COLONISERS: Season 7!!! (Colonisers of Nemain)



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    @Everyone here's the updated ally/enemy list. I'm sad to see @TimurGlint and @AxNoodle go at the same time, especially this late in the contest.


    Qatha Federation (@SpellPiper2213 @me)
    Allied with: Empire of the Rising Sun
    Enemies with: Woods of Wendigo, the Bone God
    At War With: Woods of Wendigo, the Bone God

    Children of Neress (@IzItTru)
    Allied with: [none]
    Enemies with: Nemain, the Bone God
    At War With: The Bone God

    Empire of the Rising Sun (@ChoyBoi)
    Allied with: Qatha Federation, Nemain, the Core
    Enemies with: Woods of Wendigo, the Bone God
    At War With: Woods of Wendigo, the Bone God

    Woods of Wendigo (@RegalGorgon13) ;
    Allied with: Nemain, the Bone God
    Enemies with: Empire of the Rising Sun, Qatha Federation, Schwarmi Nodule
    At War With: Empire of the Rising Sun, Qatha Federation, Schwarmi Nodule

    Schwarmi Nodule (@DrakeGladis) ;
    Allied with: [none]
    Enemies with: Woods of Wendigo, Nemain, the Bone God
    At War With: Woods of Wendigo, the Bone God

    Four Seasons (@Aggroman)
    Allied with: [none]
    Enemies with: Nemain
    At War With: Nemain


    Only 6 factions remaining! It's going to be interesting to see where we all end up as the contest moves forward.
  • Oh.... well... @SpellPiper2213 we have unfortunately descended from our throne of neutrality.  The enemy of our enemy is our friend; we have officially attacked the Woods of Wendigo as we suspect them to harbor the allies of the Bone God as they themselves are allies with that being.
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  • @SpellPiper2213 I think my faction is more of ‘Allied with Nemain, The Bone God’, because the Dominion has already been eliminated.
  • @RegalGorgon13 thanks for catching that. I fixed it.
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  • @SpellPiper2213 @IzItTru @ChoyBoi @RegalGorgon13 @DrakeGladis @Aggroman15

    fantasy landscapes - Google Search  Paisagem fantasia Fantasias Pintura  de paisagem abstrata

    This... This for most shall be utter finality. As the skies above Nemain clear and the rain of serenity falls upon the tired and desolate lands, a terminal showdown prepares itself.

    Compleat and immediate consumption was an option, yet united efforts have prevented that. You have curbed enough occult activity to keep the god from omnipotence, it it still rises the power. The Bones still rattle.

    Wait, just six of you? Where has Khronos poured his hourglass away? No matter, now, then.

    A single challenge run is all the time you have to hatch an effective godkiller plan! If you succeed in at least intimidating the Bone God into coexistence, then it shall consume one of the faction that follows it. If it fails, then one of the ones that oppose it shall be destroyed. And then perhaps another. And another.
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  • I don't know how long we have to get this done, but I'm going to be on vacation leaving tomorrow and getting back on the 19th. I'll still be able to respond to DMs or anything for planning and whatever, but I won't have access to my computer to actually make a proper entry until I get back.
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    Optimally, it's better if you could get it out before you go, but if not we could always wait a little.
  • Or you could do a text-only card and give us the art separately, just this once, but seeing as you're on holiday that might not be convenient
  • I've figured out a plan, I'm about to publish my cards now, and then when it's my turn in the plan we're cooking up I can make my entry from my phone. The only real issue was trying to make a card on mobile, and this way I won't need to do that.
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    @HeroKP Today I am going on holiday, and return on the 21st. May I post my cards until the 22nd? 
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    As for Aggroman, it's more convenient if you try to do it beforehand, but if it's really hard to fit into your schedule, we can wait.
  • Combined Research

     "How's the research going?" Tenar asked. "You know as well as I do, I suppose," Sarai replied, looking up from the collection of papers. "But, if you must ask, I think we've done it."

    "We have?" Tenar walked around the knight-commander's desk, beginning to grin. She looked at the paper Sarai showed her. "So we can have allies help us cast this?"

    Finish the Bone God

    "It's either that or sacrifice some of our own," Sarai said, smiling with Tenar, "and I'd rather not do that. I was planning on sending messages to our allies in this venture after I go over all of this."

     "I can do that, if you want," Tenar said. Sarai smiled up at her friend. "I'd owe you one if you did."
  • Archives Files 17.4183.9797

    It is a sore day when we bear the brunt of the assault for fleshy beings.  The tragedies that build up to this point, the lapses in loyalty and judgment.  When Mother Matricies arrives, she will punish them if I have not.

