Haruvan - Knight School Tournament



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    Fight! - Third Battle Jousts

    The armor was too tight for Kostantin's taste. No knight liked armor and he was no exception. The joust had by definition that the knights knocks down his opponent with a spear in an arena without falling off his horse. As much as the spells were released, it didn't seem very useful in the fractions of seconds before the impact of the long spear.
    The duels were already defined and Kostantin was the first. He preferred to form some runes inside the armor to relieve the pain of the impact. He got on his horse and went to meet him or his opponent in the arena.

    1st fight
    Kostantin vs Evelyn

    Both positioned at the ends of the arena. The Torch owl rests on Evelyn's shoulder with its penetrating gaze on Kostantin. He had not liked that image at all. Younger knights brought the competitor's spears. Kostantin with one hand before holding the horse drawing a rune on the animal's head so as not to be scared during the impact. They were made for this, but not all confrontations were the same, especially with magic.
    A trumpet sounded in the center of the arena and both knights began to gallop into battle. The seconds passed slowly in Kostantin's mind, but the decision had to be made quickly. Evelyn's owl took flight and went towards it, penetrating the eyes of its opponent. Kostantin knew that the bird could not strike, but he did not think about it, only thought that when looking at Torch he could not use his spells with his mind. He needed to make a quick decision.
    - I surrender - shouted Kostantin throwing the spear and forcing Evelyn to stop - I win next time. This armor is totally uncomfortable for me.
    Iona and Livold just slapped their hands on the forehead, not believing what had happened.

    2nd fight
    Iona vs Karyel

    Karyel was thirsty for that fight. Upon seeing his opponent, everything he passed and heard from that girl was his motivation for yet another victory. Iona smiled when he saw his opponent on the other side. She had nothing against him, but she liked to tease.
    The trumpet sounded.
    The seconds that passed were unique. A golden aura emerged from Karyel's spear. Iona just stood his ground if he reacted and no magic could strengthen his spear.
    Before the confrontation Iona leaned forward and tried to position herself in the middle of Karyel's spear. He hadn't understood the move, but there was no time to think and go back.
    When the spears hit, the dust lifted and for a few short seconds no one could see that part of the arena.
    - Let me help you up - said Iona, riding her horse to Karyel without believing on the ground. He refused help and went to the other side of the arena without looking at her.

    3rd fight
    Elph vs Livold

    The trumpet sounded in the arena for the last time that day and the horsemen followed their clash.
    Livold was astute and confident and at ease with his mount and weapon. Elph was tense and did not know if he would be able to strike the opponent, since his spear did not stop still.
    Decision seconds.
    Elph to stabilize the weapon spread his wings of speech.
    Something woke up in Livold's mind when he saw Elph. The open wings were not blue, but that color dominated his mind. A strange glow and a butterfly shape seemed to darken his mind and blind his actions. Elph smacked him right in the chest with everything crashing to the floor.
    He knew it was his fault.
  • Third Battle - Circuit Points - Jousts - Winner!

    @Red_Tower,  CassZero@AboveAndAbout

    Karyel, Evelyn and Elph were the winners of this circuit battle. Don't forget that they still faced the other team before the eliminations took place. The table with points will be posted later, but with the classification below it is possible to get a sense of the individual rank.
    They are not yet authorized to make a card with CMC 5, but they can make a new CMC 3 card to replace the current one if you feel necessary.

    Unfortunately, in the end the victory did not come, but there were still one more duel before the eliminations. You can make a new CMC 3 card to replace the current one if you think it is necessary

    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.


    After the fight

    Guil just went straight with his apprentices. They were not yet classified. Everything could change in the last fight. Demetriz needs to teach her apprentices a lesson, especially Livold.

