• @jpastor ;

    Sure. Then I shall pick number 17, 70, 13, 29, 14, 86, 34, 69, 420, and 63 for the mystery prizes. And for the webs I choose 1 grey,  1 green, 2 pink, and 2 grey.

    Also I don't really know what's going on here but I suppose I shall leave it to you then, sir dungeon master. Let me know if I could help by that, I suppose.
  • I'm live for as long as i can be while i catch up on all these notifications!


  • Hello everyone!

    Unless my brother wants to take an impromptu day trip to a six flags that's in another state, I plan to be live all day to cover the Big 4:
    • 1st Annual Mystery Box Invitational Tournament
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Spellwebs
    • Mystery Box Challenges
    Feel free to stop by the live stream today for an inside look at how all four interconnect and the creative fun involved with all this madness!

    Plus viewers will receive bonus prizes while tuning in during full-day streams!

    All this can be found at 
  • @ShadowReign your level 2 spellweb

    Please choose 4 of the 6
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    Along the way to the well, he passes through a small hut where a homeless man was sleeping. He stumbles over the man and nearly falls. The homeless man wakes up and murmurs to himself. As you get to the well, you realize you must have dropped your water pouch when you tripped over the homeless man. He must have it. Too thirsty now to go back, you head to the wellstand where there's a man selling more cups. You barely have enough coins to pay for the cup, but luckily just enough. *SIP, SIP, GULP* "AHHHHHHH - YUMMY."  Head back the way you came to see if the water jug is there? -or- Head to the market, a short walk from here.

    Create a permanent that gains you life as an activated ability.
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    Your roll lands on Prize 63 [NEW!] - A Bundle of Two Prizes: Prize 368 & Prize 181

    Prize 368 ]NEW!] - Duelist' Armor: You may challenge 3 cardsmiths to 1-vs-1 duels. (This is apart from this saga.)

    Prize 181 [NEW!] - A Clay Pot: You may give a mystery prize any name you want. For example... you could name Prize 181 - Castiel's Pottery.

    Your human traverses the path... looks like there's signs of old campsites along this path. Each campsite about a 5-minute walk away from the next. She approaches one of the campsites and kicks around some of the ash and dirt. *CLUNK*. 
    "WHAT THE?" 
    She reaches down and removes from the dirt a small piece of metal... It's shaped like a crescent moon, but with a handle... it's rusty and has a wooden handle... it's heavy... it's... SHARP??????? 
    "OH, it's a cutlass," she remarks.

    Cutlass in hand, she twirls it about as she continues along the path to the next campsite. There she finds in the dirt a few coins
    In this saga, coins = money, which is essential to buying/trading goods! Coins are symbolic to mystery prizes as well. So, if you find coins, it means you've earned a random mystery prize!
    Your random mystery prize is Prize 468 - A Coaster w/ the Theme of your Choice: I will build a coaster in Planet Coaster with the theme of your choice and then make a video of it.
    Challenge: Create a creature that can return an artifact card from your graveyard.

    Onward she walks to the next campsite... this appears as though it will be the last one, since the path is about to exit the woods. Using her cutlass, she slices the dirt around in front of her and nudges a small, burn log out of the way to reveal a shiny object within the ashes... It's small and when she picks it up, she immediately knows what it is... It's a pocket compass!
  • @Zaheer_The_Grim
    Welcome - Your level 1 spellweb

    You have 6 choices, but can only select 4. Since this is your first time, you'll see colors and numbers. Colors are simply categories and rarities. Both of which are up to you to discover what they correspond to. However, numbers are for the purpose of selection order. For example, you cannot select a (2) unless you select a (1) connected to it via a line.

  • @jpastor I'm gonna choose Green (1), Orange (1), Purple (1), and Medium Blue (1).
  • @jpastor I'll pick: Blue (1), Cyan (2), Green (1), and Green (2).
  • @KorandAngels your horse character crawls out of the small burrow it created the night before to sleep in. Lifting the twigs it had lain over his personal belongings, he reaches under and grabs his weapon: A bo-staff of sorts... 

