Lucky Dip Charity-Free prizes to new cardsmiths

Hello, everyone! I made this so new/growing members could get free prizes!!! Once a week, you may request a prize number(from 1-100) and i will give you the set prize for that number (unless it's already been taken) 

Here's an example:

(I will use @AboveAndAbout in this example)

Abaa: Prize 52, please! 

Me: @AboveAndAbout, of course! Prize 52 is---

Two cards made of you!!!!

(I will make two cards that feature you, the cardsmith in them)

Only people that have 10 or less followers and/or have only been active for 4 or less months. I will need you to show me your first card, just in case you're lying. (Except if it's people like Abaa, when I know they've only been active for less than 4 months)

NOTE: This is for your benefit, so if you choose to ignore it, or you just don't notice it, then I don't care)



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