    They risk our forces in a dash to beat the Bone God, allying us with flesh.  This is unacceptable; they have turned their backs on our Mother.  I shall be finishing her awakening in ways that Scriba could never comprehend.  The slaves and the weak shall fuel her rise, and when she arrives our troubles will be over.

    ~~Eulogea, Mourner of the Core

    Bireth the Altar-Engine

    Archives Files 17.4221.0361

    Our path is clear.  Mother is asleep still, and while Eulogea patters around below to awaken her, I shall be walking us to victory.  Our domain will grow slowly and surely after this battle.  We take the greatest of risks for the highest of rewards.  The plan is simple.

    We shall attack their ground fortifications with everything we have, then break upon their ranks and flee.  It will be only natural for them to pursue, and we shall protect our men from the air, forcing out the Bone God in his pursuit of us.  We will lose quality nodes no matter what, but this offers the best success, as our allies have their own spells to overthrow this God.

    ~~Sentra, Protector of the core

    Feigned Rout

    Archives Files 17.4253.6172

    Eulogea and Sentra are working together to formulate a plan of defense.  Our military is severly injured by this plan already, and the normal citizens will need to involve themselves even more than they do now.  While Eulogea's plan seems to be working to awaken our mother, it's not working out perfectly, and we are starting to temporarily eat ourselves to stay alive.

    Once Mother is awakened however, our troubles will be over.  She can compute victory from whatever position we are in.  We cannot fail with her around.

    ~~Scriba, Recorder of the Core

    Defense from the Bone God

    Archives Files 17.4281.4064

    And in our darkest hours, our Mother rises!  The Bone God is at our walls and battering them down.  The fleshlings have still to show their faces to grant their promised aid.  Nothing we have done so far has stopped him, and we are losing nodes with every passing minute.  But the Mother, she is here!  She will lead us to victory and defe-

    ~~Eulogea, Mourner of the Core {Last Transmission}

    Matricies Core Mainfraim
  • The city was almost empty, save for those who could not fight and those staying behind to protect it. It was a few days away from the day they would destroy this god once and for all or die trying.

    The Conclaves of Neress were assembling collecting their weapons and mounts and preparing for the journey across the sea to the place that the alliance had chosen. The children's job was simple - attack the creature head on and weaken it enough so the ritual discovered by the Federation could banish it.


    Only one thing was missing for this plan to be complete, the sword. Jemaine needed it, it was the final weapon in the set of the Godslayers. It was this sword that struck the tyrant god down so many years ago and with it he could truly weaken this god. This was the reason that with only a few days left Jemaine and Lienne made their way to the Silent Oasis. 

    It was late at night when the pair arrived at the center of power. Lienne began the ritual while her travelling companion stared into the unmoving waters,

    "This is it" Jemaine broke through the silence that had rested over the pair, "This is our best chance to a new home, I can feel it."

    "There is no way of knowing, we have wandered the multiverse for many years. This plane could be just another stop in our banishment."

    Jemaine sighed, he didn't want to believe that. Their people had been through so much, he wanted to be the one to bring them home. If destroying this god would make the plane safer then he would do anything to accomplish it. He stood from the pool and walked over to the Savant as she finished the set up.

    "You have helped me so much through the years, guiding our people. I cannot wait for the day that we can finally rest."

    These words surprised Lienne, in all her years advising Jemaine he had never been so forthright with his emotions. She was honored by his words, but needed to focus. Before he could continue she activated the Past-Seeing ritual. The skull at the center of the circle lifted as magic filled the air and,

    He heard the hoard before he saw it, the gnashing fangs, their claws scraping against the stony ground. Enalf ducked further into his cover as the Maws passed, an undead horde passed slowly by the zombies covered in toothy maws gasping for life. He snuck by them making his way through the cold dead landscape. Enalf had learned from a young age how to avoid them. Hunting for the Tyrant of Hunger was no glorious task, but it did teach some useful things. He finally reached his destination, a large grisly chapel rose from the grey rock. Around it pools of lava flowed slowly into and out of the forges around it.

    This was home, inside the dark chapel the dark one feasted on the foods and meats that the hunters brought in. The people of Midre had long suffered under the rule of five evil gods forced to build their empires and strengthened their worship.

    "That will change soon."

    Enalf snuck into the secret passage they had discovered many months ago, it lead him deep below the cathedral into the abandoned crypts. There his army waited, the people that Zechiran had for so long sat on top of would rise above now. Blacksmiths and hunters armed with makeshift weapons and armaments. He passed through their ranks they looked to him as has walked each one knew him. He had spent his entire life building towards this. Enalf made his way to the war room, there the mages and leaders planned their final assault. As he approached he spotted two figures outside waiting for him. Nillen, the quiet elf he had met in the forges, was stringing the intricate red bow he now wielded while Morgentha, a healer from another god's domain, polished the simple wooden shield. They got up as he arrived,

    "Enalf they finished it." Nillen looked excited, Enalf perked up

    "The sword, they finished the sword?"

