• @Tonysparks
    The lighter path it is. The ogre makes his way there, looking around carefully for branches! He comes to a hole in the path... looks like a small sinkhole maybe. Easy enough, he just needs to grab hold of the low hanging branch as he sticks to the rim and goes around it. Create a counter spell that makes a player pay an additional cost to cast it -or- create a spell with an additional cost to cast.

    He reaches behind him to give his bum a quick scratch... and realizes there's a small pouch hanging from his waste. He opens it and there's a scroll inside. Scroll of the Notorious: When you submit your entry, you may have jpastor favorite all entries submitted on this page with a credited author and destroy all active entries on the mystery box discussion with unknown authors.

    The hole, surrounded by thorns and vines, seems to be trekable, so long as the ogre holds on tight to the branch as he tiptoes around the edge of the hole. Halfway through, the branch starts to break with his weight. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    The ogre tip toes faster.. barely able to reach the branch above him to hold on. He reaches the other side just as the branch snaps and falls into the sinkhole. "HOLE.... DEEP... SCARY..." says the Ogre as he walks away from the hole that would have only been knee-deep had he fallen in.
  • @jpastor

    (Also a question, we can get to pick more colors later for the cards right? Or are the spells confined to the chosen creature's colors?)
  • @Castiel_Demiurge I would hope that @jpastor let's us evolve our characters as time moves forward.
  • @Castiel_Demiurge
    these challenges I give you are any card you'd like to make for your challenge.
  • @KorandAngels
    your level 1 spellweb

    You have 6 choices, but can only select 4. Since this is your first time, you'll see colors and numbers. Colors are simply categories and rarities. Both of which are up to you to discover what they correspond to. However, numbers are for the purpose of selection order. For example, in order to choose a (2) on your spellweb, you must also choose the (1) that's connected to it. In order to choose the (3), you must choose one of the (2)'s connected to it.
  • @jpastor

    Here is my submission 

    Its the "Ogre" way of solving problems. Little human bothering you? smash it with big rock; funny metal bird in sky? throw a big rock at it; funny machine making loud noises? Break it with a rock. It's the most results for the least amount of effort. The funny thing is that the other creatures have began to think he is smart because of his quick problem solving skills.
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    Here's your level 2 Spellweb.

    You get 4 selections!

    The Dark Blue (2) can only be chosen if you chose the Purple (1). The Grey (2) can only be chosen if you select the Dark Blue (1)
  • @jpastor

    I'll go 1(DB), 2(Gr), 1(P), 2(DB)
  • May I get my story part?
  • sorry @AboveAndAbout
    i did not see your selection - my fault
  • Live for late night shenanigans while i complete a few spellwebs!
  • @AboveAndAbout
    Your demon smashes its hammer on the molten metal. It lets out a screech as it finishes its beautiful creation! A well-shaped face. A sheet metal version of himself of sorts. While still molten, he decides to put it on his face. The flesh burns as he curves it like a tight fitting mask over his face. The flesh peeling from his skin as he pulls it off and places it in a bucket of water. He grins at his own reflection. He grabs his new formed mask, but must find some sort of string to secure it to his face. Create an artifact - equipment that's a mask.

    The demon shuffles energetically towards the entrance of his cave, as if he were dancing his way along. Now at the mouth of his cave, he takes a peek at the sky. Cloudy and gloomy with not a star in sight... a perfect night to scavenge around for some materials. As he scoots his way along the narrow path that rests atop a rocky drop-off, he starts whistling aloud a simple, but eerie tune. He rounds a corner and comes to a sudden stop. Behold, in front of him rests a fallen boulder blocking his path. Not the most agile of creatures, he attempts to jump and climb over the giant stone, but to no avail. Perhaps perplexed, he starts to snicker and growl uncontrollably as he sways his arms about frantically in a mad fury at the air surrounding him. Maybe a big shove will knock it down the hill and out of his way. *PUSH* *SHOVE* nothing happens as he digs his feet in and grinds his body against the boulder. Exhausted now, he heads back to his den.

    On his way back, he kicks at some loose rocks along the way, screeching frustratedly. Back in his den now, he grabs the bucket of water and his hammer, and heads back to the boulder. He tosses the rest of the water at the base of the boulder on the side closest to the edge. *SMASH* *SMASH* He begins pounding away at the ground in an attempt to break the foundation beneath the boulder. In a full rage, he succeeds in getting the ground loose beneath the boulder, but the rock won't budge despite being slightly suspended above nothing on one side. He tries to hammer the boulder toward the edge, but with no luck. *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK *SMACK* - no luck.

    Frustrated, exhausted, and now water-less, he heads back to his den. With any luck, he'll have a few nightmares and get some much needed beauty rest.

  • "I am ready for the treacherous journey ahead. I have trained in preparation to brave these harsh wastelands of death and despair. And now, all hope falls upon minst shoulders."
  • I chose the three directions closest to me and the one 3 in the middle I guess.
  • @ShadowReign your level 1 spellweb

    You have 6 choices, but can only select 4. Since this is your first time, you'll see colors and numbers. Colors are simply categories and rarities. Both of which are up to you to discover what they correspond to. However, numbers are for the purpose of selection order. For example, in order to choose a (2) on your spellweb, you must also choose the (1) that's connected to it.
  • @jpastor I will select each 1 and the grey 2.
  • Don't burn yourself out @jpastor , rest is also a creative process.
  • @Tonysparks
    lol R&R is what i do when i'm live on twitch:
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/library-of-possibility

    Stumbling through the words in a slow, clumsy fashion made him wish he had studied that branch of languages more. There were so many... all of them so beautiful in their own way, there would never be enough time to know them all. Even though his familiarity was limited, the words in the passage seemed foreboding. Perhaps he had gotten them wrong? Pondering these things he found himself hungry and suddenly hot, sweat forming at his brow. He was dismayed to find little in the cupboards. With the day so hot, he best make it to get water before thinking about food. To the well.
  • @jpastor ;

    Aight then, here's my card. Also I shall take the path just because of sheer curiosity. And what are those 10 mystery boxes? I'm just gonna pick one at random just because.


  • @Castiel_Demiurge
    they are 10 mystery prizes - all you do is pick 10 numbers between 1 and 487
  • I pick the two ones, the green 2 and the 3.
  • @ShadowReign, quite the powerful common you have there. Too bad it won't do you much good except for once every month when the moon is full muahahahahahahah

    As your knight lies asleep by his campfire in the backwoods by a small river, he awakes to a stinging sensation... ANTS... Create an Ant creature card with no combat abilities.

    In an instant, he's up and running. Luckily his campfire was right by the river! He jumps in and sheds his clothes to shake out all the drowned bugs. The water is chilly, though, so he quickly gets out. Wide awake now, he quickly picks up his armor and dips it in the water, just in case any bugs got in there while he slept. It's not even midnight, and he's now wide awake. Better find a new spot to camp the night. He puts on his armor, and heads to the large stone by the riverside. Now standing atop it, he sees two possible pathways...Cross the river and follow it southward -OR- Stay on this side, but head back into the woodlands... at night.

    The decision is yours to make.
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    Your level 2 spellweb:

    Please choose 4 of the 6
  • @AboveAndAbout
    Your level 2 spellweb

    You have 4 of 6 choices!
  • @Castiel_Demiurge
    Your level 2 spellweb

    Please choose 4 of the 6

  • "The water seems to be a little deeper, and swifter up here. It's crossable, but with the chill night, I'd hate to get a cold. The other path is pretty dense, but at least I'm not in the water. I guess I'll head back into the woodlands, and hopefully find a good spot to camp."
  • 1 red, 1 pink, 2 purple
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