Just Looking For Thoughts On a Deck I Made For Modern

What I wanted to do is ramp into huge creatures that will own the battlefield, while simultaneously draining my opponents life, gaining life, and keeping my opponents at bay, all in a mono-black deck.

2x Demon of Loathing
3x Dread Presence
3x Grief
1x Griselbrand
3x Massacre Wurm
3x Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose

4x Flay Essence
4x Profane Tutor
3x Tourach's Canticle

4x Dogged Pursuit
2x Greed

4x Sol Talisman

4x Cabal Coffers
20x Swamp


  • You should add Urborg if you're using the cabal coffers.
  • Maybe add a couple Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozileks too?
  • What does the sideboard look like?
  • @DrakeGladis Doesn't have one, I don't believe in them. I believe your deck should be prepared for anything, though I don't oppose of my opponent having one.
  • Mmm.... This doesn't seem able to deal with any of the top decks.  If this is for competitive play, you could really use some sideboard cards.  How do you plan to beat Storm?  It's not a top-tier deck right now, but even so you really will need cards against it you don't have.  Leyline of the void.  Trinisphere.  Damping Sphere.  Anything to put them off their plan.

    I will say your deck does seem built to deal with a certain meta, but I don't know how it would fare in general with no sideborard.  Cards can be good but just wrong for a matchup.  Also, where's black's reanimation and removal here?  Canticle is just too far out.  Sol Talisman is suspend three, so if you suspend it turn one it comes down on your turn four.  You're not hitting it any quicker than just playing lands and saying go.  

    Against control matchups with teferi, all of your suspend cards are at risk of being garbage, and you don't really have a way to turn Teferi off.  Or pressure it.  Or really anything until it's too late. This deck will be great once it's too late, but I don't think in most modern matches it's favored.
  • @DrakeGladis Gotcha, yeah, it was a deck I had going for me at the time, I didn't win much games with it. But thanks for the information. 👍
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