Marvel Custom Cards

This is just a page to put up marvel custom cards and put feedback on it, and to see who makes the best marvel card of a character or thing. Or we can just talk about Marvel :). ill also add mystery packs of marvel things to make if ya'll are interested in that it'll go as sum like this plus there will always be a prize!

1 Prize- now the prize is of different choices but at random you'll never know what it is.
3 uncommon legendaries
2 rare legendaries
1 mythic rare legendaries

And the best part is that the legendaries are Marvel characters or important things like the infinity stones or Stark Tower or sum like that.
Now there are rules like you can't ask for more than one but you can ask for as many as you want as long as you complete the other pack you had. You also need to link the card. There will also be a leaderboard to see who goes to the top of it each pack you complete gives you 5 points on the leaderboard.

and if you don't want to do that just post your marvel custom cards and see what others think or just talk about marvel. :smiley:

now if it doesn't run goof feel free to give me advice im still new to running a page.


  • well ig ill give it the first card to get the ball rolling
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    alright this is my card for cloak and dagger from the main universe Earth 616 i tried to utilize their synergy and dagger ability to throw her light daggers and cloaks ability to see enemy fears and in this case their fear is their hand 
  • The Hell Cycle
    a card i made for another challenge
    not very familiar with ghost rider but this feels like the flavor fits

  • I have two that I made in the past:

    Peter Parker, as Spider-Man:
    I made him a while back, so please forgive any balancing or wording issues. (We also didn't yet have the multicolored crowns and I wanted the aesthetic of the blue and red over the crown thing when I published him back when.)

    Tony Stark, as Iron Man:
    This one was more recent, and I'm more confident in the balance of this, seeing as one of the more acclaimed smiths here, Arceus8523, used my design as part of a cube he made.

    Hope you like them!
  • @Ranshi Nice!! The flavor is fitted perfectly.


    Sorry I had to make this card when I found this art
  • @Ranshi
    these cards are sweet or atleast im just glad someone doing this lol ,but heres my feedback on it (as a card and as the marvel aspect of it.) with the spider man card Peter, the Spiderman, you couldve also called him Human Spider lol but that dont really matter but here my actually opinion on his ability of can only be blocked by creatures with flying and reach i did the same thing but like a month ago not 2018 and it makes sense for him to have it cuase he slings from building making it hard for people without the ability to fly or stretch or sum to grab him so im glag you put that on your card. the reach part is actually good too but imo you couldve combine both of the things and made a new keyword like this how bout Scaling or slinging or something but it could read this creature can only be blocked by creatures with flying, reach and/or scaling which would make it make sense for the spider men of the marvel universe but like you said he was one of your earlier cards so im sure if you made another itll be better on smithing him.... (i hope im not sounding like a jerk i actually like the card) on his last ability i dont think it makes sense on him tbh because if he attacks and the opponent has a flyer there just gonna take the damage with no real consequences except there flyer coming at you now i do like the idea of a 3/4 reach being able to tap sum but i dont think it makes too much sense on the spidey card no offense unless you adding a ping ability,but the top 2 abilities i like. my rating for the card would be 2.5 out of 5 which imo isnt bad but if it had the ability to ping sum or whatever couldve been a 3 or 4.

    and for the iron man card heres my thoughts, i really like the tony card i think the ability of taking damage and making a 2/2 flyer is a tad broken with a bunch of 1 pingers specially in red and i think the pay 3 deal X damage to creature or planeswalker equal to your artifacts is a neat diea on him but i think it should be 4 mana with the ability to make 2/2 flyers for almost free but otherwise i think it s a pretty neat card just maybe if the flyers were 1/1 or sum cuz they just 4 2/2 every turn basically if they were 1/1 i can see where it can be 3 mana tap. my rating for tony is 3 out of 5.

    also here the spider man i made so you could see what i meant by scaling. 

    anyway i liked the ideas you were taking on iron man different then the ones i thought of for him that for sure but if you could fix that last ability on your spider man or atleast make him able to tap and ping or sum becuase after all he cant wrap enemies in webs unless he shoots webs at em.
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    I'll continue posting these, but only because I'm currently watching the marvel movies daily!

