Our daily Gearhulk - Challenge

Welcome to my new challenge.

Simple and straightforward. Create a new Gearhulk, but with two colors.
As I don't know how to reduce the image to put, a link to the gearhulks follows. (The images got too big)

Cataclysmic Gearhulk C20 Combustible Gearhulk KLD Noxious Gearhulk KLD Torrential Gearhulk KLD Verdurous Gearhulk KLD

• Maximum of 3 entries per participant
• No old cards
• The artist of the art should be mentioned (can be in the comments)
• The cards need the link of the creation made in MTGCardsmith
• The contest finish 11/20/20 (November) - can be extended
Edit: Extende 12/01/2020

Top 3 mention in the Hall of Fame (only if you have more than seven participants.)

10,00 points each card: my opinion for judgment, quality, balancing, creativity, grammar
2,00p - my opinion for judgment
2,75p - quality
2,75p - balancing
1,00p - creativity
1,50p - grammar

Good luck to everyone and be creative 


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