Top-Deckcember 3: Tokyo Drift

Well, well, well!

It's that time of year again... It's time for Top-Deckcember! Special thanks to @Frostbvrn for letting me host this year! For those who have participated in the past, this is just like last year. For those who haven't, here's how this event works. This is a challenge, not a contest, so there is no competition for who makes the best card. Each day in December, you will create a card based on the prompt for that day. Sometimes it is to make a specific type of card, others require a specific theme. You can interpret these prompts in any way you like, so you have a lot of creativity with these. If you miss any number of days, don't worry, there isn't any penalty for missing a day, so you are free to create a card for as many days as you'd like.

For now, I have shared only the prompt for the 1st below, but when I wake up on the 1st, I will post the whole list of prompts for the month. You can make the cards for these prompts whenever you'd like, but I would request that you wait on posting cards for specific prompts until the day of that prompt. This way, everyone will be posting their card for the first prompt on the 1st, their card for the second prompt on the 2nd, and so on, so forth. Lastly, when you post your card, I also request that you add the MTGCS card link in addition to the card image. This way, I can easily create a set to display everyone's creations at the end of the month. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


1st - Take two mechanics made by other cardsmiths, and mix them in an interesting way. (I suggest sharing a short list of a few mechanics you’ve made before december 1st so other cardsmiths don’t need to spend a long while looking for mechanics made by others. I will share a few mechanics of my own sometime tomorrow, November 28th)
2nd - Conspiracy, Scheme, or Planechase card
3rd - Ocean
4th - Land
5th - Sky
6th - Space
7th - Tribal card for a creature type that doesn’t currently have tribal synergies
8th - Rainbow
9th - Common Non-legendary companion
10th - Steampunk
11th - Silver-border card
12th - Time
13th - Music
14th - Spell that can’t be cast with mana
15th - Card inspired by your favorite existing card
16th - D O G
17th - Trap card
18th - A mechanic used in colors it hasn’t been used in before
19th - Stealthy
20th - A card that makes you secretly choose something. (Examples:
21st - Videogame/tv character or item
22nd - Polar Opposites
23rd - Chaos
24th - Meme version of an existing card
25th - Celebration/Relaxation
26th - Appreciate your least favorite color
27th - Non-creature commander
28th - Card that can change it's wording (Ex: Cleave cards)
29th - Card that you can reveal from your hand for an effect
30th - Kindness
31st - Celebration (again!)


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