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  • @jpastor after some thought & research, I don't believe any card fits what you're asking me for as stated (mostly because exiling something after it's resolved would require the interference of another permanent's effect like Rest In Peace). Are you referring to cards that exile themselves during resolution such as these cards, things like Mandate of Peace that do it more subtly, and/or Rebound spells?
  • What card should I make?
  • @cadstar369


    or more simply - cards that literally exile themselves after the ability resolves... I might have worded your challenge wrong! Apologies
  • Orb Choose the card type you'd like to make for your next mystery challenge. 1
    Pearl Choose the color you'd like for your next mystery challenge. 1
    Artwork Your challenge will contain a given artwork. 1
    Unreal You'll receive a whacky mystery challenge. 1
    Photography You will receive a mystery challenge to photograph something for your card's artwork. 1
    Mot du Jour Receive a mystery challenge to create a card using the word of the day. 1
    Rose Request feedback on your entry. 2
    Crackers You'll choose between two mystery challenges for your next one. 2
    Rosetta Stone You may submit any newly created card instead of a card specifically for your challenge. 3
    Cardsmiths Against Humanity Receive an odd fill-in-the-blank mystery challenge 3
    Tumult Receive a dangerously difficult mystery challenge. 3
    Extra Credit An extra entry from another contest 4
    Extra Entries You may submit two entries for this mystery challenge. 5
    Favorites one-five 6
    DJ Credentials Add one to five songs to the Spotify playlist. 6
    Pic Pick Choose jpastor's next profile pic 8
    A follow   8
    Weather Change Will impact everyone's mystery challenges the remainder of the page. 9
    Reversal Give jpastor a challenge 10
    Bundle of Challenges two-five 11
    Sculpture I'll create a card of you. 11
    Mystery Prize A random prize under 40 13
    Briber's Purse Favorite X of jpastor's cards in exchange for you choice in prize from amongst X randomly chosen prizes under 40. 15
    One month of favorites Pick a month 16
    Mini-Encounter Face a problem and submit some cards to solve it. 19
    One set of favorites   22
    Spider Silk Receive your next spellweb w/ the colors of your choice 23
    Adventure Go on an adventure with some challenges. 24
    Jadefire Special a bundle of two-five random prizes under 40 25
    Encounter You'll face a situation with many challenges. 27
    Planet Coaster Challenge jpastor to create something in particular on Planet Coaster 33
    Campain You'll go on a campaign with multiple mystery challenges. 36
    MTG Cardsmith Sticker   45
    Mystery Box Invitational Qualification 50
    Mystery Box Avatar   55
    Featured Card   65
    Gifted Premium   75
    Playmat   250
    Blog Feature or Re-feature 500
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    • The second ability does not exile cards facedown. While the first one does, you're just exiling cards from your library for nothing with the second ability. Either way, this card earned you 2 points.
    • Create a creature with first strike that can gain double strike via its own ability.

    • Create an instant that costs 1GreenWhite to cast.
    • Create a permanent that lowers your life by 2 when you play it.
    24 Points

    Foul Chupasangre

    I have need of a card that must be made!
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    • You earned 3 points.
  • what card should i make?
  • @BoneDragon
    • Create a card that destroys a non-creature permanent.
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    27 Points


    Create some Rats... check!

    What card shall be required of me next?
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    made my card :) @jpastor

  • excellent @BoneDragon
    • You earned your first point!
  • @jpastor What card should I create?
  • @BurningWaffle I REMEMBER YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Create a non-blue spell with a blue kicker cost.
  • @BoneDragon
    • Create an Archon creature card.
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    been wanting to make a card like this for a while and finally found some nice art! @jpastor

  • @BoneDragon
    • You earned 1 point!
  • @jpastor - Subsequently, where? (trying to carry on the theme)
  • @BurningWaffle
    • You earned 3 points.
    • Create a red creature with wither.
    @BoneDragon @Corwinnn
    • Create a card with a mono-green madness cost.
  • Quest ~ Create an instant that you exile after as it resolves.
    . Gaeas Renewal

    What next on the list? :)

    Points ~ 39

    • Create a card with a mono-green madness cost.

    27 Points... still

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    • You earned 2 points.
    • Create a blue creature that has protection from something chosen.
    • You earned 4 points.
    • Create a multicolored creature with hexproof.
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    Quest ~ Create a blue creature that has protection from something chosen.
    Kris Notorious Plagiarist

    What should I pull out of the bag of tricks?

    Points ~ 41

  • @cadstar369
    • You earned 1 point.
    • Create a card with an activated ability that costs 8.
  • Quest ~ Create a card with an activated ability that costs {8}.
    Cinderfury Invoker

    What's up next?

    On the off chance it's relevant, I fixed Kris (didn't realize I'd left off the P/T :sweat:).

    Points ~ 42

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    • Create a multicolored creature with hexproof.
    Undaunted Hexmage

    Point Total
    31 Points

    Next, I'll make what?

  • @cadstar369
    • You earned 3 points.
    • Create a card that uses storage counters.
    • You earned 2 points.
    • Create a card with a roughly equal amount of card text and flavor text.
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