Want custom card frames/borders?

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I'd be willing to do a custom frame for anyone who asks (provided I don't get bombarded with 10-20 requests at a time).  Here are some examples of ones I've done previously. 



  • Sounds like fun! ^^

    I'm currently working on a set with Art creatures, meaning art pieces that come to life in the style of Abstract-Iguanart:

    Since Art is an important theme in the set, I was considering highlighting the Art creatures with a special frame that would allow to convey that they are creatures even if the illustration itself is more unusual than traditional creature illustrations. I've been using the Spellbook frame as a placeholder for now, but if you're feeling inspired, feel free to have a go at an Art creature frame! ^^ In case you're interested, something evocative of a painting frame, visible paint strokes, hand-drawn lines, stained glass, sculpted marble, or really anything artistic would all be in-theme :)

  • Ooooh that does sound like something fun that could be approached several different ways :D I'll gladly take up this request.  Give me about a week and I will have something special waiting for you!
  • I've sent the first example to your inbox.
  • Damnnn bro you're pretty skilled at this. If you're up for it I think it'd be pretty cool to see a frame for the cards I made for Tournament of Champions 3, but If White, Black, Red, Artifact, White Artifact, Red Artifact, and three variations of Multicolor plus B/W Hybrid is a tall order (which it really is, don't do it unless you want to), I'd be fine with a frame just for this card here:
    Akuma Solemn Champion
    I don't have any idea in particular for what the frame would look like, although I think it'd be neat if it incorporated some black and gold to match those found in the card art. Also I think white text looks cool so go for that if it works.

    I don't know how you make and format the cards onto frames but if you need the art or a render in another software I could probably get that to ya

    Also, in case it might be helpful, here's a list of some traditional Japanese patterns that'd be fitting for a samurai: https://www.nippon.com/en/japan-data/h00478/traditional-japanese-patterns.html
  • Thanks for the compliment <3 Sure, sounds like fun project ^^ It will take a little over a week if you don't mind the wait but I'm sure I can think of something fitting for them  :)
  • Are these intended for Magic Set Editor or Photoshop?
  • They are borders created from photoshop for whoever requests them to use as they like.
  • This is pretty cool stuff
  • @121092

    Okay this is a really odd request, but could you make a borderless frame where it looks like the text boxes are dissolving away, Avengers: Endgame style?
  • Sure thing. I think I can swing that :)
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    ***NOTICE***  I will now be posting finished orders on the thread rather than by message.  If you would prefer otherwise, please let me know when submitting your request.  Thanks fellas!
  • Order #1 for Ningyounk

    Still working on order #2

    Order #3 for Random Fandom

  • Order #2 for Usaername

  • I might be interested in something, but I need to decide on a couple of details first before I can request it.
  • @Red_Tower

    Okedoky, just post away whenever you're ready ^^
  • @121092

    Here, do this card with your custom border. I'm just curious about the result.


    Link to the artwork: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/B161Kr
  • @Castiel_Demiurge

    Sure thing. I'm sure I can think of something very fitting for this card.  Btw, very nice username.   I'm a big Supernatural fan  and Dean and Castiel is my favorite character shipping.  Lol
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    @121092 Heh thanks lol. Although I'm just not a big fan of forced shipping in general, no offense though.
  • @121092

    Those frames are pretty nifty. Very nice craftsmanship. Could you possibly do frames for these?

    I'm looking for something to denote the difference between a fighter (which I use the vehicle frame for) and a larger ship, like above. It would also be neat if the Christen cost and reminder text could have a separate box, like with the Mutate frame.

    Again, nice work.
  • @Revan
     There are already Star Wars themed frames in MSE, but I do see a fun opportunity here.  I'd be happy to take up this  challenge ^^
  • I know of the ones in MSE, but they don't mesh with what i want XD
  • @Revan ;

    Well let's see what I can come up with for ya :)
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    @Castiel_Demiurge ;  
    Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you.  Your border will take longer because I'd like to give you something that matches the detail of the artwork you've used for your card.

    I know you wanted two different styles so i'll still work on the other style, but here's what I came up with so far.  I had lots of time to work on it today but the next border may not be ready for about a week.

  • HI @121092
    I have precisely one card in my collection at the moment that has no favorites... so I'm thinking a makeover will make all the difference!


    I'll let you get creative with this one, whatever ideas come to your mind! I'm open to whatever!
  • @jpastor ;

    Leave it to me ^^ I'll have that card looking purdy guud when I'm done it lol
  • Very nice.   B)
  • @Revan

    Glad you like them ^^ Are there any other colors in the set besides red, black and blue?
  • Ye. I'm planning on doing it in every color, as well as some straight artifacts. Multicolor as well.
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