A Questionable Mystery Box...

So, I have an idea, it's not like these normal mystery box! What if something that's weird and funny can be made into fully and unique functionality card? That would be awesome!

So basically, the rule is you need include what you are given, you CAN add any word or sentence beside it, but the given itself must be not changed!

That's all, thing to expect from the mystery box, you may get:

  • The name of card.
  • The color of card or the total mana(s).
  • The type of card (Including custom, for example, snow creature)
  • Creature type and/or race
  • Ability trigger
  • Keyword
  • Flavor text (Yes, even flavor text!)
  • The rarity
  • The power and toughness of creature type.
You will get three of these. (I am considering to change it perhaps to two or four since I am still new to hosting a contest. Feel free to let me know anything if you are confused with or a question for farther in rule that I didn't recall out.)

Oh also, if you have a old card and the mystery box matches all of them then you can have it enter the contest!

If you managed to made a functionality card, you get a favorite! If it is unique and wonderful you get a following!

Winner is determined by the card with most favorites and gets a reward card!

Here's an example;

@FireOfGolden FireOfGolden! Here's your mystery box:

Your card must give any creature +2/-2 in any way
Your card must have a name OR creature/artifact type contains cactus
Your card must have a flavor text following: "... now after decades on desert..."

Out of this, I made:

Adapted Deserter



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