    Preliminary classification (table will be done better with more results)
    1st Evelyn, 2nd Iona, 3rd Elph, 4th Livold, 5th Karyel, 6th Kostantin.
  • Hooray! I survived...
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    Fourth Battle Chariot Race - Introduction

    The chariot were larger than usual and had a different kind of harness on the horses. Another invention by Sguf for the tournament. That race would be different from the others. The chariots would be driven by two people, where one would be the main pilot and the other would be the guide. To close the doubles, the mentors will run as a guide with the lowest scorers on each team.
    The pairs were:
    Namy and Jake
    Barim and Ouen
    Aki and Arya
    Raeyla and Gor
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    Fourth Battle - Circuit Points
    Chariot Race





    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.
  • Elp fluttered into the air in joy. She had been extremely nervous after her performance in the last match, but with a little practice and Karyel's help she felt more comfortable on a horse going into the joust. Part of her was a bit disappointed by Kostantin's behavior, while she was glad her chances of staying in the Tournament went up, she wanted a fair fight.

    She was excited to watch the next match, but in the back of her mind she was thinking hard about what she could do to get a leg up on her competition. She force of will and intuition wouldn't be enough compared to the magical powerhouses on the opposing teams. She was going to need to study some spells.
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    Hiding in an alleyway later that day, Livold was leaning against a wall, when he noticed that the shadows erupting from his body created a shadowy clone of Ouen, leaning on the opposite wall right in front of him.

    "So what? Are you now some split personality of mine now?", Livold said, angrily.

    "I wouldn't say that. I think my soul has maybe merged with yours, and that's how you saw my memories. To be honest, I also don't know what's going on either. It's just some guess."

    "Well, I'd prefer if you didn't mess with my head."

    One of Ouen's butterfly spirits materialized and flew onto his pointer finger. "I didn't mess with your head. I can't even do that. I'm just a body and voice. And it's not like I can control your body while you look like me."

    Livold frowned and thought to himself, "Who was messing with my head? Is it the power that figure gave me? Is it my own thoughts? or is it something else?"

    The shadowy clone of Ouen and his butterfly dissolved into thin air just as Demetriz aggressively turned the corner, looking to scold him.
  • Iona seethed as she waited in the stands for the chariot race to begin. She didn't know what had happened, but both Konstantin and Livold had froze. They'd done it in different ways, perhaps, but they'd both froze during their jousts.

    And it made Iona angry. At least try and hit your opponent, she grumbled to herself.

    The young knight took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Calm down, Iona," she said to herself. "It won't do to get angry over things that are in the past. All we can do is to look at what happened and work on it for the future." She smiled softly, remembering when her mother had said that to her years earlier.

    The knight closed her eyes and took another deep breath. There was still hope for the future, still a chance for glory. All Iona and her companions had to do was grab it by the throat and hold on.

    (new 3-cmc card)

    Iona the Gloryseeker
  • Gor spent many days away from lessons, training. 

    He cut himself off from the outside world by refusing audiences and when he didn't have a choice he kept his mouth shut.

    He swore to continue in Haruvan with anger, determination and aloof. 

  • Karyel was seething about that battle. He wandered to the outskirts of the school, training for the next round. At least Elph and Evelyn had done well, but he was so embarrassed by his own failure. Next time he wouldn't be so defenseless. He'd train and train, and grow stronger than anyone else in the tournament. His failure would not happen again.
  • Raeyla was preparing for the chariot race, "I've got this I've lived with animals my whole life." she scratched Verlock behind his ear as they walked. She stopped helfway down one of the schools clustered hallways "But they're going to be horses, not bears or wolves or elk...Horses", It wasn't that Raeyla wasn't scared of horses - Nothing scared her - Its just that if she had the choice then she would probably stay away from them her whole life. "So yeah I'm scared of them..." They didn't make sense to her, to big, weird shaped limbs and mouths every time she tried to ride one it would buck her off. "I don't really have have a choice though, I need to do this, become stronger and If I have to ride a chariot pulled by horses then so be it."  She took a deep breath and let her rage broil up into her distracting her from the fear, "I can do this."
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    Fight! - Fourth Battle Chariot Race

