Summer Fun Challenge **Circuit Challenge**

Hello, just like everyone else, I'm back for the summer! I want to capitalize on this summer rush with a contest about that most summery of locales, the beach. Every contestant can make up to three cards that have something to do with the beach, beachy activities (volleyball, sandcastles, surfing, etc), or the tourism economy. Those cards will be judged by myself on their flavor, creativity, balance, and formatting.
I will only judge this contest if at least three different cardsmiths post at least one entry.
Max. 3 entries
Modal Double-Faced Cards (MDFCs) count as 2 entries.
Old cards are ok
Try to keep your cards reasonably balanced and formatted
Please give credit to the artist if you can, but it isn't necessary.
Make it "beachy" (The adjective "beachy" applies to whatever you think of when you hear the word "beach". It's very subjective. Whatever it is you do at the beach, whatever people you think of, and the environment you expect to find there. I'm trying to make a contest that is less restrictive than my usual fare.)

1st place: 5 favorites, a follow, and a custom trophy based on any themes I find in your creations. +1 Circuit Point
2nd place: 4 favorites +3/4 Circuit Points
3rd place: 3 favorites, plus the privilege to choose one honorable mention. +1/2 Circuit Point
Honorable Mentions: 1 Favorite +1/4 Circuit Point

May 20th, 2020
(Please note that I'm a very forgetful person. If you're trying to contact me and I don't answer, I got distracted by something. Hopefully, I'll get back to you within a couple days at the most. If all evidence suggests that I forgot about this contest however, don't despair. I'll eventually remember to judge it somewhere down the line.)




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