Card Types!

Hello smiths! This post consists of two challanges both centered around card types. You can choose one, you can choose both and submit cards until you run out of ideas!

Challange 1) Create a card that utilises a custom card type or a supertype created by you. I'm specificaly looking for new designs, but if you have already created something of this sort, you can use it to make a new card.

Challange 2) Create a card that combines two card types or a card type with a supertype in a way never seen before. Enchantment Lands, Snow Planeswalkers, Sorcery Creatures - go wild! (but be reasonable in your wildness)

A little reminder on the existing:
Card types: Land, Creature, Artifact, Enchantment, Instant, Sorcery, Planeswalker
Supertypes: Basic, Legendary, Snow, Tribal (and some others that you won't see in a normal game)

I'll probably award something here and there when I feel like it. Please try to make the cards balanced and pretty.

Happy smithing!


  • Bonus super wild challange: Combine a custom card/supertype with an existing one in a cool and unique way.
  • Cool idea ghostly jester, I think I've got a few new and old to throw out there. Here's a take on enchantment lands.

  • Faction is a card type I have made on a few cards previously, going through a few changes as I've developed the idea. Here's a new card with a further change to the concept, and in the spirit of the challenge its also breaking out of its usual mould of only utilising creature types by adding Arcane to the mix.

    The idea is that factions could be drafted/played like the conspiracy card type, but only one could be utilised each game by a player. Originally I had it limit deckbuilding to only faction members, with this iteration I've removed that to make it possible to use in a limited environment. I figure uncommons/rares/mythics in this environment could have 2/3/4 subtypes in their faction.

    Some extended rules copied across from an older iteration that still apply: 
    -A faction card's abilities take effect and can be activated while in the command zone, similar to an emblem or conspiracy.
    -If an effect of a spell or permanent you control would refer to one or more of your faction members, it refers to all of them instead. For example, Goblin Chieftain has "Other Goblin creatures you control get +1/+1 and have haste." With Gorefang Clan, this would now mean "Other Orc, Goblin, Ogre, and Troll creatures you control get +1/+1 and have haste."
    -The effect of a Faction card does not alter the subtypes of creature cards in your deck, it only alters effects of spells and abilities you control.
    -This effect does not apply when determining the characteristics of a token you create. For example, when you activate Krenko, Mob Boss to "Create X 1/1 red Goblin creature tokens, where X is the number of Goblins you control." you would create only red Goblin creature tokens, not Orc/Goblin/Ogre/Troll abominations of nature. You do however, create X equal to the number of faction members you control, not just counting Goblins.

    So with Children of the Kami, Monk and Spirit creatures gain Soulshift 2. Soulshift (on any creature) would now allow you to return target Monk, Spirit, or Arcane card with CMC N or less from your graveyard to your hand.
  • In MTG sometimes weird and impossible things happen.   Things which leave Vorthos people sitting there in disbelief that the game has things going on that make no sense.
    Or make something matter when it really should not.  I made a card type for casual play that lets you fix some common sense theme or art things. 
    For instance, when Kalidesh first came out I watched a game and saw a vehicle crewed by a vehicle crewed by a vehicle and thought:

    I made a few of them: some apply similar simple logic to things like equipment, create their own new tribe (witch) or supertypes that are intuitively pretty easy to distinguish. (Undead).  A few example cards using rules that care about what the art is are there too.
  • Hey look, it’s Fluxx: the Gathering! Cool idea @mmm3creator , I would totally play with these at the kitchen table.
  • I've had this idea for a new supertype on the back burner for a long time.  This is the beta test 1.0.  

    Two Problems:

    1) There is some very good environment at out there..that shows an empty room with nothing happening.  There is no creature.  You can hardly make a spell of it.  It is soo small to be a land.

    2) We love contraptions!  but having a separate contraption deck and the extra space for them and cranking can be a PITA.   

