Can anybody teach me how to make 3D art?

I know like Pyramids that’s all I know.

Stickmen are my current topic


  • It is pretty easy to draw cubes...
  • Ii draw square and draw line at side?
  • Draw two squares and connect the vertices.
  • Aight then simpe enough 
  • Now then cylinder and spheres are next for me ro tackle 
  • So my friend I text is going to help with sphere
  • Draw a circle.  Then, draw two lines coming from the slightly back-ish sides of the circle.  Then, draw an arc connecting the lines at the bottom.  I'm doing this off the top of my head.  So, it might be wrong.

    For cube, you can draw a regular hexagon and draw a line from every other vertice to the center of it.
  • Deviant Art has a plethora of tutorials for anything you might want to learn!
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