Let see your own Challange Planeswalkers

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Does everyone remember Garruk, the Slayer?  He was a special planeswalker that was used instead of having a library for an event when M15 came out.  

Well id like to see what kind of clever challenge planeswalkers you guys create.  

Here's one I did for fun a while back.

Here's my attempt at recreating the textured background they used for the M15 artwork, if you guys want to make the art in the same style.


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    Okay, here's an obvious choice. And I paired him with another weird supplemental mechanic from archenemy - schemes. This guy might not have a proper deck, but he's all about the scheming and that's pretty powerful.

    Okay, this design space is extremely interesting! It's a weird concept, but there could be a lot to do with it and I think it's a shame Wizards doesn't do fun side-stuff like this or the Hydra game from Theros or the Ixalan exploring game and instead focuses on Secret Lairs, bazillion of alternate frames and grinding money. These little fun side-things have potential.
  • @ThePhantomJoker

    Oh that's a good idea! I tried something similar with a side deck once but this is Challenge Planeswalker meets Archenemy, which really is a good direction for Bolas.  I like it ^^
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    Badabump. I seem to be the only person interested in this, but I don't really mind. Here's another one! And it wouldn't be me if it didn't have some interesting design. It might be a bit too weak and if you find the right deck to play with agains this, you could probably win very easily. But I think it's fun anyways, so here you go!

  • @ThePhantomJoker

    Oh wow! That's an excellent idea :D  You balanced out his abilities bu reducing his starting LP/Loyalty.   I'm impressed on how you made his progression relative to the abilities he can use, just like how the other play progresses to build up mana.  Great job ^^
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    I'm taking my entry back. I made a huge mistake with one of the abilities.
  • @jpastor
    This is just for fun anyway so just whatever makes if fun for all ^^
  • Is this good enough?

  • @Castiel_Demiurge

    Nice Planeswalker and all, but this isn't a 'Challenge Planeswalker'.  A Challenge Planeswalker (I.E; Garruk, the Slayer) doesn't have a mana cost,  and its abilities would take the place of your deck/Library.  The Loyalty also takes the place of your life points.

    That said, I like the artwork and the grids feel you gave it. Nicely done ^^

  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/soraka-4

    Finally figured out how to work this planeswalker's abilities to make sense.
  • @jpastor

    Nice! It's a  little like my jace, but much better and more versatile.  It keeps the game going.  I like it :)
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    Wording is probably a little off (I haven't done this in a while).

  • cardsmith doesn't let me do multicolor frames?
  • @jaceberlin
    Ooh! I really really like how you did this one! Very clever, useful and on point for Ashiok :D
  • @The_333_
    If you mean gold border multicolored, you should be able to.  
    I thought this seemed way op'd at first, but after rereading and thinking about it, this kinda works :)
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    Here's an idea.

  • Another, just for fun.

  • Bump. Come on guys. No one else interested? I really want to see what you guys can think up
  • Maxferatu Negotiator
    Here's an old one
  • Nixilis the Lost
    Nixilis, the Lost by jpastor | MTG Cardsmith

    "I may have lost many memories, but I still remember how I escaped that hell." - Nixilis, the Lost 
  • Hi guys, sorry I disappeared again for a bit.   Once again I destroyed my laptop and procrastinated getting it fixed.  Once I had it fixed I had trouble logging in as I had two different passwords written down for this site and neither wanted to work.  My computer is still a little wonky and flickers  a bit, but it should be managable now.  Again I apologize for the inconveniences.  ^.T

    Pretty cool, but that isn't a challenge planeswalker.  A challenge planeswalker doesn't have a mana cost and acts as both the player and as their library, so no spells would be cast.  

    Same to you with regards to the mana cost not being needed, though everything else is spot on.  Very cool mono black concept :D
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