    The four chariots were lined up on the wide strip. The knights 'hands tightened on the horses' reins. It would be a unique race for the clash style. The most concerned was Namy, the mentor, as she knew about Jake and the magic behind the armor. Everything to disguise the rest while the school authorities sought the manipulator of that armor.
    A trumpet announced the start of the race.
    As expected, Jake's chariot started running slowly. The armor had magic for the fights, but it looks like they didn't program it for a race. Namy could not take the reins and the guide did not give many opportunities to force the horses to run. She thought quickly and started to smile and wave to the audience.
    - We will give the audience a new experience with a beautiful riding performance - Namy spoke up knowing that it was not her personality.
    Meanwhile, the race around the arena was well balanced between the other three chariots. Barim and Ouen had an interesting relationship with Aki and Arya in second place. Raeyla was the main rider and always sought guidance from Gor who just ignored it and followed with a simple and practical guide for the horses in third place. Aki got a link with the horses that neatly stepped and ran synchronized in the arena of Haruvan.
    There was no room for error. The last duel would be decisive and making points in the chariot race was the survival they needed. That thought went right through Arya and Raeyla's mind, two opposites thirsting for victory.
    The turns passed and the positions did not change. Ouen drove with mastery, but could not overcome the perfect timing of Arya and Aki. All the horses were ferocious and did not fail to produce an excellent speed for the three chariots.
    - I need you Gor - shouted Raeyla gritting her teeth trying to get the most out of the horses.
    - Hold the reins - Gor finally said, throwing the reins at Raeyla in confusion.
    The knight held out his hands towards the horses that began to neigh instantly, only one that was in the lead that showed no reaction.
    - This is perfect.
    - What are you going to do?

    - Summon a great companion.

    The horse quickly seemed to consume its vitality without failing to gallop, until a black steed appeared before the unbelieving public. The air was heavy and Aki and Ouen felt the force that started to shoot with extreme speed towards them. Gor wanted victory over any circumstances.
    Gor's summoning brought a black aura that in the last lap generated a thick fog that prevented everyone from discovering the winner. After the three chariots reached the finish line almost simultaneously, everyone would have to wait for Sguf to announce the winner of the day on the screen. But that would only happen after Jake finished the race.
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    Fourth Battle - Circuit Points - Chariot Race - Winner!



    Aki, Arya and Ouen were the winners of this circuit battle. Don't forget that they still faced the other team before the eliminations took place. The table with points will be posted later, but with the classification below it is possible to get a sense of the individual rank.
    They are not yet authorized to make a card with CMC 5, but they can make a new CMC 3 card to replace the current one if you feel necessary.

    Unfortunately, in the end the victory did not come, but there were still one more duel before the eliminations. You can make a new CMC 3 card to replace the current one if you think it is necessary

    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.


    After the fight

    Raeyla and Gor's victory was clearly visible on the screen, however doubtfully due to Gor's summons, but on the same screen the sum of points gave the victory to the other team. A controversial and murmuring decision in the arena. Raeyla fired at the Haruvan judges. Namy went on to try to calm the apprentice.
    - Easy girl. The victory helps in the general classification. You went and you are fine. Do your best in the last challenge. Nothing is decided until the last challenge.
    Raeyla only snorted when she realized that the judges were apprehensive about her arrival.
    Gor stood with his arms crossed beside Nameless, still not believing in the result. The difference between the three chariots was small, but nothing that would take away their overall victory.
    Jake was no longer in the arena. Luckily, because Raeyla was going to dismember that hideous armor.

    Preliminary classification (table will be done better with more results)
    1st Raeyla, 2nd Gor, 3rd Arya, 4th Aki, 5th Ouen, 6th Barim, 7th Jake, 8th Namy.

    (As there was not much participation from these competitors, the decision was more narrative. But nothing was decided for the eliminations until the next confrontation. Waiting for yours history developments. Do your best. Until later.)
  • As Gor's chariot raced ahead, Aki braced for a loss. Her heart sank as dark thoughts filled her head... until she saw the scoreboard. They had one. Barely.

