Welcome to MICROCHALLENGES!! In this discussion you will complete challenges and reap the rewards. This is a simple discussion with no commitment, so you may drop by whenever you like for a quick challenge.

I will occasionally post a challenge. Anyone may complete these challenges any number of times; though once a new challenge is posted, the previous challenge will be destroyed and can no longer be completed. You never know when the next challenge will arrive.
In a post launch special announcement, MICRO-PRIZES were added to MICROCHALLENGES. These prizes are included with every challenge, and can be claimed by anyone and everyone, or will modify the challenge.
I will favorite every card submitted, plus any card of your choice, for a total of two favorites per card.
You must submit a new card everytime. Also, please include a link to your submitted card and the card you want favorited.
Have fun!! This discussion will (hopefully) never end, so stop by whenever you like.



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