COLONIZERS Arc 2 (S1) - Colonizers of Myria



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  • ~ The Land Angers...

    Twisted magic in the soil has begun to lash out at the new inhabitants. They are not welcome. They do not belong here. They are intruders...

    The North was ravaged with famine and pestilence, the south battered by floods and winds. To the east, blistering cold, and the west, scorching heat. The world's once docile creatures grew hostile and attacked, driving back the colonizers, and it was only a matter of time before two factions were overwhelmed and destroyed. 

    @OhWyrm β€” The Twin Krakens Have Fallen (Inactivity)

    Myria did not give the beasts of the sea a warm welcome. Quite the opposite. Krakens are known to inhabit some of the most imperiled waters in the multiverse, from boiling seas to tundra glacier seas. But the waters of Myria were found to be no place for the Twins. The corruption was too much for them to bear, quickly leeching the magic from the two great titans. As immense, bloody tendrils turned the waters of Ventr a foul, blood soaked crimson, the land caved in. The walls of the world moved in, and the land began to push over the vast sea, slowly burying the Twins underwater. Perhaps some day this well of bloody water will be rediscovered by future historians, who may perhaps cite the Twins as dead gods of a bygone cult. But for now, the Twins belong to the land, corrupted and trapped in a deep stasis...

    @Vadrus β€” The Army of Ivezis Has Fallen (Inactivity)

    Life has a cycle, which does not end in death. When the Army came onto Myria, they disturbed that cycle by taking the dead from the land, opposing their decay. Ivezis had a vast collection of recruits to choose from, but many of them were kept from Ivezis by ancient rituals. The significant among the dead were entombed, the tombs of which were protected quite heavily with wards and golems. While these wouldn't be too much of a problem for the army to deal with, it thinned their numbers greatly. By time they were finally able to bring more powerful recruits than simple grunts, they had already lost half of their men quite permanently. It was only a matter of time before the wards grew to a point where their commander had to step in... which led to his downfall. Upon reaching the door to the tomb of a long lost king, his entire army was felled in a single magic blast that sent chills for miles, absorbing the essence of The Army of Ivezis into a false tomb and trapping them inside...
  • ~ All Hands on Deck

    "What is this? This is an outrage!"

    The apparent figure in charge did not seem happy so far. Yes, things were getting quite chaotic, but no action had really happened. The factions, so far, had no idea who they were up against, and hadn't been given the chance to investigate.

    "I... apologize if I have not been as aggressive as you wish," Otaimo responded.
    "I'll admit," Otaimo's assistant, Ruithan, chimed in. "Things have been slow compared to what these championships had been before, right, big guy?"
    "Right," the ringman returned. "We want to see some action! Lots of intrigue, very interesting place... but we want some action."
    "We're doing what we can to keep the world together," Otaimo rebutted. "We cannot slowly allow the plane to come undone, nor can we-"
    "You heard your assistant," the ringman snarled. "We're getting impatient. If you don't put on a show the contract is forfeit. Now give us something interesting!"
    Otaimo just sighed. "My condolences..."

    "So, what do we do now?" Otaimo grumbled to Ruithan. The two gathered in Otaimo's private sanctum, overlooking the plane of Myria.
    "This could get difficult," Ruithan confessed, "but I think I know just the thing."
    "What is it?"
    "Well, we've been slowing the destruction of the plane by introducing mana back in. We can't afford to stop just yet, but the moment we slow down, the plane will collapse."
    "You are saying what I've been saying."
    "What if... we introduce an excess of mana?"
    "...hmm... that would be interesting..."

    A murmur rang across the plane. Soon, murmurs turned into a tremble, followed by a rumble. The world began to shake as territories slid, rising and falling as the earth between leylines fluctuated rapidly, moving like little tectonic plates. The world was caving in on itself, and the result was not pretty. Hundreds of citizens died in the resulting earthquake, and the plane shrunk down, moving factions within eyesight of other civilizations...

    Phase One β€” Hand In Hand?

    @Tonysparks @Nomp @Aggroman15 @SpellPipper2213 @KorandAngels @cadstar369

    Your territories have been ravaged by the very sudden earthquake, which none of your civilizations even have conventional measurements for. Your civilizations grow closer, and desperate. With kingdoms visible across the skyline, it's time to meet...