    Solution: Abodes

    An Abode represents a permanent magical construction that gives some game benefit.  They are all inherently dual natured.  They can be used as a Contraption in a Contraption deck,    Alternatively, in any non-Contraption zone it is treated as a spell.  

    An Abode assembled from a Contraption deck operates as a contraption.

    An Abode cast as a spell produces an artifact that enters the battlefield and attaches to a land.  A land type may be specified (Forest) - in which it can only attach to a forest. Or a mana color (Blue) - in which case it can only attach to a land that can produce that color mana.  If a land leaves play, any attached abode is destroyed.

    Today I finally hammered together a proof on concept card, and I'm not quite sure I have it dialed in.  I made one version complete with Abode rules reminder text, another without.  In general, they will have to be without as the reminder text takes up too much room for much else to be said.


    Or the more aesthetically pleasing:

    Versions as of this posting at:
    While this one is an artifact, it is conceptually possible to have one that is an Enchantment - Aura with Enchant Land in it's spell from as well.

  • One last type.  I noticed Vikings were Cool long before Kaldheim so did some work on them.  For those of you unfamiliar, Norse myths has the world born from fire and ice.
    So Snow.  Remember that pace with the gas leak the Soviets decided to set on fire, but it exploded and is still burning 40 years later?   Snow's polar opposite, burning lands, and permanent, and burn counters.  The latter are just like snow counters,; the two counters negate each other or remove the opposite status from a permanent.

    So some cards, the land (reminder text removed for subsequent versions):

    Yes, these lands can cause you old-fashioned mana burn.

    A creature:

    This one makes the "Snow" dichotomy clear.

    And something that cares how much is burning
    (as snow things often care about how many snow
    things there are):

    So far, have only made a few cards in one set, so there is a lor of conceptual space left for it to use

    Viking 2 - BrannadaLeid :

    Must rest fevered brain and seek nourishment now...
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    Here's a new supertype: Cosmic. Cosmic cards don't use the normal stack... they use the cosmic stack. These cards represent magic that is so primal, so fundamental to the universe that they can only be interacted with by other cards or abilities that use the cosmic stack. Abilities of cosmic permanents also use the cosmic stack. While the cosmic stack is not empty, nothing can be added to/removed from the normal stack. The cosmic stack functions otherwise the same as the normal stack (last in, first out). Cosmic cards feel a bit like split second spells, if split second spells could interact with each other.

    I'm also introducing "motes", which are kinda like cosmic treasures. They are very powerful, and cards should not create them lightly.

    For Challenge #2, here's a Sorcery Creature. Its controller chooses at resolution if it will resolve as a Sorcery (and thus go to the graveyard) or as a permanent. The Sorcery effect is actually a triggered ability when the card is put into a graveyard from the stack (implying that it resolved as a Sorcery, or was countered).

    PS: "Tribal" is actually a Type, not a Supertype. Yes, it's silly. No, I can't explain why.
  • @JackDraco I like these, especially the cosmic. It really has a feeling of something primal and super epic. I'm not sure if something like that would ever be created in actual Magic, but this is a fan forum and we can dream. But I'm a bit unsure on the Spectral Assistant - does it being a sorcery creature have any function apart from adding types to the card?
  • @ThePhantomJoker yeah, the "Sorcery Creature" idea is weird. One problem is that non-permanent and permanent spells can't co-exist with the current rules of the game. From the comprehensive rules: "307.2. When a sorcery spell resolves, the actions stated in its rules text are followed. Then it’s put into its owner’s graveyard."

    That last bit is incompatible with creature spells: "302.2. When a creature spell resolves, its controller puts it onto the battlefield under their control." 

    Basically, I made a rule so that the player decides which zone to put the card in at resolution (if this were a real rule, it would likely be placed at 300.2c or something, and maybe look like this: "300.2c. When a spell with more than one type resolves, if those types would cause the card to be put into multiple different zones, its controller chooses which zone to put it in.")