    "Yeah but they won't let us see it, something secret only you can know." Morgentha added.

    He nodded, "I'm sure it's fine, I'll be right back." and with that he entered the war room. The mages sat around the table discussing the wards that had been set in place to protect the gods. He moved past them and into the cavern behind it where Durnant ,the master blacksmith, waited.

    As he entered Durnant was staring wistfully into the stream of lava that poured through. In his hands he held the weapon, a longsword of but efficient simple make.

    "It's done." Durnant called out in a sorrowful voice.

    "Perfect! Does it work like we need it to?"


    Enalf smiled to his friend, "Then why the sorrow? This is it, you and I have planned this for out entire lives!"

    "The power inside it is dark, in order to enchant it I had to pull from Zechiran's essence. The blade hungers like he does."

    "What do you mean? What kind of hunger?"

    "Just like the shield requires the willpower to protect to be activated and the longbow requires the anger to destroy the blade requires sorrow, sorrow at the loss of a life greatly important to the wielder."

    Enalf froze at his words, he was meant to wield it.

    "What am I supposed to do then, the sword is the key to destroying him. I am no stranger to sorrow, every soul who lives in Zechiran's domain is."

    "It must be fresh, and it must be a sorrow forged by the blade." Durnant turned to Enalf and held out the sword, he looked at his ally. "My time of use is up. This fight has no more need for blacksmiths or craftsmen, it needs warriors."

    Enalf stood stunned by these words. He refused to accept them, but he knew deep deep down that without the sword they would fail.

    "Remember what we promised each other when we first started this fight, what did we say?" Durnant stared Enalf's soul.

    Enalf nodded, took the sword, and stabbed.

    Jemaine's senses returned to his body with a jolt, he was back at the oasis the stars blinking in the desert sky. He rose to his feet and pulled out the blade, it reflected the night sky just as it did with the lava in his vision.

    Lienne returned soon after, she wore a shocked look on her face. "Wat was that?" she rose from the circle "What should we do, if the blacksmith was right then we will need to-" she turned to Jemaine

    He held the sword with both hands, his grip tightened fighting back his grief. He knew what must be done, his people deserved to have an end to their eternal pilgrimage. He knew the sorrow it would cause him to do it. None the less the leader of the Children of Neress turned to his advisor, his soothsayer, his friend he looked at her,

    "Do whatever it takes"

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    (Part 1/2)
  • (Part 2/2)

    Jemaine took a deep breath, the sword at his side felt heavy. Lienne had been taken, a horde of the spawn came when they had finished the Past Sight and took her. He had fought as hard as he could but the god had taken another victim. In that sorrow the sword activated, it thrummed to life with unwavering intent, hunger. He left the next day with the conclaves to the chosen ambushing spot, the Nodule would lure out the hated god w and deploy their secret weapon to defend themselves and the Children would weaken it in a frontal assault. With that the Empire and Four-Seasons would compete their roles in the plan. With any hope it would work.

     He now waited in hiding as the Nodule finished their rout, calling out the Bone God, challenging its power and the Bone God heard the call. It was nothing at first a buzzing in the air, then it grew and swelled a horrid sickening feeling. The ground began to shake as the sky darkened, the swarms of lune spawn descended from it trying to cull their opposition. Jemaine watched as the ground split and broke, the creature rose from it. It’s massive form eclipsing the sky itself, it was silent, but the effect it caused was not. Fits of coughing and madness began to pass over the Conclaves. Their ranks began to break, but he would not be deterred. He pulled out the sword, it crackled with power its iron blade shining in the sun, and gave the strongest war cry he could breaking through the haze. With him the rest of the children joined in shaking of the tyrants’ effects and charging towards it. The flying swarms attempted to stop their assault to no avail as the forces of the Empire of the Rising Sun and Schwarmi Nodule held them at bay.

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     The Children of Neress were undeterred as they met the forces of the Lune Spawn on the ground, any time one of the allies would have been dealt a killing blow The Shield of Silence saved them it’s new wielder, the minotaur Moren, giving all his focus into protecting the lives of the people around him. Jemaine drew the sword and began cutting his way through their line, its power cutting through them like paper. After minutes of grueling fighting it happened, they broke through the lunes spawn’s line. He had an opened pathway to the god that towered over them. Jemaine took the opportunity and ran forward ducking through attacks, the lunes spawn tried to stop him but were blasted back by exploding arrows of flame as the Longbow of Wartime’s wielder shot through their lines.

