Harken Krieg's Mercenary/Cardsmith Contracts (Reworked)

I've been inspired by both @ShadowReign and @jpastor with their amazing contests, and finally figured out how to do mine. I would highly reccomend them, so if you haven't already, check them out:

It's fairly simple: 

Here's how things work 
(I may or may not have copied ShadowReign's "Here's how things work", and adjusted it accordingly.)

• This is an endless and an ongoing discussion. You may participate in this discussion at anytime.
• You ask for a Contract, and I will give you one. These Contracts consist of up to three challenges and could have some kind of prize.
• You must fully complete your Contract before requesting another one.
• You may request as many contracts as you want.
• You will receive 1 points for each contract you complete. These points will determine your position on the leaderboard. Until you complete your contract, you will not receive your points.
• While completing a challenge, you must submit a new card. Though, you may edit your card at anytime, just make sure you replace the image, and replace the link if it has a different link.Just ask for a contract, and I'll give one to you.

This will be an ongoing discussion with no foreseeable ending. Enjoy and have fun! :smile:

(If you need more information, please feel free to ask. I'm not so great at this yet.)



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