    Aki's soul (and, well, her entire body) light up as the young spirit raised her fist in joy. She hugged Arya out of reflex before realizing it and shoving herself away somewhat awkwardly. "Sorry about that, I got a little carried away there..."
  • (I had to correct some comments: I missed Raeyla's name. I was writing Rayela. Lol.)
  • (Yessssss, we won)

    After Aki hugged her, then immediately shoved her away, Arya felt glad she did, but at the same time, a little sad it couldn't have lasted for longer. Celebrating was fun, however, dancing and laughing. The joy was a new feeling to Arya, and brought her back to memories of her past life.

    Afterwards, she walked up to Aki, a question on her mind.



    "For some reason, I don't really want to kill you. Does that mean we're friends?" Arya was confused, as whenever she imagined herself killing all the fake knights at this school, Aki wasn't among them, or she just couldn't bring herself to kill Aki.

    "Arya!! Of course we're friends."


  • Gor wiped blood off his hand. 

    The battle was a terrible loss-he nearly had it! He had summoned the peak of his powers-but it had not been enough.

    The spikes had beaten him again!
             "May Erebos take them to the underworld...."

    But it had not been completely dire-it had taught him something: It may feel like you are in a world of horror, but a solution is always on the horizon.
            For Aki and Ouen had been losing, but Gor's Victory was stolen.

    And this truth had changed him....
             He was more honourable, more noble. 

            And that meant a lot.

    Gor Avenging Tyrant

    Basically Gor in his improved version!
  • (You can't kill a bean like aki)

    "Arya!! Of course we're friends." Aki thought on how obvious the question was, though she could think to a time where she could have asked that question herself. But those dark thoughts are in the past. For now, it's time for celebration.
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    There was less movement on the panel. Everyone already knew the next and final clashes. The only doubt that remained was the challenge style proposed for each confrontation. Aki again woke up early to go to the mural, but this time the other knights were already debating in front of the mural about the clashes and style.
    - Is this right? - asked Aki to anyone who could hear.
    - It seems so - said Karyel crossing his arms - It makes sense that they prioritize this style. It is what creates the most fervor in the public.
    - I don't think that's why... - said Evelyn, who was soon interrupted by Raeyla.
    - This is to force teamwork. Just see our results and interactions. They will play and evaluate everything so far in these confrontations.
    Everyone was silent and soon went to their respective classes.

    Fifth Battle - Circuit Points
    Team Duel



    @Red_Tower@AboveAndAbout, CassZero

    @IzItTru@bronx, @TheDukeOfPork

    Sixth Battle - Circuit Points
    Team Duel






    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.
  • The final battles of the first round had just been announced, Raeyla felt ready. This was her final chance to prove herself and win, she wouldn't let it go to waste. Raeyla knew she was powerful and might she take on any challenge,


    If anything her experience so far at the school had taught her the opposite. She had so much to learn, her experience here had been full of challenge that she was unprepared for. Sure she had gotten first in the rankings of the race but that didn't change the fact that she lost.

    The warrior felt a push on her back as Verlock nuzzled up beside her almost knocking her off her feet. The bear stared up at her with his puppy dog eyes understanding her worries.

    "It's alright Verlock, I'll be okay." She knew that was true, no matter the conclusion of the tournament she was a survivor and if she lost she would go home and help her people fight. "Why doesn't going home sound as important any more? I could just lose and be free of this, so why don't I?"

    "Grrrrroow" the bear responded in his usual way trying to mimic speech.

    "Yeah, It doesn't feel right. I'm getting stronger with each defeat and learning something with each victory, I'm not going to just give up." Verlock nodded and the two of them left to go find Iona, maybe they could get some sparring matches in before the final battles.
  • Aki's recent victory has left her exuberant and passionate, even more than normal. Even her fighting style has become more reckless and dramatic.

