COLONIZERS Arc 2 (S1) - Colonizers of Myria



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    The Council surveyed the place they had landed. It was, as they had planned, a barren, dry plateau.
    "This is the place for our citadel" said Sveech.

    Real story (kinda)
    The council channeled their wills, and new rocks began to form out of the ground. Most of them where block-shaped. Once enough where formed, the council redirected it's efforts and stacked the blocks on top of each other, forming a spiral-like series of walls centering in on an enormous fortress, which sat on a slightly raised hill.(It all looks like the one in the picture. I'm not describing that for you.)

  • As Alum and his Witch hunters descend on Remba, Alum breathes a heave of its putrid air under his mask, spiting all that would dare challenge his claim to it. He quickly dispatches his pitless purgers, one of his many elite forces, to clear the sulken bogs of anything that he deems unnatural. Shrubs are burned, marshes are cleared, and anything deemed remotely useless to the survival of the colony, atleast in the radius of the settlement, is killed.

    When all is said and done, Alum Zalgofar, instructs the building of the first anti-magic settlement on the cleared lands. He encourages the use of the magic resistant properties of the land on the establishment of the property, as dozens of spellbound caravans enter his citizens and armies into the establishment.


    Among the equipment in Alum's array of witch hunter equipment, is a shield, granted to Alum's Head hunters, a special force tasked with the protection of light infantry in the event of an engagement. The shield is the spell Breaker, a shield so durable it can stop the flames of the accursed fire spitting abominations known as dragons and so firm, that not even ghosts can go through it.


    - An artifact or enchantment to represent your base, or the making of it.

    - A land to depict how you see your territory (make sure it matches your biome! Aldym is fall, Ventr is winter, Rayn is spring, and Omir is summer.)

    - A creature that interacts with lands in some way, to represent surveyors, explorers, etc.
  • Some details on my fort city, strangely named the Grand Plateau: Even the main fortified bit, excluding the outer walls, is about a mile across. It bears a close similarity in street layout to Prague in 1599. You can find maps of this. 
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    Highland Exploration Towers Uncovering

    When the Leagues first enters Aym, they are amazed. The area iss treacherous, yes, but it plays to their strengths and sensibilities as well. While exploring, the Leagues begin to find a string of towers. They start to renovate them in order use them for staging further exploration and settlement. 
  • The Kingdom of Antaias sends forth the Fifth Order of Daybreak, one of countless martial monastic brotherhoods. The initial reports are solemn. The land is untamed and tragically allowed to rest in quiet desperation waiting for hands to mold it into what it could be. The first step is exploring it completely. More knights are sent out.
    Savage Expanse

    Back at home the queen takes her place on a newly hewn throne. In that moment her power floods her fledgling domain. Above city appears the omen that shows she is the rightful ruler. A massive chunk of the original capital formed and shaped to reflect Queen Matrel's essence. It hovers above her throne casting her power out to the knights that defend her.
    Sign of the True Ruler
  • Story Segment

    Guild Information Reference

    The guild marveled at the vast caverns they were deposited within. Crystalline vistas stretched as far as the eye could see, refracting light filtering in from far above into scintillating kaleidoscopic displays. After a long moment of silent contemplation, Macoto addressed the guild.

    "You know what must be done, children of the Cosmos Circle. We have a new land to explore, and you form the head of our efforts. Go, find what you may, and return with new knowledge. May you tread safely."

    A number of rangers and druids began to form small groups, moving off into the surrounding cave system. Many collected samples of the crystals and plants they encountered, some lucky enough to capture small creatures and insects.

    Ruut shifted a satchel across his shoulder. "Well, I suppose I'll join them," he said to Macoto. "I won't go far, just enough to take a look at these crystals. I'll leave the new guild hall to you."

    Macoto nodded, raising her hands. Tendrils of power reached into the surrounding stone. Roots burst from the earth, swelling and twining around each other. Within a few hours, a grand structure had taken form, fit to shelter the guild from whatever they might encounter during their exploration.

    "Impressive as always," Ruut said, carrying a stuffed satchel on one hip as he approached.

    "What have you found?" Macoto asked, turning to face him.

    Ruut withdrew a lump of crystal from the satchel. "We aren't quite certain, but this appears to be some variety of opal. Veins of the stuff are ubiquitous within the surrounding region, and some of the Cosmos are scouting deeper as we speak."

    "The Protea Circle will have their hands full for a while."

    "Experimentation with new substances and techniques is always the best part of exploring new lands after all."

    "May the guild thrive, that we may bring transformation to this new land."

    The pair of guild leaders walked into the structure, chatting and planning out how to divide this first base between each of the guild's functions.