    I'm currently on Thor, but will do these one at a time in an effort to capture them accurately based on the movie and what I saw. :smile:

    His shield
    • Though not in this artwork, I couldn't capture the extra defensive bonus it provides, though I wanted to. Instead I wanted to capture its offensive boost, which to me is equivalent of first strike, since he can sling it great distances before opponents can get close to him.
    What he provides
    • There are a couple of mtg abilities you could choose from to capture the "captain" part of Captain America... be it battalion or rally, either is a good choice. However, Marvel Studios spent about 10 minutes of movie turning him into a celebrity hero of sorts for the country... so when called upon, he is to deliver.. Though he didn't exactly get called upon in the movie to be that hero.. he took it upon himself... I still think the overall defining ability here should be heroic because he won't always be leading a troop of soldiers into battle. So heroic makes most sense. When he is called upon, he delivers in a way that's symbolic of boosting his team's success.
    His superhero capabilities
    • The serum he was injected with gives him his strength... but many superheroes have great strength. So the only other aspect that the movie seemed to capture is that his "cells will regenerate" all his injuries and wounds. Not necessarily making him indestructible, but certainly makes him capable of restoring to 100%. The regenerate ability seemed to be automatic for him in the movie, so to capture this on a card, since regenerate taps your creature anyways, I felt {t} or {ut} was the best activation cost. Keep it easy, keep it simple.
    His mana cost and P/T
    • Keeping this short, since it took awhile for him to attain his superhero status, I felt a higher mana cost makes sense. From that, I added the abilities and to help balance the first strike and +1/+1 with regeneration capabilities, I went with 4 power and 4 toughness. Instead of capturing that his shield boosts his defense, I opted to consider its use for first strike and thus making it just as offensive as defensive. 3/3 seems like it could also be a good P/T, but because he is tri-colored, I went with 4/4. Comparatively, I don't think he's all that powerful in the Marvel universe, so sadly I think I failed to capture an aspect ratio that will hold universally with other characters. For example, if he's a 4/4, then Captain Marvel would probably be a 10/10... which seems crazy.
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    The Name
    • I wanted a unique name.
    The abilities
    • She flies
    • The main ability is a combination of pretty much everything I saw in this character throughout the movie. First off... she took forever to become super, super powerful.. so to capture this, I made it take 8 mana and two full turns to accomplish this. So you cast her for 5 on turn 5.. then summoning sickness limits her ability until the second turn at a minimum. Like in the movie, she played the game with one hand tied behind her back until she was finally able to counter that one thing in her mind (not to give away spoilers)... this, to me, is symbolic in MTG of a counter spell... or even counter ability, but i went with counter spell... So you drop her on turn five and she's a measly 3/3 flying that does nothing. Makes sense though, because in the movie, she was basically nothing special until she did that whole counter thingy. Once you're finally able to counter something, and you know it's going to happen, just like in the movie the suspense and anticipation builds up, she'll be twice as powerful (two hands instead of one metaphor.) 
    • Lastly the ability is activatable each turn. Along with that is the ability to do some serious damage each turn. However, I wanted to capture one last characteristic of Captain Marvel... her ability to show some mercy on the bad guys and let them escape for no good reason whatsoever. So, to do this, I tacked on the little ability that says "4 damage unless they pay {2}."
    The subtypes and colors
    • So in full form, she looks a lot like Chandra... flaming eyes and fists... I wanted to capture this aspect as a red creature. There's the whole counter thing, so I needed this card to be blue also. She's definitely just a Human Pilot, but the marvel website calls her a warrior, too, so I went with Human Warrior even though she's another subtype that I won't reveal for spoiler reasons.
    I think i really captured this one correctly. I don't know how else it would possibly go having seen the movie, but I'd like to see someone else's take on Captain Marvel to compare logic and reasoning.
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    What he is
    • Tony's just a guy. So, to capture this inventor aspect of him, I went with artificer... I mean,he did build his first suit from scraps. So, this makes sense for the first Iron Man movie.
    What he does
    • Well he's most definitely a red creature due to his reckless behavior and what he packs in his iron man suit. Plus it's red, a symbol of power. However, I did not want to focus on this aspect of Iron Man. The artificer aspect was more than enough. In a way, Iron Man is such a simple character, which is why this was incredibly tough to create. One thing I noticed in the first movie is everyone thought he was dead... but he was just 'exiled.' This mechanic is a blue mechanic (flicker). Here was my starting point. Also, his suit would run out of juice often. To translate this onto the card, I came up with a way of recharging his suit... by flickering him back to full health. Every time his suit would get destroyed or run out of juice... or his heart thing would run out of juice... he'd return to his lab and bounce back with a better Iron Man suit. Mark II vs Mark III, etc. This was what I wanted to focus on most. What is Iron Man? Eventually, with enough modifications, his suit was 'perfect'. This is what I wanted to capture on my card, and I did so by using the artificer mechanic of fetching for an equipment. Start him cheap at a 1/1 and over time, become stronger by equipping him with the right types of tech. The possibilities are endless.
    Hopefully this is not OP. Since there were other spinoff's of the iron man tech (his bad guys in the first movies), I went with "RARE" instead of mythic.
  • @jpastor before i critique your cards i have a question you wacthing them in timeline order? if so make sure to watch the the incredible hulk they may not like it but its part of the mcu 
  • I've seen Hulk (Original right)? The old one where everything is hard to see?
  •  its the one with edward norton as the hulk
  • I haven't seen it since I was a kid
  • i am watching them in timeline order @Titanium000

