All cards I created in the past 24h got deleted

Hey there,
not sure if there is a better place to post this. Maybe someone can help.

Created the account yesterday and immediately paid for the premium update to be able to edit cards. Now when I continued today all the other ~20 cards I created within the past 24h got deleted for some reason. Any way to get them back?


  • I have no idea how to help you, seeing as I don't have a premium membership, and I don't know everything about Cardsmith, but that is a terrible thing that happened, and I hope that there is a way to get them back, and that either you figure it out, or someone tells you how. Anyways, I wish the best of luck to you.
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    @NL_JGA - All those cards are drinking game cards. Not allowed ON the site, so they got removed. I left you a note on you Set page, but here's what it says...

    Your cards were removed because they violate the Terms of Service. However, don't fret because while you can't Publish them, you can still make ANY card you want, but instead of hitting the Publish Button, use the Download Button and save all your cards that are not allowed on the site to your device, and you can still print and share them with all your friends, and you can still build your custom card game... you just can't publish certain cards on the site
  • Yeah I wanted to use mtgcardsmith to be able to easier talk and discuss the cards with friends. At this point the premium upgrade literally doesn't do anything for me if I can't save the cards without publishing them.
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