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  • A-League is every Monday, yes @Ranshi.
  • @jpastor,

    Metempsychosis vs Case Closed
    Completely fair. I had those same worries about my card as I was designing it. My initial idea was to make it a creature or planeswalker that then turns into a creature or planeswalker so that you can't simply tutor out your other planeswalker and win. But the wording proved too much of a hassle, and I felt rushed, since it was already more than halfway through the day, and I hadn't posted the daily word. As for why it's red, I was comparing it to Chaos Warp and Birthing Pod, so my thoughts were for it to be Red and Green, but I was told that since it isn't inherently tutoring like Pod, that it could be just red.

    Inimical Backwater vs Dreamboat
    The wording is correct actually. It was a fairly recent change that can be seen in cards like Adeline, Resplendent Cathar, where instead of saying "you attack with one or more creatures" it just says "you attack" to refer to the broad cases of attacking with one or more creatures. That being said, I feel like your decision to place Dreamboat over my "little land" is correct, as while the points you hold against me, aren't holding up, the Dreamboat is just inherently more creative than land that forces violence.

    Costly Informant vs Siege of Shadows
    Nothing to say here regarding the judging. I think both cards are really cool, but if I were to guess, the Siege was built with intended the removal of other sorts of counters, such as the counters given in Ikoria, or perhaps the new Shield Counters from New Capenna. Also if you were wondering about the Mutant subtype on white, it just felt wrong to make the informant "Artifact Creature - Citizen" and mutant looked right for the art I was using.

    Goldar, Mother of Cinders vs Glimpse of Horrors
    The Phoenix tribal commander was made with the thought of "there aren't any phoenix tribal commanders" and now, I believe today or yesterday, there was a Phoenix commander spoiled. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but is the Glimpse just "Surveil 3" without the keyword?

    Starfield Auspex vs Corrupted Ring
    This is how I would've made this shake out. I think the Corrupted Ring is a really really cool card, and frankly, I think that the equip cost is flavorful and unique.

    Brutal Extirpation vs City Stadium
    Your computer really did just decide to say "C A J O L E R Y"
    I personally quite like the Stadium. My only real gripe with it is that I think it should be an uncommon card for complexity. And while I'm not complaining, I feel that it should've been considered to be closer.

    Cajolery vs Rehela Fayneri
    I understand your gripe with Cajolery, though the reason for that dissonance is one for balancing. Searching for land is cool, but stealing land for 2 mana would be busted. The reason for not taking creatures was a flavor-based choice since you're using cajolery to swindle someone of their things not of them. I recognize that in balance, the mana to take over a creature with that mode would be fair, but it's just not what I had dreamed up for the card.

    Not sure if these results are going to change with the review of the other judges, but either way, GG, @shadow123!
  • The problem is Siege of Shadows is made in a set where -1/-1 counters are highly valued, so it actually has a big effect, though I admit I forgot to add trample. And Glimpse of Horrors is made for a set where Surveil isn’t a thing, but yeah. I personally think the equip cost is spot on for me, which is why I won’t edit it. Personally, I love Goldar, Mother of Cinders so good job on that.

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    Also @jpastor why did my match with usaername become 0-0? Because if I recall correctly, I won 4-0, but it’s not showing up there.

    thanks for the feedback!
  • @jpastor

    I agree with your decisions, and I actually knew I would lose this week. I've been working on a Lord of the Rings set and it just happened to line up that this week I made a bunch of commons for limited instead of the usual more creative mystery box stuff. Kind of the unfortunate thing about the Cardsmith league, but that's what I signed up for.

    Also, happy to hear that you've been watching my videos! They were inspired by you actually.
  • @TalentedTalonflame

    Would any of you like to take Tox's spot in our B-Division? You'd start this season with an 0-2 record, but the rest would fun and a good experience, even if you don't make it into the top 4 by the end of the season, which is in June.

    We kindly ask for ONE more cardsmith!

    Anybody interested?