    Here's Aki's new character card for now. 
  • Iona dodged away from Raeyla's axe. Sparring with the Wild-Lands knight was exciting, especially since they could go at their own pace. Their fight during the tournament's second duel had been good, but it was a fuel in the arena for the tournament. Now, however...

    Iona swung her sword at Raeyla. The taller knight blocked the strike with the haft of her axe. For a second, Iona held her position before deciding that Raeyla had the advantage in terms of strength and stepped back.

    As the knight repositioned herself, Verlock meandered around one side, snorting. Iona did her best to face both her opponent and her pet bear. She grinned at the new challenge. Bright energy began to engulf her sword as Iona prepared for the next phase of the sparring match.
  • Arya's victory and continuous training has brought her to new heights of control over her magic.
    Arya Blood Caller
    New character card. (Don't talk about how long this took me to make)
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    Iona and the ‘‘Night Moon'' Bar

    Iona took advantage of one of the less busy nights during the week to escape from school and go to the bar mentioned in Kostantin's diary. She wanted to investigate before, but the knights of the night watch were very agile and difficult to deceive. Finally she had managed to escape everyone's eyes and walk calmly on the empty streets of Haruvan.
    It took a while to get close to the border, but at the mentioned time. The surroundings were empty. The lamps lit the bar sign with low heat, barely able to highlight the word ''Moon''. Below, at the door, two guards were listening attentively to any movement. Iona took courage, put on the hood she had brought and went to the door and went to the bar with her head down.
    - Where do you think a little girl is going - said one of the guards, pushing Iona slightly back.
    - There are no little girls here. You mistook yourself for someone else - Iona tried to pass again.
    - I don't think I got mixed up - the guard pushed her again.
    Slowly she lifted her head and lightly pulled the hilt of the sword leaving a sample of the blade that started to catch fire. The guard stepped out of the way with a cynical smile on his face.
    - Feel free then, but no one will protect you inside.
    - I don't need protection - she shot into the bar, bumping into the guard.
    The place was almost empty. A lone musician played something low with his lute and at the counter a man was hunched over a beer mug sleeping around several other empty mugs. Iona went to the attendant.
    - I would like to talk to ... with someone '' murderer '' - she said softly - I needed to know if you know this Frederic van Brahn. He was killed...
    - Everyone here knows about the dead in this young city. You are in the wrong place. There is no "murderer" here.
    - Let her through - said the man leaning over the mug without looking up - You are not the first to want to know this Frederic. He warned that someone else would come.
    - He? - asked Iona at the same moment that a door opened showing the real bar of the murderers for hire. Iona didn't think twice and went inside. It was the only chance.
    The new lounge had loud music and a lot of waitresses rushing to serve beer. Nobody cared about Iona that hour. In the surroundings, many runes protected the place, so she thought that was why she did not hear the noise from the other side of the room. Again she headed for the counter, bumping into one or the other drunk.
    - I'm looking for the killer of Frederic van Brahn, or his contractor. Do you know something?
    - Direct you. No killer talks about his contracts. The man who came before said that someone else would come after this guy, but you don't look like him - The clerk put a glass of beer in front of Iona - You should go. These matters are not for young people. Whoever killed Frederic did not do the full job. The body was left for anyone to see and is now in possession of the school. We can't even involve the police ... well, you must imagine why - he smiled.
    At that moment, a brute pushed Iona.
    - Excuse me little girl, there are people who really want to drink here - said the man who realized that she wasn't going to drink the beer, taking the drink fiercely - I don't know why the guards let you pass, but I'm telling you now to leave - again he pushed Iona until she dropped her on the floor and sat in her place.
    With the fervor of the situation, she drew her sword to call and tried to attack the man. Everyone looked at her and that situation, when a hooded man stopped Iona's blade.
    - We need to talk - he said.
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    Elph and the mystery of Evelyn

