WORLDS UNSEEN(Season I, Fabacin)



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  • I hope this contest isn't abandoned by the host.
  • No, it’s not, we’re just waiting for more entrants. If there won’t be any more until July, then we start with what we have.
  • New round of Fabacin cards I made today. Nothing spectacular mostly spadework. Of note:
    Populate and Priliferate mechanics bought in.
    New Creature Type - Digesters. These are creatures that eat others you control, either living or dead. They may need to do so in order to get on the battlefiueld, or may do so while on the battlefield
    Non-token Saprolings exist on Fabacin. Like Thrulls, they have a "sacrifice me" thing going on.
    Nissa is visiting the plane. Her recollections of life let Dream cards be pulled in.

    image image image image image image image image

    I changed Infested Roots as the original was too similar to the new card Arbor Womb.
  • These are amazing 
  • image image

    image image


    Did some work on blue. The last is the lady on the other side of the mirror of Wren, Fracturing by Derain2
  • @mmm3creator The contest hasn't started.....
  • @mmm3creator Damn cool Wren. I love the flavor text!
  • You're right @TheDukeOfPork. It's been about a month and the comment that maybe it will start in July.

    I've learned you either use  impulses of creativity or lose them.  I hope posting what slow and steady worldbuilding keeps the thread visible, will serve as background, and gets us more comrades in smithing.  

    If you go back to the gallery link in my first post there are some basic lands and stuff.
  • @RegalGorgon13 I'm afraid if we wait much longer we are less likely to get new participants and more likely to lose the participants we have.
  • I agree, July seems far. I have to agree with @Derain2. We will lose participants if we drag this on longer.
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    @Everyone Yes, I think July is a bit too far, Let’s better say June
  • Works for me
  • I should have an entry by June.
  • Last couple of days to enter!
  • @Everybody Sorry, today I have a lot of unexpected journey homework, but tomorrow I’ll give the first task. 
  • I guess we are not doing this then?
  • As long as the thread is open we can keep posting further works on the plane here. 

    We have a world that may have been civilized long ago but has been overgrown. 
    Between me and Derain we have a little core in blue, black, and green that could be built around.  Interdimensional Artifacts & Dreams are important.    White and red still need concepting
  • I imagine for white, considering the "lost overgrown civilization", it could have a few artifact creatures based in the ruins, for example gargoyles or something akin to Angel of the Ruins from Strixhaven. There could also be a reclamation or ruin-dweller effort centered on white.

    For red, it could be more independent treasure hunters or archaeologists seeking to make the most out of the ruins, with maybe some red/green scouts advertising themselves as guides (probably focused mainly on ramp).

    I was originally looking for Draam to have red/white aggro with some group-friendly mechanics to it, since story-wise it's a (somewhat hypervigilant) protector state. It's totally possible to build off that for the colors. Example:

    Draami Adherents
  • Hello, everybody, sorry for 20 days of silence, I just totally forgot about me going on a vacation until today. Sorry again.
  • Hi, I got a bit lost in all the comments here, but I think I'd like to enter
  • @RegalGorgon13 No worries. I'm ready to start!
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    @Derain2 @SpellPiper2213 @mmm3creator @TheDukeOfPork @Tonysparks


    Fabacin's enormous jungles await! What more do they hide except the strange dreampods and the insects with a size of an elephant? It shall be discovered.
    Savanna Titan Lszl Szabados  Fantasy concept art Sci fi concept art  Concept art...Or what born the giant insect titans, who roam now through the endless savannah? 

    All these mysteries should be investigated. new lands await!

    For this challenge, each participant should make a card, which shows, how his faction explores new lands and as many lore cards as they want.
  • The Epiphany Empire prefers to stay in the comfort of their territory when not on missions, so they explore with their minds. The way they do this, though, is far from the regular. 

    An old trick seldom used among the empire is thought amimation. Delvetwisting, as it's called, is the process of turning thoughts of yearning, or 'seekers' into animated creatures. The animations are called 'The Twisted'. You will see me using these three terms throughout the season.

    Twisted have to have a root at blue, but other than that, they can be any combination. The Twisted are mainly used for exploring, but some are used for things like hypnosis and interegation.

    Freezeflame Twisted
    I chose not to create any lore cards.

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    Riverside Scouting

    With Macha's help, Draami scouts are beginning to better embrace into Fabacin's wilderness and expand the city-state's sphere of influence. At the moment, they are peaceful towards any people they come across, although there's an edge that travels with them thanks to Draam's local prominence.

    Lore card:
    Tara Draami Messenger

    Tara is an outrider and messenger for the city-state. She is one the people Macha talks with in Draam, and is the main line between Macha, the various scouts, and the city. She believes in Draam's excellence, and looks to bring other settlements into the fold as peacefully as possible. She isn't quite sure what to make of Macha yet, but is hopeful that the warrior remains an ally of the city.
  • (entry)

    Alum's party has always valued convenience, especially with their negative history with magic, they have never been ones to trust anything except human ingenuity to keep them safe. They travel using spell bound caravans, crafted from moon-shade bark, which is resistant to magic and insures that in the event of its crew dying, they remain untainted by undeath.


    Alum has found the perfect land away from innistrad, a land untainted by undead and a suitable haven for his people, the only issue is that fabacin reeks of magic. Fortunately for zondria, Alum has already sent a hunting party by caravan to cleanse this lands of it's wickedness using their slash and burn tactics on the thick jungles of fabacin, and prepare refuges for zondria's people. Alum will do anything to eradicate magic foulness and keep his people safe.  

  • Whenever Davos and his cultists, (The Dreamers of Thrann) believe a stretch of land may hold a Thrann ruin, the fall upon the area like locusts, clear the forests, and begin sifting through the ashes.

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