Commander Design Help

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I've made ten commanders, one for each guild color combo, based on various Fire Emblem characters, and would like some help and/or feedback. Thank you. 

The first draft of him was 4cmc and had haste so he feels like he's in a better place but I wonder if one generic instead of two would be ok. I don't want to push him or any card too much, but I want them to be strong. 

I'm not sure if I want the first ability to be an activated ability or a triggered ability, and under what circumstances trigger it or what price should be paid. The other current thought is sac outlet but that feels so blaise for an Orzhov commander. 

Here is the card I have the biggest problem with, and that's that he could be simply mono-green. I debate playing around with the idea of power based on hand size and drawing a card when a creature etbs, but that's only slightly better. 

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I wanted a Boros commander that recurred and tied that into combat but this feels somewhat underwhelming.


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  • I'm not a Commander guy, but as far as Ephraim goes, that last ability doesn't guarantee that Ephraim will be blocked, you might want to word it as

    {1}{r/w}, Discard a card: Target creature must block Ephraim, Restoration King this turn if able.
  • Thank you. I figured I wanted to give people an out with it, but that was two years ago and I don't think it would feel nearly as bad now as I thought it would then. 
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