    Apothecaria Salvia Set
    Chapter Cards (Main entries are Cosmos-Circle Ranger & Scouting Expedition; Rootwoven Bastion and Opalescent Caverns are bonus)
    Rootwoven Bastion Opalescent Caverns Cosmos-Circle Ranger Scouting Expedition

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    Higfur Bold Lieutanant

    Bonus card

    Higfur is a member of the Shield League and a close friend of Reni's. When he heard she was chosen to lead an expedition into Myria, he began preparing to following her, arriving shortly after she did. He's a friendly, outgoing man, going against the stereotype of Shield League members being dour, humorless individuals, and fiercely loyal to the Seven Leagues and to Reni.
  • Bleh. Me and Drake are going to start rounding up the entries we have so far.
  • Sorry for the late entry, I've been really busy. Not going to be any story for now, I might write some later but for now I just want to make sure the cards are in.

    My Base:

    Spires of New Valenos

    The Explorers/Surveyors:

    Roaming Mosshorn
  • @Vardrus , @OhWyrm Please continue to work on the first challenge so you can catch up to everyone else. However, so no one else is waiting, I'm going to start working on challenge 2.
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    Challenge Two

    With everyone settled in their new territories, Otaimo and Ruithan go back to their private dwellings to oversee the contestants. No one was given any details about what dangers might lie in their territories, however. Whether it's creatures protecting their territory, ravenous beasts attacking civilizations before they can emerge, or even the land itself lashing out...

    Each of your are going to receive a separate threat to deal with. Create a card that can answer the provided card in an actual game of Magic, whether it's preventing it from hitting the field or getting it off the board, or preventing its effects.

    @KorandAngels — Conflicting Faiths

    It would come as no surprise that as soon as word of a cult reached what few refuges remain that some would refuse to convert.

    @Nomp — Extreme Cold

    Every day since you've arrived in Ventr, temperatures have been exponentially plummeting, and it's starting to slow your forces.

    @TonySparks ;— MAGIC EVERYWHERE


    @SpellPiper2213 — Flooding

    The Seven Leagues have been able to thrive in the cliff strewn region of Aym fairly well. However, as warned, flooding is a major issue, one you underestimated the severity of; storms have been getting so severe they threaten to wash away settlements on even some of the higher cliffs.

    @cadstar369 ;— Unstable Materials

    With a new world comes new materials... and unfortunately some of them are very unstable. So much so it's causing extreme accidents in the lab, costing lives.

    @Aggroman15 — Kanthra Migration

    In your time here things have been relatively quaint. However, your quaint dwellings have suddenly become dangerous with the migration of the Kanthras from the west.

    I'll get to everyone else in time, but for now, know the deadline for this challenge is Sunday the 28th.

    Also, some scores are extremely low compared to others. If we have a clear last place after this challenge, there may be an elimination.
  • Challenge Two Continued (See Challenge Info Above)

    @OhWyrm — Corrupted Waters

    You thought that nothing could reach you in the depths, but the magic in the water is running rampant, corrupting the water and making it unsuitable for life.

    @Vadrus — Sacred Tombs

    You thought being here would be a blessing, but it's turning out to be somewhat of a curse; your magic is being blocked by the wards on these tombs!

  • Damn @Vardrus, me and your guild should be flipped around 🥲
  • The council gathers in the central tower of the Grand Plateau. 
    "The barbarians of the surrounding area have started a protest against us." said the Surveillance Master.
    "We are a cult, from their point of view." said Sveech. 
    "They deserve a display of power." said Hazizi. 
    "Have mercy, hummingbird." said Nel Athoon. "We may show them power, but do not destroy potential converts." 
    "I volunteer." said Brune Thorson.

    "Some will die, but more will see the truth." 
    The people of the barren grasslands look as one into the sky, and see plummeting spheres of fire, like miniature suns. They plummet especially around the settlements of those tribes who denied the cult, setting the wooden parts of their buildings on fire. Many of the tribesmen in this place:
    remember who they cursed, and abandon their idols in favour of the new gods. Coming towards the Grand Plateau, they raid the villages of the tribes that do not accept the Sign of Falling Suns. 
    *Real card that represents some of the location. I like the art and name but it's kinda a bad card.
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    "It matters not where magic grows or does not grow to the zalgofarians, we have excelled in removing magic from places for decades. If it shall not burn... we shall cut it out of these very lands." -Alum to his men.

    (Re-did the card. This is way cooler)
  • Alum only cares about the unnatural growth from magic, he could care less if natural growth is taking place. To him it's  basically extra resources, thus the reason this card only targets non-basic lands. 

    To expand on non-basic "lorewise" , a human city would count as non-basic, but it wouldn't be unnatural, unnatural would be like a floating tree or magical glowing swamps.
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    "Masters! There are barbarians outside!" said a cultist.
    "Are they aggressive?" said Brune Thorson.
    "They are carrying weapons, but they are sheathed. There are also some noncombatants with them."
    Brune Thorson looked. Ouside the walls were a few groups of tribesmen, similar in cultural trappings to the barbarians who had rejected them, but not identical.

    "What are you here for?" he asked.
    There was some discussion among the assembled tribesmen. Eventually, a being stepped out from among them. There were other members of his species among the tribes, but they were fewer than the humans who made up the bulk of the crowds.
    "We seek to join your civilisation." said the ape. "The leader of our tribes saw the power of your gods, and of you yourselves."