    Art Credit: "A Royal Affair 1" by memod on DeviantArt

    Your next challenge is less a formal challenge, but rather a "do it yourself" affair. It's time to establish your relationships with these newfound kingdoms. You will be judged based on effort made to interact and writing prompt quality.
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    @Tommia, @cadstar369, @Nomp, @KorandAngels

    "Fellow Zalgofarians, the grounds themselves have split against us in these accursed lands. Lives were lost, homes were ravaged...and for that I express my condolences"

    "But, a blessing has arrived. New kingdoms line our borders, waiting to be cleansed of the foulness of all magic and their people, waiting to join the cause of the unopposed. Fellow Zalgofarians, I Alum Zalgofar, call you to rise, rise and defend our borders, Rise And Fell The Magic Using Cowards Who Did This! RISE AND TAKE REVENGE!!!"

    Citizens cheering!!!

    "But for now Salem needs you here, guarding it's borders. I have sent missionaries to the heretic kingdoms. I am sure we will find those sympathetic to our causes soon enough. Those who are followers of our enemies, will fall. Thank you citizens of Salem." 

    Alum! Alum! Alum! *continuous chanting*

    (Bonus card)

    Using the ever regenerating lands of this plane, Alum and his witch hunters where able to rebuild rapidly from the wreckage and re-establish their settlement.

    (Bonus card)

    After reconstruction, they sent missionaries to the neighboring Kingdoms of Antias, Salvia, and the realm of the "true gods" to find those sympathetic to their cause, and kill those who were users of foul magic. The groups consisted of two missionaries to preach the gospel, and one purger incase the missionaries encountered trouble. He sent out twelve marches.

    (Interaction card: Send missionaries)

    (Support card/ Bonus card)
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    The council stepped away from the scrying pool. 
    "To the east are mysterious pagans. We can learn very little about them from clairvoyance alone, but they do not appear to be a threat to us." 
    "To the north, a group of alchemists. They are different to us in custom, but their traits are not against us."
    "Further east are the plant worshipers. They are too far away to assault us, and given they live in barbaric forests, they will have no interest in our glorious plateau." 
    "Further north are true barbarians, who despise the glorious Powers granted us by the True Gods. They are threats, malevolent and atheistic." 
    "Their very existence is a declaration of war, let alone the actions they are even now taking against us." 
    "They are truly our polar opposites. But Worm grows not to dragon till it eat worm. We must invade while we have the chance."

    @Tonysparks ;
    "What of the alchemists and pagans?"
    "We must educate them. Send teachers to their nations."
    @cadstar369, @SpellPiper2213
  • Story Segment

    While the sudden earthquake was devastating in magnitude, the guild was not unused to such occurrences. Macoto and the Anemone Circle managed to protect the guildhall and its vicinity, sparing the majority of the guild from the rampant cataclysm.

    Emerging from the guildhall as the dust settled, Ruut found himself bathed in warm sunlight. The guildhall now sat within a forest of sharp stone spires, glittering menacingly like an earthen maw eager to reclaim what had been torn from it.

    "Beautiful, isn't it?" Macoto asked, sitting on a nearby opalescent slab.

    "The Euphorbia are going to have a headache, but I'm certain the Cosmos are equally excited," Ruut said, sitting beside her. Between two thin mottled granite spires, something in the distance caught his eye. "Is that…?"

    "A neighboring civilization? Probably. There's another one over there." Ruut gestured beyond a cluster of crystalline quartz spires far to their right.

    "I'll notify the Gazania and Aster Circles. There should be caravans ready to go by the time we get any visitors. Is there anything you need? It must have taken no modest effort to withstand that transition."

    "I would appreciate your company." Macoto leaned on Ruut's shoulder, earning a warm chuckle.

    The pair stayed until the sun touched the horizon, then moved to inform and prepare the guild for the coming days.


    A few days later, Ruut stood in a quiet Protea Circle sanctum, idly experimenting with chrysoberyl harvested from the nearby spires. A slender figure garbed in soft red robes quietly entered. "Report," Ruut said, setting the quartz aside.

    "The guild has entertained a number of guests since the shift. Among the first were two groups of missionaries: the anti-magic Zalgofarians and the followers of the 'True Gods' cult. The Zalgofarians are aggressive in their apparent hatred of magic, making it convenient that the guild does not use it. The cult's followers are equally zealous in their faith, and both groups incessantly preach in an effort to convert guild members."

