Tribal Challenge - **Circuit Challenge**

Hello everybody!

The point of this contest is to create creatures that care about noncreature subtypes. This definitely wasn't clear before, so I'll allow the ones that were already entered, but please remember that planeswalkers are NOT subtypes.

Three entries per person. It'll be judged by January 31st, though I may end it sooner depending on the entry count.

First place will receive 4 favorites of their choice, a follow, and a one-month premium membership provided by me! + 1 CP
Second place will receive 3 favorites of their choice. + 3/4 CP
Third place will receive 2 favorites of their choice. +1/2 CP

Honorable Mentions will receive 1 favorite of their choice. +1/4 CP

*To be eligible for Circuit Points, entries can be made off site, but must also have a card on MTGCardsmith

Good luck!


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