    Time for a drink of water. The horse warrior had concocted a rain funnel to collect enough rain to drink and take a quick shower. Better wash those pesky horse flies off.

    Create a mono-colored spell that allows you to choose one or both modes on it.

    As he makes his way through the barricade of shrubbery that had enclosed his sleeping area, he stares up at the sky through the canopy of ponderosa pines... it's almost mid-day. He'd overslept. Better hustle. He breaks clear and returns to the open path he's been trekking for days. He's not sure where this path leads to, but he's committed to seeing it's end as he hasn't passed a civilian in days. The path is not too bad, a little rocky at times, but perfect for a horse with just the right amount of dust and occasional shade to pass under. With a light jog, he's off in a northward direction.

    Nearly 1 hour later, he comes to a junction. Analyzing the options... left looks like the main path, but is most definitely rockier and appears to head towards higher elevation, whereas the rightward path is more well-trodden, a little dusty, mostly flat, and lightly wooded.

    Which path do you take?
  • @ShadowReign after not getting much sleep, you awake from your newest camp spot at nearly mid-day. These woodlands are thick and inclined, sloping ever so slightly towards the edges of the canyon cliffs, where they jet upwards nearly 300 ft. 

    Grabbing the armor you'd cleaned the night before and your small pack of personal items, which includes a modest amount of coins and nuts to munch on.

    Coins are symbolic of mystery prizes. Anytime you find coins or I mention for the first time your character is possession of them, it means you've received a prize.
    You mystery prize is Prize 283 - A Mystery Box Adventure (Mode Activator): You may activate this mode in the Mystery Box Challenges. If you do, one cardsmith in the next batch will go on an Adventure.

    Your Knight is beginning to itch from all the bug bites he received the night before. Better find some treatment of some kind. Maybe soaking in fresh, clean water will help, or possibly local plantlife is an option.

    You have three options for a mystery challenge. The card you decide to create will impact your journey:

    • Create a plant creature or a spell with a plant in it that benefits you or a creature you control.
    • Create a noncreature spell with water in the artwork that benefits you or a creature you control.
    • Create a spell that symbolizes endearing pain and persevering onward.
  • Sorry @Zaheer_The_Grim
    I just realized your character is Rare. It needs to be common! Please resubmit!
  • Grisbrake Mercenary has been struck by lightning and dies instantly!

  • I'm still live everyone! Hope you can stop by today to discuss the following while I tackle Mystery Boxes, Spellwebs, Team Deathmatch, and the Mystery Box Invitational Tournament! + prize giveaways

    Things to discuss:
    • The best place to stargaze!
    • The best place to scuba dive!
    • Bucket List
    • Top 3 Foods you want to taste
    • #1 beverage you've never had
    • Favorite activity to do while on the toilet.
    • Favorite Ramen flavor?
    • Favorite Michelina Meal?
    • Favorite sci-fi movie ever
    • Least favorite TV show
    • Favorite Goosebumps episode
    • New idea for a mode has been added to the prize list: It's call MINI-GAME!
    • First ever mini-game mode added!


  • Well... Here he is, this time common. Sorry about that.

    Grisbrake Recruit
    Will the spellweb be the same?
  • Looks like he didn't die from your omniscient lightning after all @jpastor haha
  • Create a card that gives a creature flying -or- create a non-flying creature that can gain flying

  • This is a foe not a thing the Tikbalang has.
  • Good day!

