Need help troubleshooting for Rezatta online playtests

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Hello everyone,

I have been trying to set up an online playtest for Rezatta for a little while now but, while everything runs nicely on my computer, I've made some technical tests with a friend and it doesn't seem to work for him :/

So, I need to do some troubleshooting. The problem resides with Cockatrice. For some reason, the xml file for the set works correctly on my computer but not on my friend's and I don't know why since we both use the latest version. 

If you're up to help, would you kindly try to install the cards of Rezatta on your Cockatrice and tell me if it works or not? Here's a tutorial:
  • Download the .xml and .zip files: See below for Google Drive link
  • Go to the "Card Database" menu > Add custom sets/cards > Open the .xml file
  • Go to the "Card Database" menu > Open custom image folder (this opens a new window called CUSTOM in your browser) > unzip the card image file inside the CUSTOM folder
  • Restart Cockatrice, say YES to any message asking you to enable sets if it pops up
(This link gives you two files to download: an .xml file with the card informations and a .zip file you need to unzip, which contains all the card images.)

To check if the set was correctly installed, search for a card from Rezatta, for instance "Serran Druid" or "Carnivalized, in the card data base on your left.


Then, once you want to remove the set from your set database:
  • Go to the "Card Database" menu > Open custom sets folder (this opens a new in your browser window)
  • Delete the xml file
  • Go to the "Card Database" menu > Open custom image folder (this opens a new window in your browser)
  • Delete the card images

It would really help if someone could tell me if the xml file works or not for them! =D Thx!


  • Don't have cockatrice, but I may be able to download and test this later tonight.
  • The xml file worked for me.
  • Most of the cards worked! But it seemed like cards with names that had , or ’ (which I changed to ' -- I don't have the original symbol on my keyboard!) didn't display the image correctly.

    The fix was to rename the images to include the symbols and update the corresponding paths in the xml file.

    Also, some of the cards share the same name as existing cards (not reprints):
    - Rush of Knowledge
    - Winds of Change
    - Unmask

    P.S. It looks like you can just delete old xml files from the database: click "Open custom sets folder" and delete the files/versions. I'm new to the program so it's a guess (shrugs)
  • @feralitator @LyndonF

    Thanks a lot, that's very useful! =D There are different kind of upload options for Cockatrice on Magic Set Editor, I might be able to pinpoint the best suited one now ^^
  • Appears to have worked for me.
  • Alright, well it seems to be working smoother than expected so, once I've ironed out the special characters issue + redundant names, I'll be able to schedule this playtest soon hopefully! =D (I have an important job interview today so I'm not going to do it just yet in case I'm successful and have to move out precipitously in the next few days xD)
  • I don't know if you've already had your interview before you read this, but good luck! :)
  • @ningyounk
    I'm sure you'll ace any interview, but I wish you all the best!
  • I was looking at the Rezatta cards in cockatrice again, and despite being in the card image folder, the card images for these cards didn't show up:
    Ollo Spring Champion
    Vallo and Aura the Waltzers
    Eko's Crystal Violin
    Gobold Avatar of Vigor
    Iffy Doctor's Kit
    Nature's Garb
    Rays Avatar of Victory
    Shaeban Avatar of Dread
    Shrad Avatar of Wit
    Xyurn Avatar of Fury

    The card file for Rush of Knowledge also says its mana cost is 4U, when it actually is XWUU. I was mostly paying attention to the card images that weren't there, so it's possible that there are more cards with incorrect mana costs, but that's the one I caught
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    The issue with Rush of Knowledge is that Rush of Knowledge is an actual existing MTG card, so Cockatrice is pulling for the official Rush of Knowledge rather than Rezatta's. The solution to that is to change Rezatta's Rush of Knowledge's name, namely since I doubt you want the name of one of your cards overlapping with a real card ^^;

    Other cards with this same issue include Unmask and Winds of Change.

    Edit: Looks like @LyndonF pointed this out already. That's what I get for not closely reading all the comments.
  • As for the missing card images, I'm at a total loss. I've spent the past half hour toying around with things trying to figure out the issue and nothing's seeming to pan out. My only guess is that there's a disconnect between what Cockatrice is expecting for those card images and what the card images are named, and for a few of them that is the case (e.g. Iffy Doctor's Kit is expecting and image named "Iffy Doctor’s Kit" but the actual image is name "Iffy Doctors Kit".) However, even when I correct those errors, the images for those cards (or any of the other ones Feralitator listed) still doesn't show up. My only suggestion would be to re-export the set and be sure you're using the most up-to-date Cockatrice exporter, which you can find as a part of the most recent Cajun-style/mainframe templates update.

  • @Arceus8523

    Thanks a lot for the advice! I'll definitely try that ^^
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