    "Continue to entertain their presence so long as they remain within the bounds of reason and decorum. Take care to not inflict physical or mental injury. The Aster certainly don't need reminding, but politeness is paramount. Don't offer what is not asked for outside the bounds of hospitality and business. There have been no outstanding issues as of yet?"

    "None of note. The two groups seem greatly incompatible, so they have not been made aware of each other's presence. They may chance upon each other however, so we are undergoing efforts to maintain neutrality under all circumstances. Reports from Cosmos scouts indicate there will likely be other arrivals in the near future as well, and the Aster are preparing accordingly. Small Gazania caravans have been dispatched to each neighbor we are aware of, including those we have not received visitors from. Their compositions and wares have been customized to suit our neighbors' apparent preferences."

    "Good. My thanks to the Euphorbia."

    "It is our pleasure." The figure half-bowed, silently exiting the room.

    Ruut stayed for a time, wondering what other surprises might arise in the coming days. I suppose I should find Macoto, he thought. The Cosmos should have plenty of interesting news to share with her, with their efforts to revitalize this fractured landscape.

    Taking a piece of chrysoberyl with him, Ruut went about finding his partner, just another alchemist walking the guild's halls.

    TL;DR version
    @Tonysparks @KorandAngels @Nomp @Aggroman15 @SpellPiper2213
    The Zalgofarian and True Gods cult emissaries have been received; the Apothecaria Salvia guild remains neutral to all parties. (Will edit accordingly when further entries arise.) [Guild Reception]

    Salvia Caravans have been dispatched to all other factions. They seek trade, information, and neutral friendship (i.e. we don't want any trouble from anyone, and we won't start any if you don't want us around). [Salvia Caravan]

    The guild's primary concern is exploring and stabilizing the alarming state of the plane. [Chrysanthemum Reclamation]

    Apothecaria Salvia Set
    Chapter Cards
    Guild Reception Salvia Caravan Chrysanthemum Reclamation

    P.S. – @Tommia Quick question: Is it possible for the factions to find and/or enter Reya? (It doesn't seem like there's anything preventing it, but I wanted to make sure before I wrote about it.) If they can, the Apothecaria Salvia will likely prioritize Reya's restoration.

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    Restore from Ruin

    "Thank goodness for how much the Leagues know about how earthquakes affect buildings," Higfur said, watching people hurry around several destroyed buildings. "That earthquake could have done a fair bit of damage."

    Reni sighed and nodded. "We'll have to thanks the Root, Iron and Brick Leagues for their help with this." She thought for a second before adding, "As well as their help with the floods."

    Higfur chuckled. "Thanks all around."

    The pair were quiet for a bit as they watched the rebuilding effort. Then Reni started and asked, "What do you think of the two groups of emissaries."

    "I quite like the alchemists. Very helpful, they are," the giant said. "The instructors, or however they call themselves..." Higfur's mouth twisted into a sneer for a second. "They don't see the Hunt as worth our while.  Instead, it's the True Gods this, the True Gods that. They're trying to convert us."

    "Wouldn't that be a tragedy," Reni asked dryly. She chuckled at Higfur's glare. "Come on, it was a joke." She smiled up at him. "I'll put some people on guard duty to watch the instructors. Otherwise, I'll send out some Brick League peacemakers to the alchemists, this church, and the forest to the north. Maybe we can work out a deal with them." She shrugged when Higfur gave another look. "Always good to reach out in peace before reaching for the sword."


    At the end of this stage, would @everyone like an Ally/Enemy chart to track who's conspiring with who? I know it helped in the last Colonizers I was in, so I might as well bring up the possibility.
  • @SpellPiper2213 I'd like that, but I wouldn't want to inconvenience you. 
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    @KorandAngels it really wouldn't inconvenience me, especially since there's only 6 factions to start with, compared to the 12 last time I started the Ally/Enemy list. Plus, I know what I'm doing this time around.
  • @SpellPiper2213 I agree, that would be nice
  • @cadstar369 No one knows anything about Reya or has attempted to enter it, but nothing is keeping you from doing so.
  • @Tomigon, I feel like this is a curiosity killed the cat moment, where you are gonna call an elemental abomination as soon as Salvia gets in there 🀣
  • @cadstar369
    The Council recieved a message from the preachers. 
    "The alchemists are harboring a group of sages from the atheistic tribe to their north. They attempt to conceal them from us, and I believe we are being concealed from them."
    "The mission has been a failure."  Said Sveech. "The alchemists remain neutral between us and the atheists." 
    "We could perhaps ask them for the ability to send military forces through their territory to that of the enemy." Said Brune Thorson. "Their lands are a key military position for our new crusade."
    "First, try harder to win converts to the way of the True Gods" said Nel Athoon. "Create a being who is a great scholar and teacher, who can allow them to understand the beauty and mystery of our religion."