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    @jpastor Can you tell me what this is before I say yes or no? I'd probably be happy to do it. Thank you.
  • @Ashdust, it's an ongoing contest in which, each week you'll be paired up against someone else in your division. Your most recent card will be competing against their most recent, and whichever card is deemed better gets a point. Rinse and repeat moving down the most recent cards until someone scores 4 points. That happens each week, and you really don't need to do anything different.
  • I've not been doing anything especially special with my cards; I've just been posting my daily word cards and have been doing pretty well in A-League.
  • Sounds good. I'll do it, if no one else wants to. 
  • Sounds good @Ashdust - I'll throw you right in, first come, first serve style.

    Thanks for volunteering! This division might not be your true division, so don't get discouraged if you're not doing a lot of winning. I thank you a lot for stepping up!
  • @jpastor the commentary is top tier
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    @Jpastor ;I think Lightbringer's sword has a possessive apostrophe S so it's not plural.

    Ignore that, I wasn't paying attention to what you said.

    -The calculations for traitor to angels was off a bit. So you are at 10 life, you pay 4 it puts you at 6 and becomes an 8/8 with lifelink, you gain 8 life it puts you at 14 life. So life factors in.

    - @Revan Petals on the wind is a pretty unique card.

    - @theirintheattic I might have to drop in and drop likes in child snatcher
  • Holy Sh*t, I haven't made a new card in a hot minute 
  • @hileandr A worthy match good sir! And I do love me some nice commons! Did you know that my card Thingol’s Injunction is also a Tolkien based card? Elu Thingol is an elven king in the Silmarillion. I dig your LOTR limited set so far. I’ve worked on a Silmarillion based one on and off for the past year or so.
  • Also @jpastor Thank you for another wonderful week of judging. I really enjoy your feedback. One bone I have to pick is your analysis of “If an opponent controls more lands than you” This wording was specifically chosen to reflect whites need to catch back up. As can be seen on Verge Rangers, Land Tax, and Weathered Wayfarer all of which refer to have fewer lands. The ability is worded as such to try and sit in a Naya color identity. Again, really love the time you take on this.

  • And damn, @Globert-the-Martian I done got goose-egged. Well done. 

  • I really need to fix some of my cards. Meldraina needs to lose lifelink, for one. Franjekknul's ability needs to cost more. UGH.
  • There needs to be a forum where someone tells you how broken your cards are and recommend fixes, hAH
  • @Ashdust we have two of those! :)

    @hileandr does video reviews over here if you ask them. If I remember correctly, they prioritize newcomers as a policy.

    There's a general feedback thread here. The main premise is that you review the most recent card(s), then post your own to receive feedback.

    P.S. – You may receive more visits to the comment sections on your cards now that you've put that sentiment out there. :wink:
  • Ah, thank you much. @hileandr did one of my cards, I've yet to fix it though. I'll get around to it- and I'm waiting on one from the second one. I'll use them more often. 
    Thank you for the advice, it does help. 'Preciate it :>
  • @jpastor Ah walnuts I forgot to delete that first card. I had made it for my other account review master and I somehow didn't get rid of it when I deleted it with the other one. Fair game but that was an oversight on my end 😟
  • My intended first card was depression 
  • Thanks for the video commentary once again!

    All of the featured cards were my attempts at making 3-mana 5-color creatures. Some of them felt a bit weird and forced because of that, I was trying to see how far I could push the concept.
    Do note that Elderwood Dragon's land-fetching ability has Phyrexian mana in the cost, so it costs between "one mana and eight life" to "5 mana" in total. That means that it can ramp you for one mana if you're daring.
    If I was to redo these cards, I might try and make all of them evoke cards similar to Guardian Qilin.
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    I think it would be neat to find a way to have a 5 colored card have only a monocolored or dual or tri colored evoke. That would be strange and fun. Good work.
  • @jpastor
    Hey, I just want to give some feedback about the cardsmith league.

    I find the format to be a little unfortunate. I find myself wanting to make cards but then I think, "Oh, but then my Cardsmith League lineup will be worse." I think that really stifles creativity.

    I wish there was a way to choose your 7 entries each week, where you can't choose the same as the previous week, or something like that. I know that creates extra work for you, but I really love the idea of this league but I'm considering dropping because of what it does to my mindset.

    Is this just me, or do others feel the same way?

    I want to make it clear that I really love the league, and my intention is only to make it better.
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