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Hi, so I've been thinking. We all know that the majority of rewards for contests is faves for your cards or potentialy a follow. But in my oppinion, those are quite boring already. Since any material rewards are not allowed/possible, we need to get a little more creative. Let's come up with some fun digital kinds of rewards for anyone to use in their contests!

For example, in my Oath of the Hornguard, I'm sending the winners a cute cat video. That's the best I could come up with so far.


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  • I kinda think that anyone who is putting together the contest needs to be prepared to make a custom trophy card with the winner's name on it. It can just be a token card with a gold trophy or blue ribbon with "First Place In ____ Contest" or even something more creative.  But this IS a cardsmith group, so maybe that's what the award is?   Just my two cents :smile:

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    I've already given away a new prize type:             1 Boggle.

    My definition:

    Boggle?  What is a Boggle?  It’s something I haven’t seen done, but think would be a good reward.  It means you can call on me to help you out with cardsmithing.

     Everyone gets stuck sometime with something.   A rule that needs some thinking.  A problem that needs worked around.  Want to just bounce an idea off someone before implementing it, here I am.

    I’m pretty Vorthos so something that is just not gelling, even if there you have a failure of art existence problem.  I wound up collecting art appropriate for mtg and have like 40,000 unused pieces of art.  

    Need a custom set symbol – I’ve got a collection.    


    After I first posted the idea, I was one of those of us who participated in the Challenge Set completion got the experience of being paired up.   The discussion resulted in big changes and improvements.

    Thread here: 

    Different Carsdmiths have different views and skills

    My partner @JackDraco is better with standardizing sentence format and some rules issues than I was.

    Tomigon has very good Symbol creation / Photoshop skills for handling art problems.

    Anyone can help another cardsmith out.

  • Before the Forums we made Custom Cards, either of the winners or a requested card challenge or even a card about something the person liked.

    Example card made for a contest winner (Tom_MS) who loves D&D. The Disqus comment is still there too!

    Magic Magic Missile
  • If you have custom set symbols ideas that you want to use as prizes, feel free to DM me!
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    Another idea - add a link to a set of theirs from one of your sets a a prize. 
    Or start a page just for links to prize winners.

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    One more - make a gallery on your page out of the contest entrants.  Just be sure to do exactly that.

    I had seen a couple of Theros Beyond Death titans and decided to not re-invent the wheel.  So I did a little search and found there were like, almost 200 wheels!

    Anyone looking for a Titan can go here:

    "Gallery" can be a sort of thanks for entering prize.

    Also, coining more terms

    Putting a card in your set is a little beyond a like.  It's almost like a little "Featured"
    Adopted (AaaaaaAHDopteeeeeDDD!)  

    - You can put that and a link to the set it is added to as a kindess to someone who makes a card that special.

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