Top-Deckcember 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hey again everyone! 

I haven't been active lately, but last year/early this year I made a point to do Top-Deckcember again, because we got more than 100 cards done by the community! Those cards you can find here, and you can find the previous thread for Top-Deckcember here. So, same drill as last time, it's not a contest, just a challenge. Like Inktober, there's prompts for— instead of art— making cards here on MTGCardsmith! There's a theme for each day of December, and I'd like it if you don't skip ahead on the cards, trying to keep the amount of cards you make from the prompts once per day. It starts on December 1st, so please don't start before then. This, as last time, is being posted before hand so everyone can find it. 

1. Landfall
2. Village
3. Eldritch Horror (Something other than Cthulhu)
4. Suspend
5. Treasure
6. Dungeons and Dragons (or something else from a tabletop RPG system) monster
7. Dungeons and Dragons (or something else from a tabletop RPG system) spell
8. Fun mana-rock
9. Cyberpunk-themed card
10. "Partner with..." Commanders part 1
11. "Partner with..." Commanders part 2
12. Dungeon
13. Your favourite MtG tribe (doesn't need to be a creature card)
14. Non-basic land ramp
15. An utterly awful card
16. Land creature
17. Video game character/item
18. Anti-Hexproof and Indestructible
19. Transforming card part 1
20. Transforming card part 2
21. A non-land, non-creature card you can have any number of in your deck
22. Music
23. c a t
24. Meme alternate art for an existing card
25. Relaxation
26. Non-creature Commander
27. Spring
28. Summer
29. Fall
30. Winter
31. Celebration again!

Also bear with me I don't know what's wrong with the formatting.


  • This sounds awesome! I'm new to cardsmith so if this happened each december I never knew. Anyway I will be making cards for the prompts!
  • Glad to have you! But no, it doesn't happen every year. I did this last year for the first time and some people liked it, so I did it again!
  • @Frostbvrn, will remasters of existing cards we've made be legal? I have something I've made previously for one of the prompts that I have been wanting to remake and reword, and am now wondering if I should wait on that for December.
  • Sure, go ahead, @Ranshi! There's not really any strict rules for this, it's just for fun. If you want to remake cards for it, feel free to.
  • This was so fun last year! I managed to make this "set":
    I will gladly participate this time agin! Is it okay if I use again?
  • Sure, @ThePhantomJoker! If you don't mind though, could you recreate the cards on MtGCardsmith to? That way I'll be able to add your cards to the year 2 set.
  • @Frostbvrn Yeah, I could do that.
  • This sounds fun! If I miss a day because I have too much that I need to do, is it ok to go back to that day?
  • Yeah of course. The rules aren't tight, they're mostly just guidelines to keep everyone organized.
  • I have a question and a request, @Frostbvrn:

    What is meant by "An utterly awful card"?

    Is it possible that the meme proxy prompt could be changed to something that would produce original cards?
  • @Ranshi, for the request, sure go ahead.

    For "An utterly awful card", it can be something like a vanilla 3/3 for 5. Pretty much something that is unplayable in almost any circumstance. 
  • OK. That's what I thought. But I wasn't sure if you meant the quality of the design. 

    As for the altered prompt in my request, I'm putting it on the record that I am going to alter it to "A Card Inspired by a Meme".
  • Really, all of these can easily be up for interpretation. They're not extremely specific.
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    For one day I have an idea for both a Regular and Un-version of a card. Is it ok to post both?

    (Edit: Nevermind, I read DnD spell as DnD item, and planned to make a card on Deck of Many Things, which would probably be considered an item, and not a spell. My bad.)
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    Okay! It's the 1st of December now and I'm kicking this off. Here we go!

    Cardsmith version:
  • That's a fun kick off!!
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    Here's my Day 1 card:

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    Day 1: Landfall!
  • Moss-Rot LichHere is my Day 1! This combines one of my own keywords with landfall. I hope that the X+1 thing makes sense.
  • @FireKing661, that's neat! Though, for the X+1 thing, it may be better if it was worded as: 

    "Moss-Rot Lich enters the battlefield with X rot counters on it, where X is equal to the amount of green mana spent to cast this spell plus one." 

    I'm pretty sure that's how it would be worded for Magic the Gathering.
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    Day 1: Landfall

    Landfall. On a land.

    MTGCS card here:
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    Frostbvrn Would its own Landfall trigger when it enters the battlefield? Its very interesting, I'm just curious on how it would work.
  • @feralitator According to the game rules, it would. In fact, the card technically needs either a "Whenever ~ or another land enters...", or a "Whenever another land enters" piece of wording (depending on which the creator intended) in order to comply with MTG's tradition of wording such situations in order to avoid people getting confused and having to ask the question you just asked.
  • @Frostbvrn, just a personal thing but I'm pretty sure that your land uses the colors with the weakest connection to food tokens. That just sits weirdly with me.
  • @Ranshi, it was mostly just for the flavour of the art. A valley between mountains, farmland or not, would be red-white.
  • @MemoryHead, yeah. I probably should have worded it as one of the two ways you said. There just hasn't been any landfall lands in the past, and the official wording for Landfall is "Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control" so I just did it that way.
  • Frostbvrn It could probably get away with being green-white. Green is definitely the color most connected to food tokens.
  • True. I was going to make it green at first, but the art said red-white to me.
  • After looking at some D&D spells, I found one that I have an idea for both a Regular and Un-set version, is it ok to post both?
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