Alternate Timeline

Hello, everyone. This is a contest about creating cards based on existing legendaries, but shifted to another color and timeline, a la the two cycles from Planar Chaos and the khans from Tarkir (since Tarkir has two timelines and the khans are partially colorshifted between each, I'm counting them).

  1. Must be based on a legendary creature from MTG Cardsmith.
  2. Should be at least partially colorshifted.
  3. Cards made for the contest must be new (made after 12/31/20).
  4. I'd prefer cards made on MTG Cardsmith.
  5. Up to three entries per person.

Judging will ideally take place starting on February 1st. The first place winner will get seven favorites and a follow, the second place will get five favorites, and the third place will get three favorites. If there are enough entries, the runners-up will get a favorite each.


  • How many entries?
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    @AboveAndAbout up to three. I'll add that to the rules.
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  • For clarity/confirmation, the legendary creatures we're supposed to base our cards on are supposed to be from MTGCardsmith, or actual Magic cards?
  • They should be based on cards from MTGCardsmith
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    A shift of @Ranshi's Abereth, Bloodpact Conduit into a time where he never got involved in all of that shady blood-pact stuff, but still seems to remember it:

  • Weird, I didn't get pinged here. I just happened to see the card!
  • Real entry. A shift of @pewnd currently featured card just because I can.
  • I didn't notice the point of this and made a sultai Alela by mistake, a real legendary creature Not an entry but i'll post it here anyways.
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    Deleted due to unintentional breaking of rules.
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    @feralitator, language. (On the card)

    The site doesn't allow swearing.
  • @Ranshi Sorry, I didn't know. It won't happen again.
  • Based on Arthropod_King's Resplendent Creator. (I tried to @ them in this, but I don't think they have used the forum at all yet.)
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    1. Based on @Usaername Radden, of the Waterweavers:

    2. Based on @Temurzoa Sister Yamakazi:

    3. Based on your own @SpellPiper2213 Orsik, Mad Prophet:

    Thanks for the challenge, I found it really fun.
  • @TheRacingTurtle your rendition of Radden is sweet! One note though, is that as is there's really no reason to activate his ability, given that he has deathtouch. Other than that I love it!
  • @Usaername I'm glad you like it. The idea is he can also attack with skulk, and then invest mana into pumping once he isn't blocked. I wanted to reflect his power/toughness switching ability from the original but decided to go with this wording as the straight up switch felt more of a red/blue ability.
  • @TheRacingTurtle fair enough, fair enough. is there a link to the card? I'd like to favorite it :smiley:
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    I really liked @TheRacingTurtle's depiction of Radden, so I decided to do one of my own of one of their cards! Presenting: Zariel, Asura of Chaos!
    Zariel Asura of ChaosZariel Asura of Order
    My card:
    The original:

    What with Kaldheim bringing us black angels as well as more berserker tribal support, I though this design slotted into place very nicely. Just add a couple more appropriate creature types, clean up the Faction text a bit, (I think this is a sick mechanic btw Racingturtle is definitely onto something) and bam! a perfect antithesis to the original!
  • Thanks mate, I love it. Was definitely a challenge to word the mechanic, I think you've cleaned it up well.
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    Hi, guys! Sorry this took so long to judge. I've been busy, so it took some time to get around to.

    In first place is @MemoryHead with Abereth, Deamflow Conduit. It's simple, and a great take on an alternate take on Abereth. It reminds me a little of Braids, Conjurer Adept ( All in all, a good alt-verse creature. You get seven likes and a follow.

    In second place is @Usaername ;- This is one of the better alt-verse card in the contest, in my opinion. It remained simple and focused on what the original card was about while still making itself seem like an alternate universe take on the character. That being said, it seems a little wordy, and the Faction Leader mechanic is a little new to me. You get five faves.

    In third place is @TheRacingTurtle with Radden, Undercurrent Exile. I think that a universe where a normally knight character is a dastardly sneak was a great way to approach this contest. While I don't agree with the inclusion of Counter strike, I still think this is a great alt-verse card. You get three faves.

    @Everybody else, you guys each get a fave each.

    Personal Feedback

    @MemoryHead Abereth - This is one of the better alt-verse card in the contest, in my opinion. It remained simple and focused on what the original card was about while still making itself seem like an alternate universe take on the character. I might make the power 1 instead of 2, but that's a minor thing, and I think it's overall well-made.

    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos Yari - I like how you switched the “return target enchantment to the battlefield from the graveyard” into paying life and banking on white/black life gain. However, I think that the first ability could probably changed to something more akin to Emry’s, where you tap and pay some life to play an enchantment from your graveyard. Still, not a bad alt-verse card.

    @AboveAndAbout Sibonesi - This is an interesting card. It still focuses on artifacts and Treasure, but I think there’s a dichotomy between the desire to make an alternate version of Sibonesi and making a new card. Also, I think that the second ability is a little overpowered. I think that tapping Sibonesi and maybe sacrificing some Treasure tokens might make this a better card.

    @feralitator Pestilent Doombringer - I know this is a bit of a cheap comment, but I feel like not having flying on this creature is a little weird. Another thing is that it might tie the creature together to have the mana cost simply be WUBRG rather than W/B, B/G, G/U, U/R, R/W. The tap ability is interesting, though, if a little awkward.

    @TheRacingTurtle Radden - I get where you’re going with counterstrike, since it’s a part of the original card, but I think removing it might make the card stronger overall. The alt-verse Radden feels more like a Rogue or an Assassin than a person that would retaliate in that format.

    Yamazaki - This is a very cool card. I enjoy the implication that it’s less of an alternate universe card and more a relative of the other Yamazakis. One thing I’m wondering about is the last ability. I think that The Last Yamazaki having Exalted makes sense, but I think that giving other creatures Exalted doesn’t quite fit. Then again, that’s just me.

    Orsik - While I appreciate the plug with this card, it isn’t necessarily going to do you any favors. That being said, I like this alt-verse Orsik’s first ability. It ties into original Orsik’s first ability while making itself unique and green/white. (I feel like it could even be G/W/U thanks to the card draw, but that’s just me.) I think that the second ability is a bit extra, but I see where you’re going with it, and it could work as a potential spell in an Orsik Spirit-Eyes commander.

    @Usaername Zariel - This is a fun card. The Faction Leader mechanic is interesting, and you tie Zariel’s main ability to it very well. Also, I like how you use only two keywords, just like @TheRacingTurtle ’s version. One thing I think might help the card is changing the cost to 4BR, since Zariel’s main ability seems dually BR rather than mainly R.

  • Thanks @SpellPiper2213, that was a fun challenge. It was one of the first I entered when I joined up and your feedback has made me really think about how I would take on the challenge differently now having some more experience under my belt. Would love to do something similar again.
  • @TheRacingTurtle glad to have helped. I might do something similar in the future if interest was high enough.
  • Hey, that's nice! Thanks for the contest. And yeah, it seems like the contest idea of making cards riffing off of other custom cards might be a neat idea.

    I'll just take my favorites on anything of mine that looks deserving of them.
  • glad you liked my card!

    i'll take faves on whatever you feel deserves it

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