Halloween 2021 Contest **Spooktoberfest**

Hey guys I'm back! I hope you guys can forgive me, I've been busy and life has thrown a lot of crap my way this year. That being said, I wanted to create a contest I'm in the mood for to see you guys create anything for as long as it fits the flavor... Of Halloween!

Create a card that would fit nicely into Halloween. It can be a Cthulhu monster, a werewolf, a zombie, whatever you desire! The catch? I want each card to have flavor text (even if it's a land card.) So, Somewhere in the flavor text, fit one of the following words:

 Halloween, eerie, dark, horror, or scary.

That's it! I'll pick my top favorite cards out of the submissions. I'm looking for realism and cards dripping with Halloween flavor. Have fun and be creative!!

Only new submissions please, starting today.

Any amount of submissions is allowed.
Please credit the artist.

Contest is over on November 1st 2021, est USA.

Here is 2 examples I made:




I almost forgot, the prizes! Duh! 🤦 Well, for honorable mentions, you get 2 favorites of your choice.
3rd place gets 3 favorites and a trophy favorite garaunteed on the placing card.
2nd place gets 4 favorites and a trophy favorite garaunteed on the placing card.
1st place gets nothing! Ha! No I'm just kidding. 1st place gets 5 favorites, a trophy favorite garaunteed on the placing card, and 1 month premium for whomever they want to give it to, whether they want it for themselves or another cardsmith, either or is fine!

That's it guys. Let's get this party started, like the monster mash!!


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