COLONIZERS Arc 2 (S1) - Colonizers of Myria



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  • Deep beneath the waves on an unknown plane dwell two sisters great and terrible. Long have they waited to take from the landfolk what rightfully belongs to them, and now on Myria they may find just the chance.

    My faction is basically a loose collection of merfolk and other aquatic species who follow a pair of Kraken sisters, and view them as godlike, offering up tribute and worship however the two demand.

    Shukana and Madiz are both ruthless tyrants, the only difference is in how they choose to rule their specific followers. Shukana prefers to create an atmosphere of comradery and faith that what they are doing is a great work which brings the world closer to perfection. Madiz on the other hand draws upon her worshippers great rage towards those who defy her, look at what they keep from us, think of what we might do if only they would stop standing in our way and preventing progress! When the two act as one their will is absolute, and their power enough to topple nations. The only question is how long they can manage to work together before one becomes convinced her sister has betrayed her.

    Mechanically they're both based around revealing cards to represent traveling the depths they inhabit. They want to ramp a bunch and play big splashy spells like any self respecting pair of UGR creatures, with a little bit of a subtheme around sea monster tribal.

    This is the card I chose to represent their army. A respected warrior among his people rallying followers of both sisters to fight in the coming war.

    Wrath of the seas is meant to show off the way Shukana and Madiz (and by extension their servants) differ in how they use magic.

    This card is supposed to represent their philosophy on nature, something great and beautiful, but equally powerful and terrible. They respect nature, but do not trust it.

    Then this is just a bonus card!
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    Tower of the Leagues

    A bonus card for the Leagues
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  • The ever power hungry Ivezis leads an army of spirits and very few human disciples in search for new power and lives to exploit and eventually expand his already large army even further. He gets what he wants and he will anything to do that. His word is law, not that there'd be anyone in his army who could disobey. Myria is a plane of opportunity for him. Magic to be discovered, ancient artifacts to be found and possibly wars to be fought to grow his army. 


    Ivezis' army consists of spirits, forced to obey his command and bound to him until they are freed, destroyed or their controller dies.

    image image image

    His and his disciples' magic solely focuses on sucking souls and life out of living things and twisting it into loyal subordinates to do their bidding.


    Lastly their magic doesn't stop with animals, humans or monsters, but even nature. As long as there is life in it, it can be made use of.

    (I still might have balance issues as it has been a while, so in case the cards have too grave an issue, please tell me.)
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  • The deadline has come, and we have eight factions. I will get to judging the factions and positioning them on the map sometime within the next couple of days. Get your last second entries in, people!
  • Actually, we have nine factions at the moment (unless someone has decided to drop out and I missed that):

    1. The Cult of the True Gods
    2. The Nauplavian Federation
    3. The Kingdom of Antaias
    4. Alum's Witch Hunters
    5. The Seven Leagues
    6. Apothecaria Salvia
    7. The Valenos Forest
    8. The Twin Krakens (placeholder name; no official group name was given)
    9. Ivezis (again, placeholder name)
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    @RegalGorgon13 Me and Drake are nearly finished judging cards. Given the current number of contestants, you risk being eliminated by default if you do not submit a nature card. As a final warning, you have until the 27th to submit your nature card. Thanks in advance.
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    I hope what I did counts as a nature card. Brune Thorson is my war card, even though I didn't say so in the post.
    Another bonus card:

    Sorry for size.
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    ~ Make Way

    It was time. The leaders of the eight factions that made it in gathered around a relatively small table in a shadowy war room.

    "Ladies, gentlemen, and everything in-between," a figure began from the end of the table, the spirit of a samurai warrior. Otaimo. "Welcome to Myria. I am Otaimo. Your guide, I shall be, for the sights that you shall see, but once you are directed to your land, I can provide assistance no more. Whether you are here as prisoner or of your own volition, you all share same goal; survive. Now, there were supposed to be nine of you, and I was going to choose one to eliminate, but it seems only eight of you made it."
    "Otaimo," a gentleman entered the room, a warrior cloaked in loose garbs and light scale armor. A member of a tribe lost to time. "The Nauplavian Forces were unable to make it. They were caught in a nuclear explosion during their transport through the plane of Nhyktav-"
    "Ruithan, Ruithan. Now is not the time to jest."
    "I'm being serious. They devoured the planar escorts and ended up wandering off course."
    "My my..." Otaimo just facepalms and shakes his head. "Anyways, I suppose it's just you eight then. The tour will begin soon, everyone, but for now on I must lay some ground rules. No battles from square one, no mercy, and no holding back..."

