Nothing's ever free... except these guys (phantom coins)

Zero mana is a really good deal for something in Magic. Especially a creature. And there's only eight of those creatures in Magic, half of which are Kobolds. So why don't we change that?

The challange is to create creature cards that cost zero. No additional costs, no X cards, no missing mana cost, just a good ol' zero there. I will especially appreciate legendary creatures that would make interesting commanders. The rest is on you.

Up to three entries per person, up to one old card and the deadline is 20th of June.

1st place - 4 phantom coins
2nd place - 3 phantom coins
3rd place - 2 phantom coins

To spend your phantom coins, visit the Phantom Emporium:

Also I would appreciate if you went to check out my other two challanges for phantom coins, which I by mistake put into the Off-topic chat category:


  • I might change this later, but here's my first entry:
    Neona Luminescent Memory
  • edited June 2021
  • @TheDukeOfPork Your card is cool but the challange asks specifically for creatures, so you unfortunately can't enter judging with this card.
  • Well, three entries, three places on the podium. Easy.

    1st place: Iliona of the Vendilion Clique by @AboveAndAbout
    A very easy first place for me, even if we had more entries. I love that this is a cannonical character and a fae in my oppinion suits a 0 mana cost very well. A 0/1 flier for free is pretty good (not Ornithopter good, but still nice). But that added benefit of the activated ability is super nice. I'd seriously love to build a blue draw deck around this commander and I usually don't like mono-colored commanders. Well done on all fronts. 4 phantom coins are rightfully yours!
    2nd place: Neona, Luminescent Memory by @feralitator
    This needs some working around, but it's not utterly useless. I think it would be fair as a 0/2 since it doesn't do anything at first. But once you assembe some strange voltron-control around her, it's pretty cool. Sink also seems like an interesting mechanic. 3 phantom coins for you!
    3rd place: Cirwen, Beyond the Veil by @pstmdrn
    I don't really like the art, it's too blurry for a Magic card, but mechanically this is nice. With the right kind of deck, it could be a pretty useful engine, though it would need red or black to be a good commander for such strategy. You are awarded 2 phantom coins for your effort!

    Everyone be sure to come by the Phantom Emporium to redeem your digital currency:
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