    "What of the atheists themselves?" Asked a council member. 
    "We will deal with them in time." Said Sveech. "For now, the alchemists."
    P.s @Tonysparks the artist for that card probably has some stuff you could use. Want to give my rival a fighting chance [wi my face emoji]. He does mostly steampunk and dark fantasy. You might not find anything but most of it is still pretty cool.
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    @KorandAngels probably not a good idea to get Alum pissed, but if you insist 🀣

    I accept your challenge
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    "Sire Alum, you requested of thine presence in your courst?"

     -  "You may rise Dykus. The crusade was a great faliure. One kingdom claims neutrality, another unheard off, and those fools from Omir sent their endoctrinators to impede our progress."

    "My apologies thane, I expected people of science such as Salvia to notice when their interests are being threatened."

    -  "All is not lost through Dykus. Our missionaries continue our great work in Antias. I have a feeling that left unchecked, those magic using devils will corrupt Salvia and use it as a vantage point for an attack. I wouldn't blame them if they do, great minds do think alike."

    - "Dykus, I want you to go back to Salvia with the missionaries, this time as diplomats. We must secure Salvia as an ally. While you are there, take care of some of those false prophets that the false gods are sending should you encounter them, but do not actively seek them out."

    "Ayy thane. As with Xivor, I will help thee deal with this new threat. I will take my leave now."
  • Heletok The Blood-Covered one, a member of the council, was well aware that the swamp-dwelling heathens where attempting to root their missionaries out of the territory of the guild of alchemists. He had been tasked to destroy the antitheic priest whose forces were acting against the interests of the True Gods. He could kill the man outright, with the help of the council, raise a spire of fire from the earth to engulf him, but the rest of the council was needed to repair the damaged Grand Plateau. His individual powers would need some more finesse.

    The ritual was complete. Heletok would occasionally recieve a creature, made entirely of the atheist's blood. Eventually he would bleed out, and Heletok would have an army. 
    "As for the alchemists themselves, they require more education to reject the northern barbarians. If it's propaganda the atheists think we're using, it's propaganda we'll use."
    ([I slightly want to put the real card Invoke Prejudice here, but I would not want to be associated with that card, even though I use it in a context of the hooded figures being the villainous characters])
    Instead of educators, Heletok sent an attitude to the Apothecary, giving the average citizen a dislike of the Witch Hunters. 
  • @KorandAngels wait wait wait wait, you killed Dykus?
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    I think we should let @Tomia decide that, because this is about to spiral out of control if you did. Dykus is second in command to Alum so that surely means war, and we will pass through Salvia with brute force to get it. I doubt those are Tomigons plans.

    Maybe save the "ritual is complete" for when @Tommia evaluates the interactions overall.
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    No, he will die later, he's basically been poisoned. You can fix him later on. Sorry if I made that too unclear. 
  • @KorandAngels, I'm pretty sure you don't want him to die unless you mean full war. Alum already hates magic users after what they did to his family, particularly the Order Of Xivor, then Xivor returned and waged war again killing many citizens, then you come and kill Dykus, practically the only person he trusts. This would literary mean war 🀣

    Besides, he isn't necessarily there just to kill, this is a diplomatic arrangement, so Alum will take this as a challenge to war.
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    I'm effectively giving him a disease that will distract him over time, in order to protect the safety of the cult. You have so much antimagic back at your guys home base I'm sure they could figure out to get rid of it. Heletok is trying to kill Dykus, but only for defensive reasons, since given his power set it's the easiest way to stop him from attacking.
  • Alright, I'm sure Salvia or my guys can cook something up. I was just confirming if you killed Dykus so Alum can raise hell. Killing Dykus would be like spitting at someone's mother after stealing their car. I'm not stopping you from doing it, but you have been warned πŸ˜‚
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