    It is both a Sorcery spell and a Creature spell in all zones except the battlefield, for the purposes of cards like Remove Soul, Worldly TutorArchaeomancer, etc. But I couldn't word the Sorcery effect like a regular spell, because then it would happen whether or not the card entered the battlefield by resolving as a creature. And I couldn't make it an "on cast" trigger for the same reason. So, I made the Sorcery effect a trigger that only happens when the card entered the graveyard from the stack, as this would only occur if the spell's controller chose to let it resolve as a Sorcery (or if the spell was countered, but in hindsight I could have accounted for that in the trigger: "When Spectral Assistant is put into your graveyard from the stack, if it wasn't countered, ..."). This does open up the possibility of someone being able to Stifle the trigger.

    Admittedly, it's a bit of a stretch. I think in real M:tG, if they wanted to do this, they'd just make an alternate casting cost like Bestow or Mutate, and the card would change its resolution behavior depending on which cost was paid. It was a fun mental exercise, though, so thanks for the challenge. :smile:
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    @thephantomjoke @jackdraco ;  Someone came up with this ability a while ago i designed this card.

  • @pstmdrn That's a neat little concept, actually might be better than my Tempest mechanic, but I think it still doesn't solve the issue that @JackDraco pointed out. These card types do different things after resolving. Whyt I think might work tho would be something like:

    Embody (cost) (You may cast this spell for its embody cost. If you do, put it onto the battlefield after it resolves instead of your graveyard and it becomes an Elemental creature.)
  • My old Tempest mechanic for comparison if anyone's interested:
    I know it would need some fixing (I said it's old), but its a smilar concept
  • Yes, like a reverse of it. I like it.
  • @pstmdrn Exactly. Thanks!
  • Ok, this is no huge leap of imagination oy anything.    The Cardmsith standard type list has choice for which  are not on any official card.  Check them out.  I saw one and decided it was a great way to have a set's starting "story card" in this case:
    It represents the moment when Dakkon Blackblade travelled into prehistory of a distant plane.  As Sarkhan Vol did, but not one thousands years, tens of thousands.

    Set is looking to have a before the rise of man tale.  A tough-guy world fill of heroes and villains cut along the likes of Elrick, Conan, Red Sonja, John Carter, Atlantis before the fall.  Where humans have not yet risen from the most primitive state,  He'll fit right in.

    More to the point of the discussion, it's an example how to nab a little something already on Cardsmith that WotC hasn't snatched up ads do something all your own with it.   A new type can be something pretty subtle but in a way is still all your own.
  • A sorcery planeswalker!
    Refezi of Heartfire

    That one at the bottom is the starting loyalty.
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    Redacted.  Sorry, my bad.

    Accidentally added new Subtype "Factory", not type or supertype.

  • @mmm3creator I'm sorry, but we are talking about card types and supertypes, this is a subtype
  • And factory isn't even a new subtype.
  • I'll throw my hat in on challenge 2

  • @Arceus8523 YES! A Darksteel Citadel but as an enchantment, beautiful, I love this, I needed this, thank you.
  • So my cards aren't actually a new card type at all, but rather they generate spell tokens in your hand, rather than create tokens in play. I've been thinking about mechanics for a space set I've been working on (Which is why the keyword's name has "cosmic"), and I got this idea for spell tokens. (They probably have a few problems with them, but they are just a work in progress.)

  • @feralitator That's really cool! I've been thinking about card tokens in your hand for some time and this is a great way to do it. I just hope it doesn't get confused with @JackDraco's Cosmic supertype. One criticism, maybe the name of the ability should only be one word to make it easier to write out and remember, but I'm not saying two word abilities can't exist, just a personal preference.
  • Since I'm still experimenting with mechanics, the rulings, effects, and names are still in progress. Since one of the rules in magic states that a token can't be in a zone other than the battlefield, I will probably need to make up my own rulings, which would mean that the token spells might not need a special keyword anyways. I might update it later.
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