COLONISERS: Season 7!!! (Colonisers of Nemain)



  • @spookoops and @Nomp... It's time to say goodbye.

    Regarding the Xedd...
    This is a real, real shame, since I absolutely loved your submission for that last challenge. Absolutely marvellous. One of the cleanest cards I have seen yet, but it was not quite enough to get you out of the danger zone.
    I do not want to in any way diminish what you've accomplished, but what ended up being your downfall was the relative lack of lore and story. It was present, of course, but the other contestants have invested much more heavily into it, bringing you down as a result (Around here we call that Realm of the King syndrome, view S5). 

    One must ask you to quickly disassemble the autonomous modules for transportation, safely pressurize all the oil containers, abandon aspirations of planar domination and HEAD HOME.

    Regarding the Talniri...
    I honestly have mostly nothing but words of congratulations to give here. You have truly done your best, and it shows. However, if I recall correctly, the cards you made for this challenge were among the first you made on the site, period, and so it was impossible to beat others with experience.
    Most of the names here are already relatively established on the forums, and have had months and years to hone the craft. I have absolutely no doubt you have the ability to get to that level, and give you my very best wishes, but for now, it was not quite enough.

    One must ask you to quickly return the currents back to the way they were, abandon those experimental art pieces, perform the rites an honourable warrior must and HEAD HOME.

    As for the rest of you...

    Let's just say, I haven't been gone a week with nothing to show for it...

    *maniacal cackling*
  • (Also yes, @DaHernandez1127, you may)
  • Oh no I'm scared.
  • Oh yeah, I'm eager
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    @Everyone here's the updated ally/enemy list. I'm sad to see two people go at one time, but also interested in what's coming.

    Qatha Federation (@SpellPiper2213 @me)
    Allied with: Zarildi Dominion, Empire of the Rising Sun, Tsayami Empire
    Enemies with: Woods of Wendigo, the Bone God
    At War With: Woods of Wendigo

    Children of Neress (@IzItTru)
    Allied with: [none]
    Enemies with: Nemain, the Bone God
    At War With: Nemain

    Empire of the Rising Sun (@ChoyBoi)
    Allied with: Qatha Federation, Nemain, the Core
    Enemies with: Woods of Wendigo, Zarildi Dominion, the Bone God
    At War With: Woods of Wendigo, Zarildi Dominion

    Woods of Wendigo (@RegalGorgon13) ;
    Allied with: Zarildi Dominion
    Enemies with: Empire of the Rising Sun, Qatha Federation, Tsayami Empire
    At War With: Empire of the Rising Sun, Qatha Federation, Tsayami Empire

    Schwarmi Nodule (@DrakeGladis) ;
    Allied with: [none]
    Enemies with: Nemain, the Bone God
    At War With: Nemain

    Tsayami Empire (@AxNoodle)
    Allied with: Qatha Federation
    Enemies with: Woods of Wendigo
    At War With: Woods of Wendigo

    Four Seasons (@Aggroman)
    Allied with: Zarildi Dominion
    Enemies with: Nemain
    At War With: Nemain

    Zarildi Dominion (@TimurGlint)
    Allied with: Qatha Federation, Woods of Wendigo, Four Seasons
    Enemies with: Empire of the Rising Sun
    At War With: Empire of the Rising Sun
  • Losing based on seniority is a little disheartening but it was fun. I'll probably keep tabs on here but I don't really have a reason to keep making cards without a this.

    Am I allowed to do a leave off post for the Talniri with cards representing the remnants fleeing and such?
  • Sad to see you go Nomp, and Spookoops.
  • @SpellPiper2213
    you can add the core to our list of allies.
  • @Nomp

    Of course. Whatever you think would be a proper sendoff for your faction.

    I also plan on trying to bring this season to a close within a month or so, and you will be more than welcome in S8, if you'd like that.
  • @SpellPiper2213 The Empire of Tsayami is now at war with the Woods of Wendigo, as of the last challenge.