    I shall enjoy yet another full day of live streaming and multitasking as I tackle Mystery Box Challenges, Spellwebs, 1AMBIT, and TDM! I'll be live all day as I loaf around on my couch, enjoying a much needed staycation. Please don't judge me! I invite you to jump in and stay as long as you can and would like.
    • If you're a first time viewer, you'll immediately receive a Wildcard (Premium) prize.
    • If you're a regular viewer or have joined my stream in the past, you'll immediately receive a random prize!
    • Every 30 minutes you are in the stream, your cardsmith name will get put into a raffle pot. Tomorrow, one name will be drawn from that pot and receive a random premium prize.
    • Every 1 hour, each viewer will receive a random mystery prize.
    Things to discuss today:
    • Browsing all the achievements one can earn on XBOX is fun, should there be something similar on MTGCS Forums?
    • Download the XBOX Game Pass Mobile App and let me know which game I should install and play. 
    • Heartfelt Moments in the Spellwebs Mystery Saga
    • Cardsmiths that need to make a return to the forums.
    • Cardsmiths that need to enter the forums.
    • How do we encourage them to join without being pushy?
    • Plenty of other things!


  • @Tonysparks
    oh... he died alright
  • @jpastor, @Tonysparks, I should have made him into a zombie...
  • @Zaheer_The_Grim
    Your ranger comes to a stop by a big tree. Leaning against it now, he slowly takes a seat at its base. Rubbing his forehead free from sweat, he takes his hood off and stands back up. No time to rest now, he's been on the trail of a predator for a few days now. Fresh tracks in the mud from the rain the night before. He'd had a bad dream that he'd been standing in the middle of an open field in the middle of the same storm. In his dream, he'd seen the predator coming his way, but he couldn't move. When the predator lunged at him for an attack, there was a bolt of lightning, and he woke up. That same predator, he believed was a new species of Baloth. Something he'd never seen before. He was hot on its trail. A souvenir tooth of that size would bring him many riches. He follows the tracks into a denser part of the underforest. Very little light makes it through to the bottom and the ground is less muddy here. The tracks more faint. He comes across a skull fossil on the ground. In the eye socket rests a Chrome Pearl. He puts it into his money pouch alongside the handful of coins he has in there. He follows the tracks to a large boulder. Climbing to the top and hopping down... he comes to a rest when he sees a second set of tracks going in a different direction from the predator tracks... these tracks... are human.

    Go the direction of the predator tracks -or- Human tracks?

    Create a noncreature card that allows you to choose between two options, with one option being a land fetch.

    Chrome Pearl is Mystery Box Prize 480: Your mythic rare artifacts will be favorited.

    Coins are symbolic of mystery prizes. Whenever they are mentioned in italics, it means you just earned a prize. Prize 379 is your prize. It's called Intermission (Deadline): You may activate this deadline in the Mystery Box Challenges.

  • My Ranger decides to follow the human tracks, maybe he can get some help to track down this dangerous Baloth.

    Also, here is the card:

  • @Jadefire your level 2 spellweb - select 4 of the 6

  • @KorandAngels
    your level 2 spellweb - please choose 4 of the 6
  • @Zaheer_The_Grim
    your level 2 spellweb - please choose 4 of the 6

  • @jpastor, I'll pick, Cyan (1), Orange (2), White (3), and Pink (1).
  • @Zaheer_The_Grim
    Your ranger carefully follows the footsteps of the human... he quickly finds the footsteps lead to a path and then follow that path. As he hops on the path, something catches his eye to his left. He freezes as he sees a large creature through some trees. It too, is frozen in place. Almost certainly it knows he's there, he believes. As his focus turns directly to keeping eye contact with the creature, he loses all sense of his surroundings. Not knowing that a small snake is creeping towards him, he stays crouched, staring at the creature through the trees. The snake, now on his foot, he looks down and shrieks in surprise. "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW." The creature reacts to the loud noise by running away. He makes after it right as the snake lashes at his calf muscle. *STRIKE* the snake hit its target. He hardly feels the pain of the bite as his adrenaline is pumping. He sprints away from the path he'd once stood on and chases the creature a short ways through the trees, when it comes to a stop in the distance. He too, comes to a halt and freezes. Crouching down, he winces in pain as his calf is now throbbing. The creature is right there in front of him, but perhaps the path would lead him to a village where he can tend to his new wound. Go after the creature? -or- Head back to the path?

    Create a non-red, noncreature spell that deals damage to a creature.
  • I'll take Gray 1, Blue 2, Pink 3, Red 4.
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