    Welcome to Myria! You will be led to your starting areas and given your first challenge soon!

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    Starting Territories:

    @Nomp - Antaias — Sendr: The ruins of a mountaintop keep provide a scenic overlook of a festive town lit up by illusory, undying flames. The scents of pine and maple waft the nostrils towards former civilization, while an icy lake nearby provides a supply of food. Beware that the beauty of your territory comes with a price, however; with high altitudes and snow comes avalanches and rock falls.

    @OhWyrm - Twin Krakens  — Fesrin: The most aquatic region of Myria, Fesrin features a plethora of frozen lakes and mountainous terrain. The darkest depths can be reached here, providing everything your oceanic servants should require... except perhaps, ample resources on land. Or anything interesting to look at. 

    @Aggroman15 - Valenos — Sar: This is the low land of blossoming. Magical, crystalline blue waters run in streams through lush forestation, cascading down waterfalls and into hot springs and lakes. There's always a cool breeze or crosswind to be felt, even if the forests are a bit humid. Know that with humidity, however, comes storms...

    @SpellPiper2213 - Seven Leagues  — Aym: The high land of cliffs marks a perfect testing ground for the Seven Leagues. Everyday travel frequently consists of rock climbing and crossing bridges, but the views and waterfalls here are breathtaking, unmatched by any other territory. Food and water are in great supply, but take care to avoid floods... 

    @KorandAngels - True Gods — Ona: What better place for a cult to start than a nice, wide open, secluded location in the middle of nowhere? With plenty of flat, high ground, it's easily fortifiable, that is, if you can find all of the resources you need. You might be able to trade with scattered settlements, perhaps recruit, if necessary.

    @cadstar369 - Apothecaria Salvia — Tsarus: What better place for a group of alchemists to start than their very own mineral deposit? While other resources are scarce, you'll be able to experiment with all sorts of magical crystals. Plus, a vast cave network can be utilized well by a clever tactician. Just be careful not to disturb the creatures inside...

    @Tonysparks - Alum's Witch Hunters  — Remba: Ah... home sweet home. This boggish area is reminiscent of Innistrad in how its plants just seem to grow just a little bit off, how everything smells just a little bit awful, and how you can't go a single night without hearing something growling. Not all is bad though; there's an entire abandoned colony here waiting to be claimed, with a lakeside dock too!

    @Vardrus - Army of Ivezis  — Venifer: What better place to raise an undead army than where many have already died? While perhaps the most dangerous part of Myria, infested with malicious fey and ravenous beasts, there's said to be ancient tombs here, which could perhaps give access to a vast cave network and plenty of powerful recruits...
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    Challenge One

    With each of you having been dealt your territories, it's time to start that whole colonizing thing... each of your need to set out and make the land yours, surveying, expanding, building... all that snazzy business!

    The Challenge

    Choose two of the following criteria, and make one card for each of your choices. You can make cards for all of them, but any of them not submitted for the main two entries will be counted as bonus cards.

    • An artifact or enchantment to represent your base, or the making of it.
    • A land to depict how you see your territory (make sure it matches your biome! Aldym is fall, Ventr is winter, Rayn is spring, and Omir is summer.)
    • A creature that interacts with lands in some way, to represent surveyors, explorers, etc.
    • An instant or sorcery card to (flavorfully) represent the survey and/or expedition.
    The deadline for this challenge is Sunday the 14th.
  • So, to confirm, we need to:
    • Choose any two of the four prompts to create cards for (main entries)
    • Write a story segment about how our faction goes about exploring the land around them (or whatever else they decide to do at this point)
    Additionally, we can create two bonus entries by filling in the two unselected prompts.

    Is that about right? :)

  • @cadstar369 Essentially. Story bit doesn't have to be anything too extravagant, but effort definitely helps for score XD
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