Use My Drawings!

Hello all!

Those of you who've looked at my cards may have seen that I like to make cards with my own art. For a while now I've slowly been building a set with my drawings. As a side job, I do a lot of simple colorpencil drawings, then I color them in photoshop and make magic cards.  Here's the issue- I regularly draw 11 postcards a month for Patreon subscribers, but not all of the drawings make sense with the set I'm slowly building. I really enjoyed seeing the cards created with the Easter Eggs back in April, so I thought it'd be fun to post some art here and see what people come up with (if this goes well, I'll probably do some more contests of the same nature). 

So here we have three drawings, and yes I realize one is MUCH sillier than the other two. at the end of July, I'll pick my three favorite cards from what people post. Submission deadline is midnight on July 30th, I'll post winners a few days afterwards.

Third place gets 3 favorites on any 3 cards of their choice
Second place gets 5 favorites on any 5 cards of their choice
First place also gets 5 favorites on any 5 cards of their choice, and in addition I will send you a high resolution jpeg of the art from any one of the cards I've made, as well as a medium resolution one if you'd like to use it to make a card. 

Additionally, I'm including 3 different color shifts of these on the imgur gallery, to make it easier for people to switch things to a color that works with whatever ideas they might have.

Cheers, and have fun!!!


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