This Very Off Topic

So I have a question, @corwinnn . How did you become a moderator. I was looking through your you cards and I found the moderators.
If you don't feel like answering this that is fine. (personal stuff is why). Also do you interact with @Tomigon .


  • All I know is his effort to bind people together. Such as Challenge cards, FiveThings, TheMechanix, and always being nice to everyone. So if I was looking for a modulator from the community member, the choice would've been obvious.

    When I became a mod, I was talking to Corwinnn and Grant(former owner of MTGCS) about the next blog/event. Then the site was attacked by a bunch of spam bots, and Corwinnn suggested Grant to give me the mod ability. And I didn't decline.
  • @bronx - At the time Grant (original owner) was running everything himself and I was in the right place at the right time, plus the fact that I just love the site didn't hurt. 

    @Tomigon and I  have been thick as thieves from early on and this place is only as awesome as it is because of him, and because you asked... we interact and collaborate all the time. 

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