    One more night was over, and one more night her friend Evelyn had a commitment to resolve. This time Elph was willing to confront and find out what was going on, but she chose to move on again.
    Evelyn went to the same place as before, a hut in the secluded garden at Haruvan School. The place did not seem to have much security for anyone who wandered the place at night. She came closer this time, standing under one of the windows. She couldn't lift her head or she would be noticed, but she kept her ear close to the stones on the wall to try to hear the conversation. The place had excellent sound insulation and only Evelyn's loud voice wanting to fight with this woman could be noticed.
    ''This is all crazy'', ''You don't know anything'' and ''It's not what she wanted''. These phrases Elph managed to assimilate. The woman spoke softly and calmly. It was impossible to decipher. Soon Elph realized that Evelyn was going to leave and went behind the cabin. Evelyn left abruptly and slammed the door, walking fast and with a feeling of fury away. It was Elph's opportunity to see who the woman in the conversation was. She lifted her head to see through the window.
    The hut was a common place and without many furniture. She seemed to behave like a peasant family member, but well lit and with the fireplace on. At the dinner table, a large boar appeared to have feasted on five people at dinner. Elph was unable to see anyone, so she chose to enter the cabin carefully.
    The door was open after Evelyn left. Gently, she pushed the door open and went inside the hut, quickly going behind an armchair. She walked a little further to the kitchen, and nothing about the woman Evelyn was talking to.
    - Where did she go? -Elph spoke to herself when she was surprised by a hand on her shoulder. She was startled, spread her wings, throwing herself between the pots hanging from the ceiling.
    - I imagined it could happen. Get down there, dear. There's still a little bit of dinner if you're hungry - the woman sighed - I can explain the situation, but just don't say anything to anyone, at least not for now.
  • Fifth and Sixth Battle - Circuit Points
    Simultaneous Fight in the Arena


    @Red_Tower, CassZero, @AboveAndAbout,



    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.



    @FourEyesIsAFish@ChoyBoi, CassZero/@feralitator



    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.
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    Aeryn Storyline

    6 years after the events in Vosanova.

    Haruvan's central square was bustling with traders and tourists. Everyone was happy for a great gastronomic event that the upper region brought to the center of Haruvan. In the skies, many colorful kites adorned the different cultures, mainly the knights' classes of the school.
    Miljivan walked beside Aeryn arm in arm. Everyone greeted Aeryn and sometimes with thanks. One or another merchant shouted in the distance to offer some food on the house.
    - Aeryn! Aeryn! On here! Accept our boar meat skewer. The best of Haruvan.
    - Thanks, but I still feel I have a duty to pay for it - Aeryn said, taking three gold coins without taking Miljivan out of her arms.
    - No, no, no - said the merchant pushing the coins on the counter - On account of the house. Enjoy the event as I am. Haruvan is more prosperous because of you and of course Miss Miljivan too.
    Miljivan nodded his thanks.
    They continued to walk the festive streets of Haruvan, but Miljivan was the one who guided them to the souvenir, food and kite stands and stalls. There was a kite that demonstrated Nyrea's transaction in its astral form. Areyn admired for a while lost in thought. She would like to know where she was and could have done more before saying goodbye.
    Finally they left the main streets in a direction that Aeryn couldn't say what Miljivan wanted to do.
    - Where are we going? I knew it wasn't just the event that forced me to drop out of training today.
    - You took a long time to notice - smiled Miljivan - I think it's time and I preferred to bring you instead of convincing you back home. But we were supposed to get closer before you ask where I'm taking you.
    Aeryn stopped short.
    - What are you up to, Miljivan?
    Miljivan took a deep breath.
    - I think it's time. We already talked about it, but you always ran away. I thought it best to schedule a visit to show you. I think I found one that you’ll like.
    - What are you talking about, Miss Miljivan - Aeryn said, stepping away a little in a joke tone - I hope that's not what I'm thinking.
    - I think it is - Miljivan smiled - We are going to the orphanage to adopt a child.
  • Fight! - Fifth and Sixth Battle Team Duel - Part 01

