Usaername Presents: MTGCS 10-year Festival!

Ohayougozaimasu, Zaoshang Hao, Bonne Journee, Buon Giorno, Buenos Dias, and Guten Morgen everyone!

As you all probably know, MTGCardsmith just recently turned 10 years old! To celebrate this achievement, I've decided to hold a festival to celebrate!

In order to enjoy the festival, all you need to do is to create a card of yourself, or submit an old one, as well as create a card of something that you'd want to do at a festival. Eat food, perhaps, or listen to some lovely tunes. Or look at fireworks! So many options.

If you'd like, you can add a link to your submissions of a card you'd like me to favorite, but in the spirit of camaraderie, you have to submit a card someone else has made as well.

This isn't really a competitive challenge, but I will be giving out favorites at the end for the most flavorful cards! Of course, they should still be somewhat realistic... There's no limit to the amount of entries, but to prevent people spamming to get favorites, you can only request participation faves 2 times per challenge. 

The challenge will run until May 30th, and each week, on Sunday, There'll be a new challenge for that week, with unlimited entries. The main challenge will run the whole time, however. You can enter as many or as few as you like.

Challenge 1: May 4 - May 30: Create a card of yourself and something you'd want to do at a festival.

Challenge 2: May 9 - May 15: Create a card of a creature that you'd find at a festival.

Challenge 3: May 16 - May 22: ?

Challenge 4: May 23 - May 30: ?

At the end of each challenge, there will be three winners of that challenge, who win three favorites each, and at the very end, One lucky winner will be crowned as the Festival King/Queen/Monarch! They don't win anything special, though. Or do they...

That's it for now!

Happy smithing everyone, and happy 10 years MTGCS!


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