  • I could see any one of these being in a special release set, like the my little pony cards.
  • @121092 yea that would be cool the only thing they have that is kinda like it is secret lair but ofc they shouldnt make them have new abilities considering the walking dead disaster thing
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    ok heres my ego card but i want yalls honest opinion if it seem fair cuz my buddies and i like to play archenemy and we like using custom arch card and i made ego just to be made for archenemy does he seem good? also here are his scheme cards cuz we like to make our own arch cards too but i only have 12 instead of 20 but that ok whats yalls opinion on them here they are. 

    this scheme shows his ability to be able to make copies of himself and i used the planet version of him since its the most realist version of him.

    ok by transform this one transform to the next card but i really want to know if yall think they are balanced this one and the one below cuz i think ddo cuz they a big setback and the requirements have to be filled but who knows what yall think.

    i think they are all pretty fair and most of them represents what he does but do yall like them?
  • I forgot to put this one on it 

  • @Tomigon that is a nice design i like that a whole lot different then how i woudlve took it i wouldve made him a global effect like thing but i like this too it makes him harder to build around which leads to interesting decks around it i really do like it. score 3/5
  • I'm a little late to the party...

    Friends From Work

    Thor, Ragnarok. One of the most watched movies in our house. This was a great fight scene and I love that the line was actually given to Chris Hemsworth by a little girl from the Make a Wish foundation and he ad-libbed it in.
  • All these cards are super cool, I would make some, but I dunno how to add in their powers.
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    I don't usually make these, but I just thought I would make and post one of these.
    (The Card)

    (The Token)

    First Ability: Of course Loki loves his daggers, so deathtouch is the best ability to represent that.
    Second Ability: Loki is a master of creating illusions, and almost always uses them as a distraction. So this Loki will create a distraction while he sneaks by to deal damage. Loki's illusions are also very hard to discern from reality, so 8 toughness makes your opponents have a harder time breaking the illusion and revealing the truth. In addition, Low-key is a well known joke about the God's name.
    Third Ability: Loki is best know for escaping death, so I figured regenerate would be perfect to depict this, especially since the Norse Gods are still capable of dying, though Loki is very evasive of death.
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    this is the vulture  and i think it represnts him perfectly one he steals stuff and uses it himself hence the ablilty but we all also know he has flying ofc but why the vigilance and haste well he acts fast and quick so that why the haste but the vigilance is because he is quick on his toes and recovers fast hes a 3/3 mostly because even if he aint a avengers level threat his suit literally allows him to lift 700 pounds easy so imagine getting rammed by this guy hes a rogue cuz he is tricky crafty and fools people before they know it. and the four mana is there to make him fair

    what is yalls opinion on him? is it good card trash card or boken card i like feedback so that hold back 

    p.s. i will do all members of the sinister six once no way home comes out
  • @ShadowReign i like the design but why green and not blue i can't seem to find a reason why can you enlighten me about it but other then that its pretty good.
  • @Corwinnn i really lik this card and it matches the thing perfectly its like a pit fight and abnormal endurance combined really nice and i like the flavor text yo added there 
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