  • @SpellPiper2213 you made me at war with myself lol
  • @AxNoodle whoops, sorry about that. Fixed now.
  • @spookoops @SpellPiper2213 @IzItTru @Nomp @ChoyBoi @RegalGorgon13 @DrakeGladis @AxNoodle @Aggroman15 @TimurGlint

    Fall of Gods - The Ritual by Simon Fetscher Nine Jotun witches preforming a  ritual to summon the ancient beast from the d  God illustrations Ritual  Creature art

    Fools. You saw all the signs, welcomed the heralds, bantered with the godcallers, yet all of it was not enough to warn you. Not enough for you to connect the dots. For those of you who have opposed Nemain, the weak and the old are dragged away in the night. Some of the villains doing this are natives to the plain, now using you for their own ends, some are defectors from your own ranks. Those who supported Nemain now find yourself being drawn to new and new concessions. While until now you saw no resistance, perhaps you were naive.

    Prophecy  Stone artwork Standing stone Fantasy art landscapes

    Fools. The Inhabitants of the Multiverse expect for all coming changes to be announced to them in prophecies, to be inscribed in ancient runes for contemporaries to debate, for ancestors to warn about and for the plucky young heroes to ignore until they're ready. Nemain announces its whims to no one.

    Standing Stones  Celtic fantasy art Standing stone Celtic gods

    The ancient stones now invoke a series of events which cannot be overturned, no matter how much you wish for it now. To caught up in your private political matters to see that the denizens of the plane have other ideas for its future. You think the Hero bringing you to this plane is the first interesting thing to happen on it? How arrogant of you. How humbled you are about to become.

    Pin on Mythical  Fantastic Creatures

    Deep in the wood the bones do rattle
    A door slams down on prison gates
    A hush falls over every battle
    A seal falls over all your fates

    In bogs and swamps a new god rises
    Born from the anguish of this land
    For you this may well be a crisis
    From world's perspective - reprimand

    His cold eyes gaze upon your realms
    To his ambitions insignificant
    Among the pines and birch and elms
    The chosen ones proclaim their cant

    'For further darkness, further night
    For reign of masochistic fright
    No matter recent interjections
    Nemain continues, the same direction'

  • For the 20th of May...


    Have the unenviable task of deciding how to kill/ hide from a god! You may team up to do this and launch a counter-attack in tandem, or branch off on your own.


    Now must solve the equally vexing dilemma of trying to not be incorporated into the cult of a dark, unforgiving nature god.


    Have my utter respect for not getting involved in this until now, and honestly that's an energy we need sometimes, but now... yeah, it'd be about the time to choose.
  • @HeroKP
    what exactly did I choose, again? it was sided with or neutral, as far as I remember.
  • Oho... so what heart did we stop then?
  • @HeroKP similar to what @ChoyBoi asked, except enemy of or neutral
  • The wendigo must see this as an absolute win.
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    Perhaps that'll be their downfall. Or not.
  • @ChoyBoi @SpellPiper2213

    Upon retrospective analysis, it seems like both of you tried to make deals with the plane, but have not yet shut your options by being overly antagonistic. I could see this go in either direction assuming you do some story wiggling.
  • @DrakeGladis and others who received a 'kill the heart' mission.

    The purging of the dark hearts lessened Nemain's influence over your domain in particular, which could give you an edge here, but it has not prevented the coming of the Bone God, and could have even accelerated it.
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    Birds and messengers leave the capital of the Children, carrying their important message with them to six destinations.

    @SpellPiper2213, @RegalGorgon13, @ChoyBoi, @Aggroman15, @AxNoodle, and @TimurGlint our message will hopefully find you.

    We have spoken with The Schwarmi Nodule and have both decided that the arrival of this divine evil is great danger to us all. We are attempting to form an alliance of nations who could assist in its destruction.

    Even those that choose to follow the planes demands will not be safe forever, we must band together to destroy it while we still have a chance.

    Those of you who are willing to aid in this effort PM me and we can plan an assault on it. Best of luck in surviving this plight to all of you.
  • Schwarmi*
  • Fixed (Yeah that tracks, I message all the factions and mess up someones name.)
  • Lore:
    Angelhunter of the CultDark Chorus
    Restore the Temple
    Wither the Affront
    Arm With Darkness
    Story coming soon

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