Elder Giant Commander Collection

I have finally finished my Elder Giant Commander Collection. If you have any criticism, please feel free to comment on the card or write in the discussion, I am more than happy to hear your opinion. If you liked the card, please consider giving it a favorite, I put a lot of work into these and would love to know you liked them. Without further ado, here are the Titans.


  • I think the only problem is that in those cards, I only see some of the colors.

    The first one I see red/blue, but no other colors. The second is better, but I don't really see the green. The third is good. The fourth I don't really see any red. The fifth seems good too.
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    @AboveAndAbout One thing I think we can agree on, is white is a very unestablished color, everything that makes white what it is, can be found in other colors. Ojawahn can interact with the graveyard, there's black. Kronik can create 4/4 green Beast tokens. For Lortharon, red is all about attacking, the +1/+1 counters influence the attacking. I probably could have made the colors more prominent in the cards, but one thing I wanted to do is make it so the cards can't do too much on their own. I wanted them to interact with the rest of the deck, and the colors in their color identity are gonna help them do that.
  • Well, black focuses on creatures in graveyards, but red/blue can return instants and sorceries to your hand.
  • The only thing is see missing is the first one, how is it black/white with red/blue?
  • @Ilovepestsandelders
    I had a plan to use four colors on each, I didn't think green would work, so the remaining colors were used.
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