    Again the fighters were preparing for a team duel. In the locker room and near the access gate, they talked about the strategies and the decisive moment to continue in the tournament. The audience was again euphoric and the previous entertainment of the fight only warmed up the audience more. That last day even local musicians were singing through some new Sguf inventions. Karyel approached the railing to observe the arena. Arya did the same.
    - They divided the arena. Each team had fought on one side - Karyel sniffed - Simultaneous fights to know the final result.
    - It will be interesting to see the expressions of the fans without knowing who won on the other side - replied Arya stretching on her feet to be able to see the arena better.
    - I don't think the fight will be clean this time - Livold said from a distance, already heading for his team's access gate.

    Ladies and gentlemen. It is with great pleasure that we announce the final fight of the team battle. May luck, bravery and determination be with them. And that the work of the mentors Barim, Demetriz, Guil and Namy is a delight for your eyes, the best audience of all.

    The teams were already prepared and placed within the arena, each in the determined half. On one side Livold wanted to avoid fighting Ouen as much as possible, until he heard a trumpet and heard the blades on the other half of the wall facing each other.
    - They don't waste time - Livold said to himself even going towards Aki.
    It was more of a fight that the relationship between Aki and Arya was strong and consolidated for a team fight. Livold ground his teeth because the moment he attacked Aki, Arya parried the blow and was hit in the sequence by Aki. They did not like to leave Ouen isolated, but the young knight did not seem to mind facing Iona or Konstantin.
    On the other side of the wall, the fight was fierce since the initial trumpet. Karyel had not wasted time and had already knocked Jake down, who did not feel the blow and did not show any pain reaction. Karyel even kneaded the armor, but it was soon thrown away by him, who just stood up and leaned against the wall with his hand where Karyel had kneaded the armor.
    Verlock tried on the other side of the arena to try to reach Elph, who had the help of the owl Torch to try to contain the beast. Raeyla tried to focus on Evelyn, but always keeping an eye on and feeling Verlock's strength. She did not want to leave her friend far away, seeing the difficulty of reaching the fairy that flew around her. Evelyn brandished a sword with Raeyla's ax so that sparks fanned the dusty ground. Namy, in the audience, vibrated with each powerful blow of her apprentice. Evelyn felt that she would not be able to hold the blows for long, seeing Gor appear as a murderous figure to try to strike from behind. Raeyla and Gor also seemed to have made a connection in the fights. Evelyn could not take the blows and was thrown to the wall, next to Jake, who did not seem interested in fighting. Evelyn even got up quickly in a fighting position, but Jake just ignored her by turning his head.
    On the other side of the wall, Kostantin's fight with Ouen was only in conversation. They both felt that they would not be able to disarm each other and Kostantin also felt that his magic seemed to be incomplete when Ouen had released an aura with blue butterflies. It was a strange thing for Kostantin who did not understand his opponent's power.
    - So if I release some magic will you invade my mind? - Konstantin gestured - Or will you poison my body? I must say that this kind of reflective magic is something very unusual and I am curious how it achieved something so strong.
    - Everything in its time. I'm already classified, I think we can hold this conversation for another time - Ouen tilted his head trying to find Livold - Now should you be careful?
    Konstantin was confused.
    - Classified? Careful?
    At that moment Konstantin was hit by Aki, who had used a magic to replicate and left an illusion fighting alongside Arya, who knew about her friend's strategy. With all the energy expended to make the illusion, when striking Konstantin, she fell to her knees exhausted. Aki, breathing more heavily, took a beating from Iona.
    - Did you forget about me? - she spoke with a confident smile with the flaming sword in hand.
  • Fight! - Fifth and Sixth Battle Team Duel - Final Part

