for Monday the 22ooth, we ask you to

    Tackle this dillema!

  • This is why you make your faction able to fly....
  • Yessir... I know.  I'm trying to handle my partners for a history project that was supposed to be a two week thing refusing to even talk about it until late wednesday night.  So I'm probably gonna need a 2/3 day extention; it's due monday and a final project for 1/3 of the semester.  Big grade
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    (Am I still able to join or will I have to wait until next season whenever it comes also does card art mater because I can’t make half decent art or download art)
  • You have to wait to next season
  • @Omtegu Wait, why can't you download art?
  • Some reason my IPad blocks it and my pc doesn’t let me see art (unless it’s dogs for some reason)
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