     Jemaine looked up at the god, he would never get close enough to strike it on the ground. He needed to fly. Just then a flying lunes spawn descended on him he raised his sword to slay it then just as it got close changed the blades path. He plunged it into the side of the beast grabbing the blade with all his might. The creature lifted of the ground trying to shake him off, just what he wanted. It swirled in the air spinning out of control. He pulled the blade to the side directing the creature upward climbing up on top of it. Suddenly it twisted in air, surprised he was flung from it’s back. The warrior grabbed out onto one of the creatures’ tentacles just barely catching the sword from plummeting into nowhere. The lunespawn began to wrap its tentacles around him as it flew higher and higher, he looked down. He was just eye level with the bone god, now was his chance. With a mighty heave he cut his way out of the beast’s grasp and plunged his sword one more into it. The lunespwan tried to fly but it’s damaged wing wouldn’t let it, it started slowly falling down as he pushed off of it towards the hulking bone god.

     Jemaine held the sword up as he fell aiming for the massive god’s eye. As he plummeted through the air, he focused all the sorrow he felt for the sacrifice made into the blade. It crackled to life with a dark hungering energy, and in one quick motion it connected with its prey pulling the life from the now martial god. He felt the being shudder and weaken as he drove the blade in deeper. He had done it, now all that was left was for the Empire to finish the job.

  • Using the ritual discovered by the Federation, the Empire banished the Bone God, calling upon the powers of ancient times to fulfill the ritual.

    On the front, they press the war effort, calling upon the expertise of Vaxara's final legion to finish the war off.

    Finally, the alliance between the Children, the Nodule, the Empire, and the Federation has strengthened through this tumultuous time, and all ally in an effort to crush Nemain and the Wendigo.

  • As the Empire preformed the ritual of banishment, it was the duty of the Four Seasons Kingdom to keep the forces of the Bone God from reaching the area where the ritual was being preformed. There were many of them, and the battle was tough, but the seasonal provinces joined forces, each using their own unique fighting style to help hold Nemain back.
    The Winter province brought icy spears down on Nemain's forces like deadly hail. This was especially useful for the large hordes of smaller enemies.
    The Summer province struck with the power of the sun, blinding enemies and attacking with unrelenting fury. When larger enemies came into play, tactical strikes from trained Summran warriors took them down.
    The Spring province used their growth magic to restrain and crush the enemy forces. They tried hard to make the terrain more difficult for the enemy, which is difficult when the enemy is the world itself. Despite this, their efforts were at least moderately successful.
    The Autumn province tracked down and took care of any enemies making their way through the dense forests where the other provinces may have difficulty maneuvering. Under the leadership of Kavrith, they planned ambushes against enemy groups, which were quite successful.

    Ok, there we go! I'm excited to see how this all turns out!
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    We've found out that the Bone God WASN'T Encrh. In fact, he fooled us yeah. But never again, for the true Encirh has returned... But he is not a ONE god, but TWO dieties we have worshiped. They are:

    Asgrim Death of Encirh

    They have returned from far lands because of our worships of the Bone God, which they have mistaken with worships of them. They have told us about the impostor and gave us a plan, but it involved great sacrifice. Kabibon must come and sacrifice himself to make The Bone God mortal. That is the only way to defeat him, otherwise, we shall lose. But with them, they brought their servants, and now our army is strengthened with new soldiers:

    The Rising Sun Empire and the Nodule shall be destroyed, or... We can negotiate. @DrakeGladis terms for you are:
    1. You Help our plan against the Bone God
    2. You Wage war on the Empire if they decline our treatires
    3. We stop the aggressors, who break your machines
    4. We return the Dromokans to you(and pay some more money).

    @ChoyBoi terms for you are:
    1. You cede one-third of your lands.
    2. You Help our plan against the Bone God
    3. We Accept you as equals
    4. We stop fighting you
    5. We can lend you some troops to fight against the Bone God

    Reveal The True Darkness
    Now we understand the situation, we declare:
    And we chose....... GOOD!(Dark good, strange good, but good)

    Ungrava Unleashed
    Our gods have brought us a new army of spirits, an ancient folk, called Ungrava. They charge selflessly into battle against the Black god, or any other our enemies. 

    Return of Obescar
    Return of Asgrim
    So our gods have Returned! Ours is the fury  We are unbound, undead, undefeatable!

  • Phew! I think that's enough for the beginning.
  • @Aggroman15 In these dire times we should help each other against a sea of troubles, so we offer an alliance. Neither side is obliged to help in war directly, but each must help other with troops and divination magic. Deal?
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