    "You are a good, honest servant of the True Gods, even though you have no education on their nature. Your presence on the Grand Plateau will be welcomed!" said Brune. He signalled for the gates to be opened. The crowds filed into the city, and Brune went to tell the others of the Council of their new people.
  • "My lady, the land freezes over. The people will perish if we don't do something soon." Speaks a young knight from the Marble Order.

    The Queen gives him a side long glance before standing. She answers not to him but to the whole assembly of her court, "Go forth unperturbed. Each step you claim for me will become a part of me. I shall send behind you the power that will reshape it. A place for us to live ten thousand years if only we have the courage to hold it."

    The assembly rallied to her words and took heart to redouble the conquest.
    Conquest of the Wastes
    The land was conquered with dark and terrifying powers spread by the edge of the sword.
    Unmake the Ephemeral
    True to her word, the queen sent powerful horrors to reshape the world behind her loyal knights. The very nature of the queen's new territory was changed by the expulsion and exile of any spirit or magic that would not fall to her claim.
  • Guide the Waters

    The Leagues scrambled to keep their territory in Aym safe. After a little bit, they managed to build a systems of dams and artificial channels to ease the effects of the rainy season, as well as create a way of irrigating their fields in the highlands.

    (Apologies for relative lateness, but I've been busy for a bit.)
  • Story Segment

    Guild Information Reference

    Ruut sighed. Apparently some of the younger members had forgotten basic safety protocols when handling unknown substances and materials, and more than a few were paying the price. Walking into one of the labs with the highest reported accident rate, he happened onto a young alchemist on the verge of losing control of their concoction.

    With a few words, a crystalline sphere enveloped the alchemist's cauldron, isolating and stabilizing the reagents within before they exploded. "Having some trouble, Verd?"

    The wood elemental whipped around, petrified bark plates rattling along their arms. "Master Ruut! Apologies, I was too eager to document properties of these new ores the Cosmos Circle is bringing back. I thought I grasped something, and rushed forward without paying attention to the entire reaction."

    "Be careful your insights are not paid for in blood. There is little meaning to knowledge if one cannot utilize and expand upon it."

    "Understood, guildmaster," Verd said earnestly.

    "Good. Take your findings to the Solidago Circle; it will help them keep the apprentices safe."

    Verd nodded, rushing into the hall. A few moments later, they rushed back into the room, grabbing their cauldron with a sheepish smile before rushing off again.

    Ruut shook his head, chuckling. "The young ones are so eager; I've barely had a chance to play with the new materials myself. New then, I've already spoken to the circles involved in controlling this incident; surely I can spare the time for a few experiments." He produced a small cauldron, reaching for some stray ores left on a table.

    Apothecaria Salvia Set
    Chapter Cards (Restructure answers Destabilize)

  • Alright, finally got around to making my entry, so here goes! Includes a bit of lore from last challenge.

    Although the forces of Valenos had only gotten to Myria recently, they were quick to establish a significant presence. Within weeks of their arrival, Splinter set his people to the task of building the capitol of his new empire: the Grand Spires of Valenos. These massive pillars of organic plant matter rose high above the clouds, providing ample room for dwellings and many other uses.

    Spires of New Valenos(Previous Challenge)
    (Also I just realized that vigilance is essentially useless on the land animation ability. Probably too late to errata that, though. Whoops.)

    High at the top of the tallest Spire is Splinter's throne room. However, he is rarely found there, as he prefers to walk among the natural beauty of his empire, and give orders and such directly.
    Splinter had made it no secret that his eventual goal was the conquest of this world. However, you don't start with conquest, you start with scouting and exploration. So, rather than go headstrong looking for enemies, Splinter ordered his people to spread among the unclaimed lands. In this way, his scouts were his settlers, and each Valenosian was an explorer. Especially vital were the plant spirits, who took the form of animals covered in vegetation. Their natural connection to the land was greater than your ordinary Treefolk, and so where they traveled, the forests exploded with life, assimilating them into the greater forest of Valenos.

    Roaming Mosshorn(Previous Challenge)

    However, while much had gone right for Valenos, their burgeoning empire was not without strife. From the west, a race of tiger-like animals with fires raging within them, called Kanthra, had begun to encroach on the forest. Wildfires raged unchecked, destroying homes and even at one point threatening the Spires. But, using a strange strategy, Splinter did nothing to douse the flames. Rather, he sent hunting parties after the Kanthra themselves. Eventually, the Kanthra were driven out of the forest, but Valenos was still left with raging fires. When asked what to do, Splinter replied, "Have you forgotten? A forest needs fire. It clears the underbrush, and enriches the soil, returning health to the woods. Valenos may have been scarred, but only temporarily. Already, the fires are beginning to recede. Valenos will grow back from the ashes stronger than ever before!"

    Valenos Rebirth(Challenge Entry)
    (This card deals with the Kanthra's effects more indirectly. As in my story segment, I let the land burn, and then replenish the land and grow my Treefolk to be stronger.)
  • I made a map of my territory. The scablands extend a little past the Omir-Rayn border but don't get close to anyone else's territories. (Refer to my entry in Jpastor's Story Of The Week for more information)
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