Color Shifted Mechanics Challenge

I am rather new to cardsmith and this is my first challenge I have organized
One of the things I've loved in recent sets like modern horizons is the use of old mechanics in new and interesting ways
So for this challenge I want you to make a card that uses a mechanic from a previous magic set but in a color that it isn't commonly used in (examples, a green overload card, a black card with prowess, a red card with exalted, a blue card with enrage, a white card with adapt, etc)
It doesn't have to be a keyword or ability word but it has to be a mechanic prominently featured in a set
Mind Rake MH1 Goblin Champion MH1
good examples from modern horizons

The deadline for these will be July 1st
You can submit up to 5 cards and at least 1 of them has to be new
I will favorite every one of the entries but otherwise there are no prizes

Have fun! and if you need clarification on the rules just ask!
also if you have any advice on how to run challenges then I would love to hear it


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