    Iona bravely launched her sword to block and counter Aki and Arya's synchronized blows. Livold tried to help, but he was always hindered by Aki's slight illusions, which lasted only a few moments, but long enough for him to stay out of the fight. Konstantin did nothing unconscious on the floor and Ouen preferred to go to the fresh shadow that the wall in the middle of the arena formed at that time of day.
    Elph just fled Verlock through the air. It was an endless hunt. Sometimes, when she took distance, Elph tried to hit Jake against the wall, but he didn't seem to mind taking the blows. The public did not seem to appreciate how Elph was taking care of the match, even though Raeyla's big bear didn't leave her alone.
    Evelyn thought that now was the time to synchronize her blows with Karyel, but it seemed difficult inside the fight, since Gor and Raeyla seemed more involved with the result of the last fight. Evelyn and Karyel stood with their backs to each other to protect the rear, while they suffered blows from all sides in the transition from Raeyla and Gor. To make matters worse, Gor used a black fog to hide the blows from Raeyla, who cleverly wore goggles. They had thought of everything for that fight.
    Seeing the situation getting worse and worse, Elph stopped running and flew towards his companions with sword in hand, even though he was followed by Verlock. When they got close, everyone was surprised by thunder. The fairy was thrown into the corner of the arena by lightning that Jake had emitted from a distance, but that was just it. The knight did not seem to have the strength to fight, and began to transmit an aura surrounded by lightning near the wall. Elph was knocked unconscious making Raeyla now focus on the others, calling on Verlock to help with the blows.
    - This isn't getting any better - said Karyel, clenching his teeth and holding the sword firmly.
    - I know - replied Evelyn - Torch will help ... I hope so.
    The owl came close to the two knights surrounded by Gor, Raeyla and Verlock.
    - Attack! - Gor said quietly knowing that his companion would understand.
    It came to a point in the fight that Aki was no longer able to form illusions and Livold teamed up with Iona to fight on an equal footing. All four gasped with each beat of their weapon blades.
    - This fight is not going to end today - Iona smiled.
    - It does not matter - Arya said - I will go until tomorrow if I need to beat anyone in this arena. Now if both helped, it would be easier.
    Arya screamed to see if Ouen heard, but he just ignored it and started doodling something on the wall. She and Aki were unable to understand Ouen's motivations and strategies, which until now had not helped at all. Livold avoided looking at Ouen.
    Iona, to avoid some attacks, lit flames from her sword at the exact moment of each blow. Arya was irritated and felt the fervor of blood consuming her hands. She didn't want to lose control, but she wasn't going to lose that fight at all. Iona was just irritating her opponents, so that in the moment of blind fury she could deliver a straight hit.
    Regardless of who was controlling Jake's magic, it didn't seem to be working. The magic that Konstantin had cast was for a set time and it seemed that Kalil had not put a very strong spell. Jake was shivering and releasing a lot of rays from the aura that surrounded him. the knights who fought felt it, even making the big bear get away. There was no way to avoid it and finally Jake exploded in lightning, violently breaking the wall.
    In the middle of the arena, the wall now had a large hole with debris. Jake's armor was again in pieces in the arena. Ouen was intact through a shield made by the scriptures previously written on the wall. He just smiled at Arya and Aki incredulously.
    Now it was possible to see clearly the other side of the arena and the fight of the other teams. It was quickly announced in the arena that the fight had to continue, and whoever crossed the wall would be eliminated.
    In that moment of distraction, Iona hit Aki, knocking her to the floor. On the other side of the arena, Karyel did the same, but in Gor, with no time to react and falling at Verlock's feet.
    The fight went on until the night. The public was thrilled and didn't seem to get tired of the fights. Lots of blows, magic and a bear's fierce fight against an owl. Evelyn helped Karyel with heavier blows and Arya, despite being almost consumed by blood magic, did the defense work for Aki to regain her strength.
    Bardón got up from his chair and finally raised his hands to end the duel. The winners and qualifiers had already been evaluated and there was no need to wear out the remaining knights. The result would be announced shortly.
    Aki couldn't stand the wait and passed out. Meanwhile Torch slept on top of Verlock without caring, lying in the arena to regain his strength. Raeyla didn't care, as she no longer had a rivalry at the end of the duel. Now they had to wait for the final result.
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